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frozen balls

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

cooking a red pepper on the mini barbque  and writing this to stop me switching off the battery charger that i had to buy for the van. the problem is its out on the road as i need to start it up to get it in through the gate and the bolts that hold the battery in place in the van have rusted so i cant get the battery out of the van, probably rusted because until i have never needed to take the battery out. and then apart from going for a wee stroll to the donkey bar and doing the weekly check and change of the swiming pool and water the garden we have done very little today, im going to work later on of course, but still im quite getting used to this doing nothing.

yesterday, Saturday, was market day in Figueres as the nut man in Empuria brava was too expensive. we came home and did very little until i went to work. Moira hung around until 10.45 then went to the square behind the church where there was a frankfurt and beer fiesta, i met her and Mark and Wendy there when i had finished and we stayed till 2ish but the music just wasnt doing anything for us and Moira had had enough so we came home just as the techno started up.

ive been promoted from just pan con tomata man to pizza man as well in the cafe colon


it could only happen to Wendy

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

just done my first weekend in the kitchen at the cafe colon, washing dishes mainly but i am also chief pan con tomate boy, its fun, and i will earn a bit of money, not much but it all helps. Moira is on her way to London leaving the forest fires behind that have been burning all night and all today, it seems some idiot chucked a fag but out of the car window near the border and the fire as a result of the high winds has reached to nearly Figueres, there was another fire near Port Bo but they got that controlled last night, same thing fag from a moving car. so in between buying a berberis and a mother in laws tongue and working we watched the smoke on Sunday

Saturday was market day but this time Empuria brava, the nut man there is much more expensive then my lady in Figueres. then home to crash out by the pool until i had to go to work.

Friday night im afraid was work as well, after work ai met Moira at Tina and Johns whom have bought a flat around the corner from us and come here at times so we had a few glasses of wine on there balcony.

the van battery has gone flat for the first time ever, and for no reason other then it felt like it.

feeding the canaries

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Monday again.

we went to the beach yesterday when we finally got up, there is no point going to the shop early in the summer as it is full of tourists.

Saturday was market day, trying the tropical nut mix this week, bought some more lettuce to grow under my make shift windbreak sun shade lettuce grower. when we got home i  had a go at doing nothing, and i think im getting the hang of it slightly, then, the idea was go to Llanca to see the fire works but that was happening at midnight and it was cloudy and the traumonta started up so we decided not to go and went for a thai instead in Roses, then up to the donkey club as Mark and Wendy were there, we came home via the music bar and as there was no one in there we were able to choose the music we wanted to hear, our taste in music is completely different to Mark and Wendys.

Friday was going to be a quite night at the donkey club , at one point we tried to leave but Pepe bought us a drink then Pete and Linda came over so we ended up staying a lot longer then planed

dont tie your hammock to a dead tree

Monday, July 9th, 2012

its been quite a fun weekend. Friday night we went for a meal with Mark and Wendy to the Windmill good food and dead cheap, we ate outside with all the other tourists, then we went up the back way to the donkey club, we where there for a while then came back down into the village and went in to the music bar, there wasnt any music but there was a drum machine to play on, which im rubbish at. then finally home.

Saturday, when we finally got up, we packed up the car and went of to Cadaques to stay the night in the camping cadaques near Port Lligat. one of the more expensive campsites that we have been to down here, but it has to be said its a lovely spot, after some lunch/ breakfast, and a stroll round the town we booked a table from what felt like a man from the Adams family, in Dalis favorite restaurant in Cadaques, then back to the tent for a siesta and some beer.

the restaurant was Lebanese and the food was pretty good, the resaturant it self was barking mad with toot all other the place, and the waiter, who we thought was from the Adams family turned out to be a really nice man that spoke every language  going it seemed. then back to the tent for some wine that we had brought with us.

Sunday we packed up the tent had some breakfast and came home to see the Murray Wimbledon final at ours with Mark and Wendy, great match, seemed to go on for ever, we went across the road to the bar to recover afterwards and get something to eat that wasnt strawberries and cream.


nose like a sage ring

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Irene just came round with her guests so while Moira showed them round the house i dug up a shaw of potatoes for Irena. they have gone to the bar.

Last night was the European cup. Me, Moira, Mark and Wendy went across  the road to watch the match in the bar, at one point we thought we would be the only ones in there but a few people turned up. it was on terrestrial tv so everyone was watching it at home, the ones that wanted to watch it, and the few who watched it even though they didnt want to, because they are Catalan and not Spanish. it was a nice end to a slightly damp day, it pretty much drizzled all day and at one point while we were walking along the sea front at Roses it really came down, but the rain was forecast so we where well prepared. there was also a little craft fair in Villajuiga, we went to that as well but it was the usual stuff so we didnt by anything.

Saturday started a bit hazy due to Friday night, we had gone up to the donkey club for some reason i guess it was just because it was Friday, i know it was because Cerrie was going to England so it was a see you later drink. it was good fun we drunk the bar dry of Rose wine. which was why Saturday to start with was a bit hazy, but we managed to do a bit of shop;ping before we had to come home for a siesta. that night we went for a pizza in a pizza/Italian restaurant in Peralada, mine was ok but Moiras was a bit doughy, we will go again for shore as its a nice spot, but maybe we will try the pasta next time.