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we dont need a bolt on

Monday, September 26th, 2011

a few things happened last week, the van passed its MOT for one, thats another 6 months until i have to worry about it again, Moira and i went to London for Margots birthday and Jesus finally admitted there really isnt enough work for the 2 of us and from November i will be working 5 hour days until it picks up again. will just have to find something else to do.

London was great fun. we got there really late as Ryan air was late which i have to say is unusual, you miss that annoying trumpeting noise when you dont get it. then the train was cancelled because a tree had fallen on the track, so we had to get a taxi which cost Moira quite a bit. we got to Thuy and Grahams at 2 in the morning.

the next day i meet Farah in town while Moira was working, had a couple of pints with her and took a photo of the beer pumps for Jesus, who wanted to know what beer i prefer when in London.then loads of us met a Margots for some Cava, it was her 50th birthday party, and cake. then it was of to the thai round the corner which we used to go when we lived near there. i had what i used to have, had forgotten how spicy it is, had to have a whole can of beer before i could start the next course, but great, the restaurant didnt have the same atmosphere of old, it was a bit too done up, but the food is still really good. we then went on to a pub, again near Margots, until we where kicked out, then finally back toThuy and Grahams to look at Jupitor through Grahams telescope.

when we all eventually got up and had breakfast, we went for a walk round Round wood park. then to another pub for lunch at which point i had to come home.

managed to get some tamarind though.

they dont have a subjunctive bone in thier bodies

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Its Sunday evening and im righting the blog because what else is there to do, its bucketing down outside and windy, what did we used to do in London when the weather was like this?probably not much either. We have been to 2 village fairs though today, Llado, the cheese fair, the eweatherhadtaken its toll on the the usual amount of people that turn up, but its was still worth the visit and as usual we came away with a huge lump of parmessan, traditional catalan cheese. and then we came home via Villabertran, just passed Figueres, as it was the stuffed apple fair, it was coming to an end when we got there but there was still a few stalls, the weatheragain hadnt helped the turn out. Moira drove, which she was quite chuffed about.

Last night we stayed in and barbequed veg instead of roasting the veg, to go with cous cous and it worked, we went to Figueres in the morning to my nut lady who im getting the feeling is starting to recognise me, we then went on to the beach at Almadrava.

Friday night was Can Batlle which as always, was nice, the mushrooms where a bit to oily, but wont stop me ordering them again.

at which point did you cry

Monday, September 12th, 2011

its still hot.

it was the Castello de Empurius medieval weekend and we went along on Sunday for a couple of hours, i have to say that for me, it is better then the one at Besalu. Moira bought some soaps as she likes to buy soaps. after that it was a quick turn around, get home grab a snack then go, pick up Irena then meet Mark and Wendy and Cerries dad Tony at the Agua park as it was closing today and it is cheaper after 3 to get in.

Saturday was nice we went to the market in Figueres to buy nuts and stuff, then we went to the beach, really it is that hot, that night Mark and Wendy had invited us over for tea which was nice, they made pizza as well as loads of other food stuffs. From Mark and Wendys you can see when Jesus and Merce get home.

Friday night we went to Roses to soak up a bit the Roses ambiance and have Pizza in our favourite pizza restaurant, we didnt know that we where having pizza the next night.


sowing agapanthus seeds

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Oops forgot, it was such a quite weekend in September that it seems we did nothing which isnt true, i just got caught up with taking the cochecitta to the garage and moira to the airport then collecting her the next day from Figueres train station that i forgot about the blog. we did do stuff, for example Sunday we went to Castello to walk to Empuria brava, having driven along a muddy road after Moira had cleaned the car, that was eventfull, it was a long way to go for a beer.

Saturday we went to Besalu as it was the Medievel festival of Besalu, wasnt as good as Castellos medieval festival and you had to pay to get in, Besalu seems to be full of flies. then that we went to the Cafe Colon on our own for the first time this year, the pizza is alright if you let go of the idea of what a pizza should be like and just enjoy it.

Friday night , if i remember rightly we went to the bar for a couple then came home to watch tele.