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the olive oil slick

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

forgot to do the blog yesterday due to making spicy tomato and lentil soup and meeting the girls for a drink after the yoga.

strangish weekend Moira is in China, which is fine there is plenty to do, Sunday i went and did a bit of  Irenas garden then we went for a walk, she wants to do the hill i did with Malcom. we didnt concur it this timebut it didnt matter as the view from where we stopped to have a drop of medicinal wine was glorious. we stopped in Pepes  on the way home and i did a bit more ofher garden. but i didnt feel i had walked enough so later that afternoon i zoomed of to Roses for a stroll along the promonard to watch the sun set.

Saturday was market day then home to make satay sauce for the week, which is pretty much all gone and it is only tuesday. then Carrefour to see if they have the clothes rail then home, a bit of gardening then a long chat with Moira on skype. then Xfactor.

some one left a bag of chilies hanging from our gate yesterday, i thought it was mark and Wendy but it wasnt them and neither was it Pepe, dont know.



catalunya is crying

Monday, November 21st, 2011

believe it or not it is still raining, the swimming pool is up to the rim, even though i have been emptying some of it away, cant keep up.

apart from Friday night we havent done much this passed weekend, Firday night was the mates christmas party, as Irena is going to Holland then Mexico, so wont be back before christmas and Moira has to go to china this week so that was why it was last Friday, it worked well, it was all done in our house, which meant Pepe could escape to the bar when the English got too much, Diane and Ian made the starters, we made the main, Wendy and Mark made the afters, Irena bought the cheese and Pepe and Cerrie bought ganatxa nuts and bread, a hell of a lot cheaper then eating out in a restaurant and probably better food if i say so myself.

Saturday was tidy up day then we went off to Besalu in the van to by a fancy bench for the end of our bed, Thanks Irene, then back via Figueres to pick up the hall lights that we had ordered earlier on in the week. that was a good evening that earlier on in the week, i think it was wednesday we managed to go to Figueres and pretty much get every thing we wanted. no it was tuesday night, as wednesday i went to Pau to meet up with Diane and the lady that taught us Catalan early on this year to do a bit of an interchange of languages, she tried to speak english and we tried to speak catalan.

Sunday we couldnt decide what to do as the weather want looking promising. it seems all the villages around here now have nice healthy walking routes one can take to get fit, its all sign posted and we got a map through the door as well toshowus where ours was, we did the longest one which didnt take to long,managed to scare a few babay frogs that where living in a large pudd;e then we bought a cyclamen in the garden centre then home. which sort of filled most of the day.

Moias not going to Yoga today as the road to Rabos is now a running river.

its an english thing

Monday, November 14th, 2011

the weather is still rubbish and its starting to get cold.

We have had Andy and Cathy here this weekend. They arrived Friday night and Cathy cooked for us as well as providing some really nice cheeses. Andy was in good form, we went to the cooperativa to fill up on wine, the new wine is in, we all tried it but i get the impression i was the only one that liked it. Saturday, we went to Llanca and Port de la Selva, to get out the house and Andy and Cathy hadnt been to Llanca before. that night we all meet, minus Wendy who is in Ireland, up in the Cafe Colon until Mark starting singing a Doors song he always sings when he was drunk, we left quickly and came home where Andy and i bridged the north south divide gap or we didnt im not sure, at4 in the morning the same conversation was on its round for the 3rd time so it was decided we should stop.

Sundaywhen every one eventually got up we went to Peralada because it had a little fair going on selling the usual cheese incense and crafty stuff. but it was nice to walk round Peralada when there was a few people there. that night we went to Roses for Tapas with Cerrie and Pepe, to the tapas bar we had gone to with Jonathan, but Andy wasnt felling to well so didnt say much.

They have gone now and its the usual Monday night again Moira goes to Yoga, the dishwasher doesnt work and i study half an hour of Catalan.

take care of yourself

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Moira is home.

Today was almost the first day that it looked like it might not rain, it did rain but the morning was nice. Jesus is back from his holidays, which meant i had to speak spanish again.

Yesterdeay we went to L’ Estarit for a walk and a curry, but it was to wet to do much of a walk and the curry house was closed. so we went for an Italian in L’ Escala which was alright, my lasagna was good, Mark and Ian got crisps instead of chips. Came back via the bar for a couple before coming home and putting the fire on.

Saturday we didnt do very much apart from shopping and finally sorting out the shelves we had ordered over a month ago but the shop had lost the order, and Moira was away and i wasnt sure what in fact we had ordered in the first place. but its done now all that remains is for the manager to ring to say he has it all ready, which should be soon as even though they lost the order from the book the order was sent to the factory the first time that we went in to the shop. a bit complicated but what isnt these days. we went for a spot of lunch in Empuria Brava because Moira needed her white sliced from Montserrat, then home and latter on X factor.

Friday was when Moira got home, and it had been raining all day so i wasnt working which gave me time to paint one of the spare bedrooms.