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the hand of Fatima

Monday, March 26th, 2012

went hunting asparagus this afternoon after speaking to Moira found enough seeing as it is Monday the first day after the weekend when every one goes out to hunt asparagus.

Yesterday i popped over to France as Cathy Margot and Jonathan was there, and also Tim and Issac. we all met up in Coulluire which is a beautiful part of the world and whats more had a market going on to wander around while i was waiting for everyone to arrive. got back to late to speak to Moira. it was nice to see every one again i havent seen Margot for ages.

Saturday after helping Jon plant some cyprus trees to create a hedge and speaking to Moira mid day i whizzed in to Figueres to buy cat food, the shop was shut, but she has enough food for a couple of days, but i did buy a new book and some ham for when Moira gets home, gothome and realised i had forgot to buy onions so couldnt make the almond sauce that i wanted to make nor falafals. later on i went to see some a band playing haf way through a good film, but you cant stay in doors all day, paid to get in which is unusual but the band had been on the radio. they were good, i wouldnt buy the album. i did notice nobody was buying drinks, probably because they had payed to get in,but there was plenty of people there.

Friday after work, i didnt do very much i dont think, i know i had a siesta and i didnt go out as i got caught up in a soppy film, so didnt go to see a band, i did make a nice camargue rice feta and tomato salad for tea. and i did go into the bar to read the paper but there wasnt one so chatted to Oxana for a while, but that was it.


paella hindu

Monday, March 19th, 2012

the first weekend that Moira is away.

Friday night after watching ‘Play Misty for me’ on tele i went to see some music, i wasnt sure i wanted to go but i went along knowing that if i didnt like what i heard from outside i didnt need to go in, but the sound of flamenco was coming from the Sala so i paid my 3 euros and went in, Cerrie and Pepe were in there so i sat with them, the music was great, raw, then about 2 i wandered home.

Saturday i was meeting Irena and Mark and Wendy and Cerrie down by the coop to go fro a walk Irena wanted to find the small church up in the hills, which we didnt get to as Mark needed to get back to celebrate Paddies day and watch the rugby, but it was a good 4 hour walk, so no complaints. that night i went to see a band again but it was only me this time, didnt matter, the band wasnt all that great either, interesting but a bit samey.

Sunday i was meeting Irena at the coop to go to the asparagus fair in Port de la Selva. were we had pate of aparagus, jam of asparagus empanardas with asparagus omelets with asparagus but wasnt tempted by the asparagus ice cream, met Cerris and Pepe there as Pepe had one the asparagus hunt competition again, second year running. afterwards having had a chat to moira thanks to Skype, i went up to the donkey club/Pepes other bar to try out some calcots in preparation for the meal when Moira gets back. and that was enough i did very little after that, didnt even have enough energy to stay up and watch mission impossible 3.

the caterpillas are back

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

im writing Sunday evening because tomorrow it seems we are going to Pepignan tomorrow to prune some palm trees, this week i think i am working full time for Jesus, which is good timing as i kind of finished what i was doing at Jon and Yasminas. also i get the feeling we are not going to do any thing special this evening to write about.

weve been today to see the horses in Peralada, in other words a bit of a street procession of men and women dressed up fancy riding horses and kids on shetland ponies.we have have been to watch it before but this time we waited to watch the horses dancing at the end. Moira called it dressage, to me it looked like people trying to make horses dance, yes it was clever what a person can force a horse in to doing, but horses really havent got rhythm. it was also a lovely hot day and no wind at last.

Yesterday was Market day i hadnt been to see my nut lady for over a week so i was completely out, we had breakfast then went to get Moira a suitcase on discount in Carrefour then home so not that exciting really. when we got home i had time to plant the potatoes before we went for a walk along the beach at LLanca. i planted the potatoes because the man down the road was planting his and i want to get them in grown and out before it gets to warm. the walk was interesting because we decided to speak spanish the whole time, easy for me but not so for Moira, she has got so much better since she has been going to see Lydia in Figueres and being made to speak.

that night we went to the bar on the way to the sala sindicat and didnt leave the bar as Cerrie and Pepe turned up just as we were leaving so we stayed for a few more and before we knew it it was too late.

Friday night was nice as we went to Can Batlle for dinner and spent most of the time speaking to the waitress.

La la La la La la la la

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Moira got back from New York Thursday night.

It was carnival weekend, as always 2 weeks late, but who cares. Friday night we went to the Sindicat with Mark and Wendy, its getting to be the norm, and long may it last. it was the first time we had to pay to get in, it was only 2 euros though, but there was 3 bands, we only saw the first 2, mainly because the second group was a bit boring that we couldnt be bothered to stay, there is only so much rock music i can listen too.the first band were great, the lead singer was about 10and the audience mainly consisted of the bands parents, we got home when we got home.

Saturday night was the carnival procession there was a few more floats this year and there appeared to be more people, Moira and i dressed up, last minute, as chinese people, we werent very good, but any excuse to dress up. its great when after a few beers or enough time has passed that you forget that you are dressed up in a dressing gown and the trousers i bought in Thailand, sporting a drawn on moustache and a hat made out of cardboard.

Sunday was the rancho where all the village or at least all the old people from the village or families with kids or foreigners, that probably drink a bit to much and then listen to slightly bad country music. great fun, we then went up to Pepes donkey bar for a private drink then home via Pepes other bar.