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Monday, August 29th, 2011

the last couple of days have been less manic. Dan and Paulo went home on Saturday and shortly after them Jonathan went off to France, he is back Tuesday night but only for Tuesday night. and then thats it till October.

Yesterday we went to the beach, a beach that we havent been to for a long time, and Saturday after every one left and we had done the marathon washing session, we went to Santa Margarita to walk the prom and have a beer with our feet in the sand. Baked beans on toast. Friday night we went to a restaurant in Castello de Empurios which Moira and i went to almost within the first 2 months that we were here, it was good then, now maybe it is a bit more touristy but still good, especially the Gazpacho. Thursday night i think we stayed in and Dan and Paulo cookeddue to being knackered and Wednesday night was music at the donkey club.

the dish washer breaths a sigh of relief.


a new katy price book

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Dan and Paula are here,as well as Jonathan and before Jonathan a friend of Dan and Paulas called Lara was here for a couple of days, and also last night Fanny popped in for a visit as her mum would like to buy a house in L’escala, and she had  come over from South Africa to see her. Then it was the village grand fiesta while all these people where arriving, friday night was dancing till 6 in the morning, at 6.30 i was in our pool cooling 0f before bed and Saturday, well i only made it till 3, mainly because the music wasnt very good.

Last week was a 3 day week due to all the fiestas

Its been hot, i have had 2 separate people say my spanish is good, and the lawn is still relatively green and the Fiat garage has changed something that might have gone wrong in the future on the car.

its got carrots in it

Monday, August 15th, 2011

just got back from L’Estertit. it was a spanish day off today so Sunday mid dayish we packed the cochacitta full of camping stuff and went mainly because there is a curry restaurant there that we wanted to try, infact that was pretty much the only reason we wanted to go to L’Estertit, and the curry didnt disappoint, and actualy nor did L’Estertit,its a small Roses but a wee bit up market, more british people there though. but then that is probably why the curry shop can exist.

This morning we went of on a boat to see the tourist attraction the Islas de Mendes, a mini Halong bay (Vietnam). we did caves and stuff and a bit of snorkling, the usual touristy stuff, got sunburnt a little bit as well, which you always have to do when you are on yours holiday.

Saturday night we went up to the donkey club as Yasmina and Jon where up there and we hadnt seen them for ages, they where the same thousands of kids, a bit too much money then sense, but in a nice way, and me and Moira ended up doing all the talking. which means we end up saying stuff we probably shouldnt, just to fill a gap.

Friday night we had Caroline and Peter, Caroline is an old skying friend of Moiras, it was a nice change, we all went to Can Batlle, they liked it, then them and there 2 girls went off to France.

generally the weather has been g0od with the odd shower at night which is good as it means it easier to sleep at night.

1tomato and a basil leaf

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

what a week that was , action packed, sort off, and hot, to hot for Susan. One night Robbie cooked curry, another night went to the donkey club, cafe colon which you know about, Fiona cooked a broccoli bake, i started to smell of the curry that Robbie made as i had been eating the left overs for 2 days,a meal inthe windmill which was open again after the owner having a baby, then the annual fiesta in Carrer unio not so good this year bordering on too cheesy i think Robbie and Susan enjoyed the spanishness of it all i know Fiona did.the market in Figueres via the Dali museum then home through the back roads with the top of the car open, massages, tortoise sanctuary and a fleeting visit to the beach and after all that the trusty bathroom scales comes out and they all go home. since then the pool has been cleaned, the compost heap has been turned the sheets washed and the beds made the towels washed and refolded, and then we went for a short walk.  i think it has to be baked beans on toast tonight.


pointy tree

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Fion, Robbie, and Susan are here and luckily the weather has picked up for them, last night we went to the Cafe Colon they are doing pizzas now not brilliant but ok.  the night before we went up to donkey club and Sunday they arrived so it was a barbque then we went to Pepes across the road as they where all shattered.

Saturday after shopping in Figueres we went to the beach is was a bit over cast which was great as it was cool enough to have a was Irenas birthday so we all met up round hers her family is here at the moment we had a bit to eat then all went to Peralda to watch a cellist play in the churh in the castle then for to top the night of we went to the donkey club to listen to an argentinian sing holiday stuff, great fun.