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Monday, October 31st, 2011

finally it has rained and rained and rained, which is great a shame for Nat and Andy who are here at the moment, and Nat normally brings the  sunshine. they got here thursday night and it was raining it rained all Friday not saturday though. i made pizza that night for the first time this winter and annoyingly  i didnt cook the base long enough as i was trying to sell the idea of making your own pizzas to Nat.

Saturday we went to Catelfollit de la roca as they have a cake shop that specialises in Madelenas Andys favourite cake, perfect as it was his Birthday on Sunday after that we went for a walk to find some caves after a bit of a stroll round the village and up the church tower. Saturday night Jenny and Graham popped up from Barcelona which was nice, we all went to the cafe colon and had a tapary like meal. Sunday the weather was lovely and after Jenny and Graham had gone we walked to Peralada to the cake shop as like i said today was Andys birthday.

And today was the first day of the 5 hour working day, bit weird, after wrok and a quick siesta on the sun bed we all went up to Mick and Tracys to cut a bit of wood for the fire. tonight is fiesta in the village the castenyada or Halloween depending where you are from.

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Monday, October 24th, 2011

its raining, well sort off,it needs to rain a lot, and it seems it cant be bothered.

the swiming pool is covered, thank god, i know it means the end of the summer, but it also means i dont have to think about it any more until next May, i was getting a bit bored of it, maintaining the water clean that is.

Sunday was a nice day, we walked to Peralada for a beer then walked home again, then i made my peanut sauce that i make when i dont have peanut butter on hand using the tamarind that Robbie sent out from Scotland, its a bit of a faf making tamarind sauce, i thought all you needed to do is break a bit off the lump and mix it in, but NO, you have to soak it over night then push as much as you can through a sieve. Moira then made quiche.

Saturday was Market day then to check up on the shelves we have ordered in a shop near carrefour, they have lost the order, and we have lost the piece of paper saying how many bits we need, and the manager was on holiday. they do the same stuff in Aki but its just not the right size. that night we went for a thai, another thing that means the end of the summer, as we dont tend to go for a thai in the summer.

Friday we stayed in, it was the end of my first week working on my own as Jesus is on holiday, Fiona and Malcom had gone home on wednesday i think and then Jonathan arrived thursday afternoon for a flyinf visit as he was up in France with his dad, we went to a really good Tapas bar in Roses which has been noted for the next time anyone wants tapas other then Pepes.

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Monday, October 17th, 2011

thats it, im back at work,on my own at the moment as Jesus is now on holiday, they have gone to St Petersburg. When we got back form Sardinia, Fiona nad Malcom were here and still are.

we went to the Italian in Empuria Brava one night Malcom and I stomped up to the puig Escers one day,its the big hill with the white refuge on top that you can see from the village, and also we went to the Aguamols park, we saw deer this time which was quite exciting, we need to go the other way next time. Saturday me Moira and Fiona went to Castello d’ Empurios for a route de Art which was great mainly because we got to go in to old buildings that only open for the route, we got to go in the prison which you normaly have to pay for, scary where people had to put up with those days.Malcom was watching the rugby.

Finaly the weather is starting to feel like autumn.


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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Back from Sardinia, Alghero, we got home last night late, 5 hours from the campsite to our balcony. What a lovely place and i had 2 of the best arrabiata pasta sauces i have ever had, the pizzas were not the best, after one, my tongue was zinging with the amount of salt that was in the dough. the campsite was about 30 mins out of town so we ended up doing quite a bit of walking, but the old walled part of town is well worth the visit, it was just nice to get away. the sleeping bags we had bought for the occasion where cheap and nylony which meant we were sliding around all over the place at night, and it was cold at night, the temperature was perfect, not too hot like it is here at the moment.

One day we got the bus along the coast, with some of the most amazing views, i saw pigs on the side of the road but Moira didnt believe me, Bosa was where we went, a pretty little town on the side of a hill running down to a river and with a castle on top, which we got to and it was closed so we weaved our way back down through the narrow cobbled streets to the first beer stop, which isnt cheap in Sardinia. we didnt see any pigs on the way home.

infact apart from sun bathing, walking around and enjoying the food when we eventually got round to eating it, we didnt do very much, Moira might disagree as we did walk quite a bit,even for our standards.

i wont forget the mozzarella and tomato panini in a hurry.

we are home, and Malcom and Fiona are here and sadly it really is to hot to go walking at the moment. i was sweating just going to the cooperativa, we had to get more wine in as Malcom had drunk it all.

Scadoxus multiflorus

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Im on holiday, it feels a bit weird, “where did you go on your holiday this year?” the back garden. there was no rush home to pack frenzy so we can get going after work.

Mum and Dad arrived for the weekend and we went out to eat in the Hotel. Saturday we all went to Ceret in France as there was a market on and we all love a market. Its nice in Ceret, very French, which it would be, for a place that is only an hours drive away, its definitely not Spain, we had lunch in a little french square and watched an old dog bark at children, and listened to a jazz band. that night was Xfactor so we wasnt going nowhere.

Sunday we went to the bird watching spot, Aiguamolls, where we saw some flamencos and a river crab and we think a crane, and over a beer in by the car park i spoke catalan to a nice couple and there son. That night was Xfactor so we stayed in and did a barbque.

Its Monday and it feels a bit like a Sunday. sieved some compost and bagged up and hidden in the freezer the chillis that i have grown this year. a friend of Jesus brought him back chillis from India, so i am going to try those next year.