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a big bag of poppy seeds

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Its Monday, ive had to work an hour more today, including the 8 hours, Jesus told me this morning that it is more then likely that i will be working full ti me all month, which is fine but i have catalan on a Friday afternoon, so the plan is, if i work an hour and a half more during the week i can go to Catalan on Friday.

Yesterday was Dads and Bettys birthday and i believe some ones wedding anniversary. we went fora stroll which was lovely as all the spring flowers are in full bloom, picture post cards every where. then Moira made hopefully the last curry this year as hopefully soon it will too hot for curry, although they do eat curry in India when its hot.

Saturday was a walk , bit of shopping, and nothing much else day. we did go fro a meal at the Italian that we like in Epuria brava and then to the music bar but that was it.

Friday night we stayed in. i had had to cancel Catalan but thatdidnt matter to much as Diane was in England and with out here there it gets a bit like hard work.

Thursday i went to see Jesus in Hospital while Moira was with Lydia

double edged sword

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Moira went to London Wednesday and came back Friday night at midnight exhausted.

So Saturday morning we got up late, went to Figueres, came home and then pottered around the house sorting stuff out, then stayed in and watched tele at night, well i did Moira slept on the sofa.

Sunday was another quite day, by the time we had got round to doing something, we could only be bothered to go to Santa Margarita for a stroll up the promenard. we bumped in to Delors, ians wife, the guy i used to work with years ago, which was really nice, to catch up a bit, and promise we will ring them when we are next in Figueres.

that night we stayed in and watched tele.

Today was St Jordi, or saint Georges day, which means i have to buy Moira a flower and she buys me a book, as usual we went to the stalls in the village and Moira managed to get me 3 books for a euro, while bought her a basil plant, not too romantic but very useful.

Im working full time for the moment as Jesus really isnt well, his red blood cells are being killed of by something and the doctors dont seem to know what the problem is, he has been in hospital now since last Tuesday.

banana cake

Monday, April 16th, 2012

its bloody windy again, just as i plant out the tomatoes, luckily i planted them dep so they have lots of support which they are going to need, 80 mile an hour winds last night. still it looks like it might be sunny tomorrow, which is good seeing as we will probably put the fire on tonight for the first time for ages.

Yesterday was a lovely day, we went for a walk along the coast spoke some spanish to each other then made a nut spread for my breakfasts this week.while Moira did a jigsaw puzzle on her new super duper jigsaw puzzle board.

Saturday wasnt bad either, we went to Empuria Brava market instead of Figueres for a change, where i bought some birkinstok copies for summer and some oranges and moira bought aubergines. that afternoon we popped out for a stroll to the garden center via the cemetry as we hadnt been there since we had decided to live in the village and went to check the grave stones didnt have the all the same surname. at the garden centre we bought a little cactus and 3 courgete plants, theres going to be lolts of courgete eating this summer, if they survive this wind. that night we went to the cafe colon for the first time this year, we where the only ones there which was a shame as they have employed a proper chef and the food was really nice, there wasnt any music on in the other bar as it was football and everything stops for football.

deiscovered a new way to learn languages, while Moira and Irene were buying stuff in M&S last weekend i had a quick flick through somw mags and discovered, which ive tried in catalan and i think it might help.

Nearly forgot, Friday night was the birthday party of  Ian and his daughter Lucy, irene drove which was handy as there was lots of Cava.

wild primroses

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Well that was Scotland. we went for many reasons, one was to celebrate Moiras Birthday and our wedding anniversary at the Peat Inn, great food and swooping waitresses. the second reason was to celebrate Moiras birthday with people like Jenny and Lorna and Margret and Violet. Another reason was to help Irene sort the house ready to put on the market Moira did loads as she had gone to Scotland on the Tuesday, i helped tidy up the garden, like a pig in shit.

i flew to Manchester as ryan air has decided to stop flying to Scotland from Girona, luckily Natalie and Andy were going up to Scotland as well so i hitched a lift with them, Mum and Dad went up by train along the East coast. on the way back Moira came with us to Manchester by car the journey seemed to take longer on the way back which isnt normal probably because of the awful weather and the Easter traffic, we saw a crazy amount of caravans on the way.

while there we took a stroll up Normans Laur which didnt seem as difficult as before, probably because we are a bit more used to walking up hills. we also went to Perth to by sausage rolls and St Andrews to get oat cakes and chocolate powder. apart from the journey home the weather was quite good and i got the chance to see a bit of the Lake District and the Penines form the motorway, which for my sins i had never seen before from the ground any way.


why ipads do bluetooth?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Last week was a bit of a lost in time week, i had a vague idea what day i was on, but then i had had to because Tuesday i went to pick up Farah and Wednesday Moira came home via Figueres, and Friday was catalan, but some how or other i managed to not do anything that i normally do in a week. my bag that i take to catalan was where i had left the week before unopened, the van was needing to go for its MOT but that also didnt happen. i worked late for Jesus on Tuesday, remembering just in time that i had to go and get Farah, and then Thursday afternoon i helped Jon do his hedge.

Friday night we went no where and did nothing, Moira was a sleep by about 10

Saturday we went to the market and got back in time for Moiras joint party with Pepe for their birthdays, we had a great time, calcots and paella w3ere on the menu but the mix was perfect with the majority of speaking done in Spanish, Moiras new friend came along with another english student from Roses which gave us someone new to talk too. it all finished at about 8, and Moira was asleep by 9, she doesnt allow herself to get jetlag in china so she really gets it when she gets home.

Sunday after pottering around the house a bit we went to Roses then walked to Almadrava a walk it seems we both like to do, and its not too short or too long and there is time for a beer at Almadrava.

today i finally got round to cleaning the van so i can take it for its MOT, but its in the garden so i will probably get round to it after Easter.