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Los Aldeanos

Monday, January 30th, 2012

it was horrible weather yesterday, it was almost like we where back in Paris, except for the wind it was just cold and damp in Paris, poor Moira i dragged her for a walk from Villanova de la Muga to Castello de Empurious it didnt take long but it was pretty much head down all the way. the one complaint i have about here is there are no cosy, warm pubs to read a newspaper in while sitting in a old worn out sofa, on a horrible wet Sunday, probably because there are not that many horrible wet days to warrant the effort. needles to say the fire went on as soon as we got home and one of the big logs i had been saving for just such an occasion went on the fire.

Saturday was Burns night in Garriguella, bit late i know. After off course the trip to the market and then Carrefour. We had 10 people in the kitchen which was a bit much but great fun was had by all and then when the meal was finished we went on to the bar with live music, Sala Sindicat till late. i must say though that if you want to save on heating bills get 10 people and thier body heat, to mill around in your kitchen for a while.

Friday Moiras was getting her self ready for having to start work again this week and i pruned the olive tree after having a couple of vermuts with Jesus and Merce as shehad had her eyes lasered and Jesus was off work to look after her as basically she cant see until they are healed. then we stayed in and watched tele.



thinking of Sarah

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

When people say that gay Paris

 was gay in yesterday Paris

 they mean that yesterday day Paris

 was gay

but gay Paris has always been that way.

We went to Paris this weekend for what actually ended up being 2 quite long walks and one visit to an art gallery. We arrived by train from Figueres Friday night after finding our hotel, we went to eat, Moira had stumbled on a hotel that was virtually on a large crossroads and had 5 or 6 bar/bistros around it, perfect. the next day was tour de Moira as we did all the shops that she would normally do but maybe a bit slower and with a few more detours, the restaurant we ended up in for lunch had the best goats cheese salad of the trip and a dog that did a poo in the middle of the restaurant while the owner was drinking a coffee, it was cleaned up after it was pointed out. that evening was a meal in another bistro buy the hotel.

the next day Sunday was tourism day, up to the Sacre cour, but in a round a bout way then back down in another round a bout way until we found a place to have lunch, then back to the hotel in yet another round a bout way. that night we ate in a lebanese restaurant near the hotel, just me and Moira and another couple and a man pretending to play the organ while watching the african world cup on tele. then to a tiny little bar next to the hotel, full of sings saying No Smoking which Moira and i and the man at the bar abided by but not the barman who was happily puffing away. Anarchy.

Monday morning Moira went off to do some work and i went to see the Edvard Munch exhibition in the Pompadou, i liked his work before and happily i still like his stuff. then home on the train without Moira, but sitting next to a grumpy French lady who had wanted the window seat but i had got there first. Irena picked me up from the station and Fife had left 2 big poos as a welcoming present.




Cat Salut

Monday, January 16th, 2012

its been quite a quiet weekend. the weather was lovely, cold at night but lovely during the day, walking weather,so thats what we did Friday we found a new path up to Villaminiscle, Saturday after the market and buying some new jeans in the sales, we went for a walk around the vineyards just past the football pitch. and Sunday when we eventually got up we went for a stroll along Santa Margaritas promenade.

Now there is a new bar open in the village with live music, we are tending on going there Friday nights and Saturday nights, Saturday we went to the thai first, Moira drove then on till 3 in the morning which is why we got up late.

for a change of scene ive decided to make a small raised bed out of the branches of the mulberry. i dont think Moira is to convinced as at the moment it looks a bit like a posh large cat litter tray, but when it is full of stuff we will see.

“i want to go somewhere where there are no markets”

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Mum and Dad have gone, i dropped them off at Figueres and havent heard from them since so it must have been the right train that i sent them too.

Started Catalan again on Wednesday, Thursday Mum and Dad arrived at Villajuiga. that night it was the kings parading the streets of Garriguella then more importantly hot chocolate afterwards, we all met up in Cerrie and Pepes which is what we have every year since we got here, then watched the kings then went to the bar then to the chocolate.

Friday was a spanish holiday, more commonly known as lets go to France day, as France didnt have a day off. then Ceret because Mum wanted go get Moira a pot we had seen earlier. that night Moira made fish pie and then we played Happy Families all night.

Saturday we went to Empuria Brava market then Cap de Creus for lunch and back home via Cadaques, the little car was having a great time. that night we went to the Placa for something to eat and wish the waiters a happy new year.

Sunday we went for a picnic up at the reservoir, the water had gone down quite a bit, but it was a lovely sunny day. then home to do a bar-b-que in the dark and just as the wind decided to pick up again.

Monday night we took them to the pizza restaurant in Roses, i love having gthe veggie pizza as veg are layed  out separately so you can have a bit with red peppers then a bit with onion, am i weird?


i dropped a grape

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Happy new year.

not only is it new years day but its a sunday. nothing will be open, so i pruned the Bourganvilla, even Auruaras is shut, that never happens. then after being told off by the old girls comming home from the church that i shouldnt be pruing the bourganvilla because it was work and if you start the year working you never know what kind of evil will follow you through the rest of the year, or something like that, i did mention that pruning my own bourganvilla was hardly work. Afterwards we went for a paddle in the Med, and a wee stroll to find a bar open and now we are home, ive also started to make mincemeat but i have to leave it over night before i add the achohol.

Yesterday was fun New years eve. first we went to the market to buy the ingredients for the mincemeat, im now on talking terms with the nut lady. also bought some cabbages to grow near the railway sleepers that ive put in buy the bamboo under neath the stone sun set seat, which i did on Friday as i had Friday off because Jesus owed me a days holiday. when we got home cooked something for me and Cerrie to eat at the football club doo. which we went to after popping in on Irena to wish her happy new year and see how her christmas went, as she has been away. the football club was as much fun as usual, i kind of get the impression we are pretty much accepted now, we went on afterwards to see what was happening in the Sindicat but no one was there then to the school hall but by then we had probabaly had to much Cava and what with celebrating 2 new years it was time to come home.

Friday night was great we had eaten sat down to watch some tele about 11 decided there was nothing on worth watching so went down the sindicat to watch a live band knowing that if we didnt like them home was only 2 mins away and the fire would still be warm.