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desenfranchised rice

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

its been a bit of a full on weekend, Friday night was at Can Batlle as it was wendys birthday, Saturday we went to Almadraba beach and got thoroughly burnt, that night was the champions so we went to the bar then Sunday evening was Tracys birthday barbque in our garden, on top off all this we had Andy and Cathy staying.

the swimming pool is playing up and has gone green while the lawn is going yellow, got some flowers on the tomatoes though, atleast.

last night was supposed to be the catalan class but the teacher was away in Portugal so i set about writing the speach i have got to give on compost heaps at the class next week, whats the catalan for anearobic bacteria?

also on Sunday it was the Roses Brits in Catalunya market at Pepes tortoise bar, lots of old people wearing straw hats or a nice polite summer frock, dont think we will go again next time.

Irena goes to Holland

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

weve been to the beach today, ST. Marti near Escala and then Moira drove home, we had been to Pubol before hand to wander round Galas house/ castle, the wife of Dali, it was really interesting, maybe not as interesting as the Dali house at Port llegat but definitely worth the visit.

its been election day in the village who is going to be the new mayor, or is Carlos going to stay as the Mayor. difficult one for me as Carlos who has done a lot for the village moved over to the central right nationalists to get more money for the village as Catalunya is central right nationalist at the moment and they like to support the villages that have voted for them, he was socialist before and still claims to be socialist, or do i vote for the socialists that are probably nationalists as well but our carpenter is one of them and he is a vegetarian, not that that is going to sway my vote, any way i voted having thought long and hard over it and believe i mad the right decision.

Yesterday was a good day, we bought stuff, a new chair for the kitchen, some shorts for me and a top for Moira, and some oranges. stayed in for the night as we had gone out Friday night for my birthday to Carmens, Toru de Pedui, about 13 of us, i got a few presents and a box of organic veg from Jesus and Merce, which is why we didnt have to buy veg in Figueres, ive frozen the spinach, green beans and the onions, the onions wasnt a great idea as now the freezer stinks, and Moira made aubergine curry last night with some more of what came in the box.


on finding a sea tomato

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Nats been out and as usual she bought the good weather almost most of the time she was out here Moira picked her up from Figueres station, Jesus and i was doing the weeks diary in the bar on the main road when we saw them passing by. Friday night, the day she arrived we went for tapas in the bar, Mark and Wendy popped in, by chance.

Saturday was move in to our bedroom again, walk to the garden centre, then pop up to Pepes tortoise bar which was open because the people of Sant climnent had come to pray for rain. it worked.  then it was eurovision song contest we didnt need Graham Norton as Irena was on top form.

Sunday it was hot but windy so we went to a beach that faced south Nat and Moira watched the sun move across the sky while i went rock hopping. that evening we did nothing.

this morning someone came round to sort out the english T.V. and just like the dish washer it was working when they arrived having not worked propaly for ages.

Aunty Margeret is coming out and she is smelling lovely

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

its sunny Moira is making a tortilla with potatoes and the broad beans that i grew over the winter, got a better crop this year thanks to the watering system, not a brilliant one though due to me growing them in the shade, never mind the roots are good for the soil. this morning we sort of finished painting upstairs, maybe we can move back in to our bedroom next week, cross fingers.

Last night was spent in the bar with Mark and Wendy as we had all gone to Girona to see the Temps de Flors, and then have a curry we go every year, Moira and I, and always see something new, this year it was yellow rope, you had to be there.

Friday night was the bar as well for chips and salad, Cerrie turned up, it was quite nice, just a chat washed down by a few beers.

the dishwasher man came of Friday, will it work, im putting it on tonight, ive kind of stopped caring whether it woks or not, it will work tonight i know that, but next time?

your drunk your drunk you silly old fool

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Monday again, we had a curry last night, having dropped Margot off at the airport, we went for a curry fantastic, not fantastic that Margot had gone home but the vegetable jalfrezi was fantastic, every day Girona  seems to be getting closer.

before we dropped Margot of, we had been for a walk from Llanca to the Port de la Selva light house then back, couple of hours, then a spot of lunch on Grifeu beach, the gazpacho season has started again.

Saturday night was Can Batlle as Carmens was closed again and before that we went to Port llegat for the Dali house, i wasnt sure i wanted to go again, inside the house that is but im glad i did, saw things i hadnt seen before, the cage for a cricket for example. then we had tapas in Cadaces then home by the slightly more scary road as there was a bus and cyclists and big cars overtaking.

Friday was the wedding of the millenium for everyone else but luckily i was working, Jesus and i did pop in for cucumber sandwiches and Pimms at lunch then i went back after the carpenter had left. we only need Bruno to put the shower floor in and then the onsuite bathroom will be finished, except it has to be painted but thats our problem.

Margot arrived on Wednesday and we ate in the first 2 nights which was perfect, the dish washer works but we are too scared to use it, and now we are in the habit of washing up as we go so its become slightly redundant for the time being.