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red tulips

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

We are back home, infact we got home late last night after driving from Barcelona, mid nightish, its not that difficult driving from Barcelona just boring, i came off the motor way at Girona and went along the N11 for a bit of a change of scene.

We had been to Scotland, stunning place but it was nice to get some sun on our faces again today. We stayed at Irenes for the duration. Party the first night at Fionas then back to Irenes for a couple and to gossip about the rest of the people there.

Christmas day we were back at Fionas walking, cooking and chatting, i needed the walk, i made Delias onion and goats cheese tarts with a bit to much sage, for myself, Fiona had started to make something, i had some of the filling at the party. there was pressies as well loads of food not to much wine as i was driving, but i think every one had a good time it was nice to see every one again. then it was back to Irenes to crack open a bottle of wine and discuss how the day had gone.

The last day, and it was back up to Fionas for soup and to say ‘see you later’, thanks to the people i forgot to say thanks to on Christmas day, then in the car and home, a flying christmas visit full of stuffing.

Getting to Barcelona airport was a different story. actually getting to the airport was easy it was Ikea using Moiras tiny map was a bit opf a nightmare, but we found it, sadly, then went to a Castelldefers which is really close to Barcelona airport and is a beach resort with a really long beach where we had late lunch, did a bit of the promenade, watched the sun set, then back to the airport.

The meal after the pool competition was hilarious and i have the video to prove it.

putting on the electric blanket

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Monday again and tonight is the pool competition dinner,i will try not to get too drunk.

Yesterday we went up to the resevoir to see it when it is full and my god its full the water is up to the bar/ restaurant. it was so high that we couldnt walk the normal route, so we went the other way which brought us out at the dam, which sorts out the problem next time we go, as to where do we park at the dam or by the restaurant. we then went for a beer in Darnius to a bar we had gone to when we where first here when you could still smoke in bars and it was so smokey that you almost had to cut your way in, now its a bit clearer, as the all the hunters that smoke are in a nicotine stained room behind the bar, with the bar maid half in and half out smoking as well. thats just the way it is in tiny villages in the middle of nowhere, and i wouldnt change it for the world.

Saturday was market day then potter around the house until 10 when we went to the bar to meet Mark, Wendy was felling a bit poorly.there has opened a new bar in the village, it used to be the jazz club but now they play all types of music, usually a band then a DJ afterwards, but only on Friday and Saturday night, that was where we were going with Mark, the singer was a bit too hippyfied for us.

Friday night Moira drove to Roses so we could have a pizza then we came back to meet Mark and Wendy in Pepes so we could go on to listen to a band called ‘the onions’ we got there late as we were playing pool. who ever heard of things starting on time here.

the rest of the week i was helping Pepe and Cerrie pick their olives after working for Jesus in the morning, they are going to pay me with olive oil.

the trampoline

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Last week was a bit of a weird one as we almost had to many days off due religion and the constitution. which meant by Sunday we where at a bit of a loose end as to what to do as Tuesday we had gone to France to buy Moira some cote de rhone and me 2 new compost heaps, and then Thursday we went for a walk along from Roses to Almadrava, Saturday we didnt go shopping because we both wanted to finish our books and in the afternoon we did a bit of a walk up in hills, the sort of thing we would do on a Sunday, so on Sunday we had run out of things to do, or so it seemed until we remembered we had wanted to go to Peratelada so we went, it was lovely and full of restaurants more then we have in this village, then to another village called Ullestret which was supposed to be buzzing with tiny little craft shops non of them we found. then to some piles of stones which where originally an Iberic village.

all that and what with the village Bingo on Thursday night. the friends christmas dinner on Friday night and then Play back on Saturday night with the Xfactor squeezed in there somewhere. then to see a band in Garri blues which is now called Sala syndicat, its been a bit of a busy time.

i also managed to loose at pool which meant i was out of the competition, wasnt too bothered actually, you might say i lost on purpose.

the butchers of Garriguella

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Moira is home, i picked her up from Villajuiga station after having been to the Market in Figueres and the supermarket to fill the fridge, i live pretty much on the edge of having a very empty fridge when im on my own Aurouras shop becomes the fridge. the nut lady really does recognise my now as she handed me a lottery ticket that i should only really receive if i had spent 10 euros or more and i had only spent 5ish. Moira was pretty exhausted so we didnt do much Saturday night except watch the Xfactor and eating backed beans on toast.

Sunday Mark and Wendy had organised a bit of a walk including picnic then a beer in Pepes. it ended up being the tour de Garriguella but with a detour to a small hut half along the route with a little pond that Pepe had hung a couple of bottles of cava in to keep cold and then he cooked up some wild mushrooms that he had picked that morning. which went really nicely with our polite sandwiches. while the mosquitoes were having a field day on our blood we soaked up the sun and the cava.

Wednesday night after taking Irena to the airport i took the advantage of being in Girona and stopped for a curry, i had to fill up some time so  i had a bit of a siesta then a bit opf a wander round Girona then at 8 went to the restaurant, i was the only one in there, still the food as always was perfect, i forgot how full you feel after a curry.

Friday night i went in the bar for a beer but there was hardly any 0ne in there so i stopped for a couple and then came

home. and thursday we finally got our clothes rail which after a struggle and a bit of drilling and chiseling went in. and by this morning the new wardrobe/room was full.