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finding the digestives

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Moira went to London this morning for quite an important meeting on Wednesday, and Irene and Violet went Saturday morning after a very hot weekend, a stressful week for Moira. we ate out twice which was enough what with the catalan class and then St Joan on thursday night. the first time was in the Placa/hotel, as always, alright food, we where there because Can Batlle was closed, Wendy and Mark invited us over for wednesday night, she mixed some of her jam into ice cream and it worked really well, lots of talking about motor bikes. and Friday night we eventually went to Can Batlle as it was open, ive said it before but i will say it again, i love it when gazpacho is in season.

St Joan was fun, Moira couldnt stay too long as she was working the next day but i wasnt so it seems i was dancing to at least 4.30,luckily i had left all my inhibitions at home and couldnt be bothered to go home and get them.

And at last the swimming pool looks healthy.

not finding milk in Bascara

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Saturday morningi went to pick up Irene and Violet from Girona airport, we stayed in that night as the weather wasnt to good, it picked up the for Sunday, while i sieved compost the swimming pool which is looking fine now was keeped company by the Moira, Irene and Violet. that night we went to the Hotel for dinner via Can batlle which was shut.

Friday night we went to see Cerrie flamenco schools annual spectacular, we went last year, there was more flamenco this year and less ballet and the theme was the wizard of oz, it was a good show, will certainly go again next year even if Cerrie is not in it. on the way home we all popped in to the bar, Mark, Wendy Me and Moira that is and made up for lost time.

Last night was the last of our Catalan classes we had to take some traditional food from our respective countries, thatwas the original idea, it didnt end up like that. i made a curry which as far as im concerned is very traditional from my country of  birth, got theimpression that the rest of the class wasimpressed thati had made it and not Moira but it was too spicy fro them all, ionly put one chilli in it, there should have been 3.

one potato flower

Monday, June 13th, 2011

it seems that it has rained for weeks, which isnt true as it wasnt raining at lunchtime today, i went for a walk along Roses sea front to Petite Canyelisvia the back roads, read a bit then walked back bear foot as the flipflops were biting me, which just goes to show how bad the weather has been, its mid June and my flip flops are still biting me. It rained last night but not during the day, i went to Castello de Empurius for a bread fair and bought some bread of the only stall selling bread, bought some soap instead, that Moira likes as they fit in the soap dish neatly. i cycled there which was i nice change. it wasnt raining when i was making quiche that afternoon either.

Saturday it didnt rain but it had rained the night before,  went to the market to buy nuts and veg and in the evening i went to Roses to see the new Xmen film, i liked it probably more then the others and understood pretty much all that was being said as well.

Friday night was Marks birthday party in the Placa restaurant, ive gone off that place, we all went to the bar afterwards and Mark ended up singing the Doors.

Thursday it bucketed it down. so much so i had to drive the van through a small steam which is normally a road, the rear brake pads had siezed up when i tried to drive it on Saturday so had to take the back wheels of and take a hammer to the wheel hubs, it worked, what got me was, how did i know that was what i had to do?

a short cut to Llers

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Wednesday, i was going to write yesterday but, what with the all the rain that fell and trying to sort out the skype so i can chat to Moira, i didnt get round to it, Monday was just too busy, Moira went on her way to china, i had my catalan class and was going to be doing a speech on how easy it is to compost, in catalan, getting home having to water the garden and clean the pool, loads of things to do, and shower as well

Sunday before we went to Diane and Ians for lunch at 2, we went to a village called Terrades for there cherry festival, it wasnt much of a village just a high street but the cherries were delicious, we took a box for the meal afterwards. we met a few of Diane and Ians friend and i drank as Moira was driving, im sure i was boring the poor lady next to me, either that or she was a wee bit tipsy. we didnt go in the bar when we got home as Pete and Linda were in there.

Saturday, after a spot of shopping in Empuria brava Moira wanted to buy soap from a stall that in the end wasnt at the market, and also we wanted to handover all the jigsaws that Moira had finished with to a company called Progat, they look after stray cats and dogs. that evening we went for a pizza in Roses