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far, muy lejo en englais

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Monday night Moira is in New York Fife, is on my lap, and im waiting my the soup to cool down a bit, which it seems it doesnt want to do.

just got back from the bar having gone there to meet the yoga girls which is what i do on a Monday even when Moira isnt here. ive got a little bit of extra work, strimming stuff for John and Yasmina, they helped us when we moved out here, its a cah job, so i havent told Jesus yet, but already 2 peoplefrom the village know what i am up to. one of them is a Morrocan builder that is working for John at the moment and the other is Maree, a cleaner, and a friend, whoisalways asking us if we want puppies because she has found some at the side of the road. she has just had a massectomy and was asking if i could takeher dogs to a charity that looks after animals while she gets better, i obviously said yes but sadly the charity said no as there isnt any room at the Inn.

Sunday a gloriously sunny day and also the calcots fair, i took Diane and Irena, and a plesent morning was spent, after we had eatern some calcots,sitting outside thebar watching the world and his wife go by. i came home and watched the ‘Sound of Music’ on tele, Christopher Plummer isnt as good when he sings in Spanish.

Saturday was the usua; trip to the market. then a bit of a walk in the afternoon. the at night i went to see more live music in the usual place. which is what i did Friday night as well. Mark and Wendy have discovered that they charge 7.50 for a bottle of cava which ends up being cheaper then beer.

Lidia oh Lidia

Monday, February 20th, 2012

just put the thermals away for this year. its still miles to windy at the moment though.

It wasl a bit cold yesterday, but the walk we did with Marl and Wendy was the same as we did last week with Natalie and Andy and last week we were dressed for the winter, yesterday Mark was wearing a t-shirt for most of the walk. after the bar to recuperate it was “come dine with me” omnibus, which is getting to be a bit of a routine.

Saturday was market day, the fruit and nut lady thought that i wasnt there last week, because it was too cold,  i wasnt there because we went skying, she seemed happy with the excuse. then after breakfast we went to buy Moira an office chair as her back isnt getting any better and it probably doesnt help sittting on our old dinning table chairs all day. that night we went to the bar for a couple with Mark and Wendy after goingfor a thai in Roses, then home at a sensible hour.

Friday was a different story as after the bar we went on to listen to a band until late.


eating orange food

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

A cold windy week, Monday Jesus told me it was so bad that we were not going to work. which ignored and said i could work, as i used to always work when it was cold. so he let me work but he stayed at home to look after his wife who had just had an eye operation and still couldnt see very well. working was fine but i ended up with a cold which i refused to except and carried on working, i eventually shook it of Thursday night but by then Natalie and Andy had arrived, a day early, on the Wednesday night, i went to get them from the airport and luckily they texted to tell us the plane was delayed because both Moira and I thought they where arriving Thursday evening, even Pepe in the bar thought they where arriving Thursday evening.

Thursday i worked and then slept which meant i didnt see much of Nat and Andy that day but Friday i was infinitely better, so we all went out for a pizza to celebrate. Saturday morning we had to get up early so we didnt go and see a a band, because we where going off to sky, when we got there it was freezing cold, windy and virtually no snow, but we persevered and actually managed to sky pretty much all day on 2 green runs which with the ice ended up being a lot harder then green. when we got home we where all pretty shattered so we didnt go and see a band but stayed in buy the fire and the co-operativa wine.

Sunday, to get the mussles working again we went for the walk Moira and I had kind of worked out a couple of weeks ago but hadnt done yet, we took a picnic and managed to find the sunniest windiest spot to eat it, but it was a very nice walk which im sure we will be doing again.

there wasnt any Catalan last week and i think from now on it will always be on Mondays, so after work it went to catalan lessons while Nat and Andy did anther short walk cut shorter by the wind, then we went to the bar to meet Moira after her yoga then home.


the saving of the shrew

Monday, February 6th, 2012

my god its windy and has been since pretty much Thursday night, Jesus didnt feel we could work Friday because of the wind and today as well but i refused and said i would happily work in the wind as long as i was well wrapped up, and off course i wouldnt get a cold. sadly i think i might have caught one anyway.

Last night we stayed in after a funny day where we went to see the horse parade in Castello, it was a lovely day and not that windy in the morning but it was cancelled due the awful wind the day before, so we had a drink with Cerrie and Pepe who were also there to see the horses then back home to eat and then do the tour de Garriguella, just in order to do something.

Saturday night we went to see a girl singing in the new bar, it was strangely earlier then normal, we found out later on it was because Barca was playing later on, she was quite though, it was a shame she had to stop so people could watch a few blokes in shorts chasing after a leather ball. Saturday we had attempted to go for a walk with Irena, Cerrie and Ian, but it was a bit to windy to be walking along a cliff edge so we went for a pizza instead.

Friday night after some deliberation we went to a band from new zealand up the road again they were quite good, a bit like the white stripes, long may this music venue last.