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pie and chips

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Moira has gone to China for a week, i went with her on Saturday to Barcelona, i went because i wanted to go to the botanical gardens, she went to catch a plane, i also took the opportunity to buy loads of limes for a euro, curry leaves cinnamon sticks and  gram flower, stuff you cant get in a small village with more restaurants then people. i didnt go out that night, i couldnt it was the eurovision, actually i did pop across to the bar to watch the resultswith the Romanian and Ukrainian bar maids whom voted for each other. sunday was a quite day planting chillies, stroll along the beach at Santa Martgarita, buy some and fizzy water and then home for my first dip in the pool this year.

my tomatoes have got flowers

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Moira has gone to see Lydia, and Mum and Dad have gone home after a weekend of rain, great for our well and swimming pool, but not too good for them, although yesterday was the only day they couldnt do anything.

Sunday was a funny day, we wanted to go on a boat to Cadaques, but didnt know what time they left, we had an idea it was oneish. we got there with time to park, it wasnt oneish it was 3, so we had a coffee, we had packed a picnik so we eat that then drove to Almadrava beach, looked at the sea, then back to Roses to get the boat which had decided the weather was too bad to go, it was canceled, so we came home just as the skies opened up. that night i treid out my new little barbque on  the balcony.

Saturday morning it was drizilling but not enough to stop us going to Figueres to shop when we got home the weather had pickedup a bit so it was a mass siesta on the sun beds. that night we all went to the Cafe Colon for my birthday with the friend, Irena had 8 dutch women on tow, whom were hilarious. we then went on to the sindicat for some music until it was really time to come home.

Jazz and Emily have offered mework washing dishes over the summer, going to takethem upon it, dont see why not.

Thursday was my Birthday and Mum and Dad were here having got here on Wednesday, sowe went to the Pizza restaurant in Roses as mum likes that restaurant and Moira can drive home quite happily.

thats a lovely flower

Monday, May 14th, 2012

it was the flower show ‘el temps de flors’ in Girona so we went to see as much as we could see then for a curry, it was lucky we had seen as much as we could see before the curry because after the curry we couldnt walk anywhere.i kind of think it was better then last year. that night there was a p arty in a house of one of Moiras yoga ladies i was the driver, which was fine and we met some really nice people, one or 2 snooty people but some really nice people as well.

Sunday was a funny one because we went on a organised walk in aid of cancer research but hardly anyone turned up and then we got lost because the signs for where to go stopped after half way round, and we was walking with one of the organisers, when we got back instead of eating there we drove down to the beach in Empuria Brava for a picnic with Mark and Wendy.

the swimming pool is starting to annoy me again

the black family

Monday, May 7th, 2012

its sunny…

still working full time, Jesus is now at home but is really not allowed to do anything that will put pressure on his heart.

Sunday we went for a walk Moira me Mark and Wendy to a nice bay just passed El Buli where there is a lovely little hotel the bay is called Cala jocul, or something like that, it was like a place we have stayed some where along the way over the years, and as we where with Mark and Wendy who are not backwards at coming forwards, we had a good look around, which if it was just Moira and I we would have been to embarrassed. that night Moira made the famous aubergine curry.

Saturday was Figueres day where i bought nuts and Moira bought me some Palladium boots for my birthday, then home via Jesus to pick up my summer work outfit. that night we went to the bar then on to see some music but the band wasnt that good so we didnt stay long.

Friday night we went to Can Batlle to eat and there was me and Moira and just another couple, the waitress told us that she is really noticing the difference between this year and other years with the amount of dinners there are in the evenings, with more people eating out at lunchtime because it is cheaper, she is off to see her daughter in Vallodalid soon.