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the mouth of truth

Monday, July 25th, 2011

we are having the worst weather for July, fine when you are working not to fine if you are here on holiday. Moira has gone to London, the weather seems to always get worse when she goes.

Yesterday the weather was a bit better and we went up to Diane and Ians whom are now are living in Pepes mountain house while they rent out their house for the summer.

Mark and Wendy made the starter Ian made the main with the help of a bakers in Empuria Brava, and Moira made lemon tart which always goes down well. we then went back down to Pepes bar by the tortoise sanctuary which is now open all summer but it is not a bar it is a donkey riding club, what ever, it now has a license to open. which is handy as we was there Friday night as well, and Tuesday night, the night it opened, and the night before Mum and Dad went home. Saturday night we stayed in aftergoing for a walk in the hills behind pepes bar, the tour de  Garriguella as we call it which is unheard of in July because it is normally to hot, we also had curry at home which is also unheard of  in July. i am now sitting watching Roman Holiday, what a lovely film.


the wasp hunter

Monday, July 18th, 2011

just ate a peach from our tree, i had a couple of  bites as did Moira, Mum and Dad. who are here this weekend, ‘Open for business’, as said the lady in the shop, they have got sun but it was pretty over cast last night and rained at 3 like Moira said it would and today this afternoon its clouded over.

we havent eaten out as much as we normaly do, the first night they were here we went to the Molli and had a great meal outside for very little money, will be going there again, and tonight they want to go to Can Batlle, which i found out the other day means ‘house of the mayor ‘.

Yesterday before the rain we went in search of the wine that we tried last week in a restaurant but didnt find it so we went to Roses for tapas. Saturday was a sunnier day and we went to Empuria brava market then the super market, mum had to be reminded that the boot of car is quite small. then came home and crashed out by the pool. the nice clean pool, at last i think i might have worked out how to keep it clean using the liquid chlorine.

i hate capital letters

Monday, July 11th, 2011

we went on holiday this weekend, one night, we went camping in Calella de Palafruge, campsite in the village called Moby Dick, not the most romantic of campsites but perfect for us as we could drink Caiprinias then not have to drive home, it was nice to get away, even if away is 40 minutes down the road. went there with the idea that i would speak Catalan but it is a tourist resort and i look English, and it is too easy for me to speak Castilian.

Friday night was a bit different as well as we went to the Citadella de Roses to watch a film in the open air, it was called Shutter Island, the film that is, really good film to be watched only once, watching it again would be like playing the exact same game of cluedo again.

birds dont have belongings

Monday, July 4th, 2011

the swimming pool is clean and we have been away all weekend in Scotland, i had covered it and Jesus  popped by to make sure the pump was working, i think im  getting  the measure of  it now.

Scotland was great perfect weather for me any way who had had enough of being hot, Mum and Dad and Nat where up which meant we could do Cupar as tourists, as we left Moira and Irene at home to sell ponies. We all arrived on Friday, me thanks to Ryan air and then Fiona who picked me up from Prestwick airport. didnt do much that evening.

Saturday after being tourists it was party time in some large well done up barn with a lovely view, as usual i hadnt packed any inhibitions so was able to dance like i didnt care, until Robbie and Pauline wanted to go home, as they were having to get a plane an hour after us from Prestwick, we went with them. we were celebrating not only Malcom and Fionas 25th wedding anniversary but a small contingency were there to celebrate the 21st birthday of Kirsty.

Sunday we eventually got home took the cover of the pool and went for a swim, the collared doves had flown the nest while i was away.