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baba ganoush

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

cant deny it, summer has arrived, when we finally got up we spent the day on the beach, i stupidly burnt my legs, luckily Farah left some after sun here last time she came over, the first day this year at the beach, tried out my goggles that Nat and Andy bought me for christmas, and they work brilliantly, dont let any water in what so ever.

Last night was Sant Joan, as well as Spain beating France at football, a few people were interested in watching the match. we managed to stay up dancing until 2ish in the morning which isnt really all that good but the music wasnt the best and Moira has caught a cold, we reckon while she was in Paris. and we had been up till 1.30 the night before as Pepe had finally opened the donkey club/ tortoise bar and there was music up there as well.

still working full time and it looks like it will carry on for while as Jesus although he is feeling a lot better and now can help me at times, he isnt up to a day of work just yet.

we started on the potatoes from the garden this week. probably wont bother next year as they take up to much space, need loads of water, and we arnt big potato eaters an way especially in the summer.


hide n seek

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

We was in Paris this weekend for Cathys birthday and all we did was eat or go somewhere to buy food to eat, the apartment that Cathy rented was lovely it really felt like we where in living in Paris in a funny sort of way, and the Rodin museum was really nice with all the roses in Flower and the hydrangeas just about to come in to flower, my favorite sculpture was the smiling lady, sadly it was stuck in an ugly corner otherwise i would have taken a photo.

its coming up to Sant Joan this weekend so im working like a nutter to get all the gardens looking good for when people arrive.

pickled ginger

Monday, June 11th, 2012

just tried to give blood and they wouldnt let me because of mad cow disease.

the weather has been a bit funny this weekend, Friday night it was nice, we went to Roses to try a restaurant that does curry, we eat it while watching the sunset over Santa Margarita, just like being in Sri Lanka. Saturday was a quick visit to the market and then at 2 we where due round Mark and Wendys as they were having a joint birthday party, the weather held out again, it was really nice, meet Moiras spanish teacher, that night after the meal/party we went on tgo the music which hadnt started but we held on infact i held on till 3 in the morning, by the third band it was time to go home.

Sunday when we eventually got up, we went for a walk to Perelada in a search for patatas bravas, then a good sleep in front of the tele.

fresh white cabbage

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Moira is back, she got back Saturday about 4ish, i went to get her from Figueres Station. i had been in to Figueres early to get nuts and stuff, i went in the van not only to air the poor thing as someone asked me the day before “is that your van? do you ever use it?” so i thought i had better use it with the excuse of getting a sack of compost to finally fill up a pot i bought last year. i went to pick Moira up in the little Fiat. we stayed in that night as Moira was knackered as to be expected. it didnt matter to me as i had been out Friday night first to the bar for some Bravas and a chat with the bar maids about why im vegetarian, one thing about being a vegetarian it makes a good subject to talk about, obviously that is not the reason im vegetarian, but it does get people talking. i then went home for a while then on to the music bar , it only had a DJ and he wasnt all that good, and there seemed to be only men in the bar so i decided to have a beer then waddle home, until that is a nice bloke came over and chatted to me, it seems hes a gardener as well, but im not a hundred percent convinced, bless him nice bloke though and he bought me a beer.

Sunday we went to the cherry festival in Teredes we went there last year and bought some cherries to take to a party as there is no way Moira and i could eat all the cherries that you get in a box. so instead we bought a tin bucket and some walnut oil, just in case we dont have enough oil and some incense sticks that are supposed to smell of citronella.