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Monday, August 27th, 2012

well thats it Dan and Paolo have gone home, ive stopped work at the Cafe Colon and nearly pretty much is back to normal. Yesterday was great we did nothing apart from go to the cooperativa then read it was a day when i didnt need to know the time at any point in the day, something that hasnt happened for a while, like being on holiday.

Saturday after dropping Dan and Paolo off at the train stataion i went and bought some nuts and oranges, and Moira bought a heat magazine then we headed home to do nothing until we where picked up by Mark and Wendy to go to Sonia ( moiras spanish teacher) childrens birthday party in Roses, we stayed for a while had something to eat and a chat then came home, a pleasant afternoon decided i would like to try the sushi restaurant in Roses on day.

Friday night we all went to Can Battle with Mark and Wendy, they didnt over do the truffle oil this time, then back to Pepes bar.

Thursday night was spent taking Paolo and Dan to a italian restaurant in Empuria Brava, he liked the food and had a chat in italian with the waitress. it was nice for us as we dont often get to go there in the summer.

Wednesday night was my last night at the Cafe Colon.



Monday, August 20th, 2012

Thuy, Graham, Tia and Lara have all gone and we are left with Dan and Paolo. ifinish at the Cafe Colon tonight, and have had a day off today from gardening as it was suposed to be Friday but it meant there was a bank holiday Wednesday and then a village holiday Friday which meant i wouldnt have been able to get all the gardens done i needed to do. and actuallt today is the Saint day that the day off is supposed to be celebrating, sadly the neighbours decided to do some work in their garden at 8.30 this morning with chain saws which they are entitled to do but a bit unfair seeing as it its still August and Dan and Paolo arnt paying but there are 2 hotels very near and a couple of flats being rented out by holiday makers also very near. i kind of complained in an English way.

the day off was a day hunting for Dans tortilla pan and i wanted a ceramic knife which the chef uses in the Cafe Colon Roses didnt have either but after lunch and as the sun had gone in a bit we went to Figueres and Dan got every thing he wanted, and so did i.

Sunday we went to Santa Margarita for brunch at the beach bar and that was pretty much apart from a bit of a wobble up and down the beach front.

Saturday was the grand fiesta for the village which we went to and saw a little bit and drunk a bit and left after a little bit

Friday night was the disco on the football pitch i went to after work and tia suprised us all with her dancing, we danced a bit but i was knackered so didnt stay up till dawn this time.

Wednesday was a spanish day off, Thuy, Graham and Tia and us hired a boat to go round the canals at Empuria Brava and had a great time snooping in peoples back gardens.

looking like a fairy

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Day off tomorrow, and im looking forward to it, i am still working in the evening but im not going to be a gardener until thursday.

Dan, Paolo, Thuy, Graham and Thia are here, Lara was here aa well but she left for home this morning, bit of a busy weekend, what with the barbque for 14 which ended up being a barbque for 18 but Graham did the cooking and all i had to do was water the plants, and tidy up a bit. what with the boys last weekend and now thia and the kids at the barbque the pool has been well used recently.



Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

the vans fixed it, was the starter motor, and now its back to sitting out side our house doing nothing. while it was being fixed Cathy,. Cathy Tim and the boys arrived, Cathy was staying with us, but Tim and the boys stayed in the campsite. Thursday night we all went to the windmill, as i wasnt working. Friday  i was working but Moira had Cerrie over to eat with every one here. Saturday we went to Aguamolls to show Tim some wild life and to climb up the rice towers, we saw a mink, Tim only saw some dead river crabs., they had a barbeque that night. Sunday Tim and the boys went home, but Cathy stayed one more night, she and Moira went up to the donkey club.