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hanging curtains

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Monday night Moira is in Scoltland, and im sitting at the kitchen table with the cat on my lap having eaten my version of a carri coco curry, didnt have any cabbage and to be honest it needed the cabbage, it was still nice.

had quite a good weekend, Friday night, at this point Moira was still in London, i went to see Judge Dred, i was the only one in the cinema, great film if like me you religiously read 2000 ad when young. understood pretty much all of it as well. Saturday was the market where i bought apart from the usual a ‘dona de la noche’ plant, which translates as lady of the night, dont know where im going to put it yet, then home for a siesta after popping in on Irena to help her with her swimming pool. then after the extended siesta i popped up to Mick and Tracys to finally strim there borders. picked up some fire wood while i was up there.

Saturday night Cerrie and Family where up at the donkey club so went up there to meet them then a few of us went to see a flamenco singer in the Sindicat who was really good. got home about 2ish.

Sunday was a bit overcast so decided to walk from Llanca to Port de la Selva for a beer then back again.

picking raisins

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Tuesday last week was fiesta and Mum, Dad and Nat had booked an apartment down in Blanes so we went down there to see them and to go to Mar y Mutre botanical gardens.

Wednesday was back to work

Friday, the Cafe Colon have started doing fish and chips on a friday night so as mum, dad and nat had come up to us we went along and by chance so did Mark and Wendy, it was good, especially the chips.

Saturday i took mum,dad and nat to the airport then on the way back, booked the fiat in for its first service then home. Moira had got up and had to do some homework, so i took down the tomato frame while i waited for her then had a snooze so Moira read her book while she waited for me, we eventualy to do nothing much but Moira read her book and me potter around the house doing little jobs that have neede being done since before the summer, later on Moira made a curry and then we watched telly.

Sunday was a bit different it was the cheese fair in LLado which as usual we went too, then in the afternoon we went to the aquapark as it was the last day and it is cheaper in the afternoon, it was a bit nippy but we did all the slides we wanted to do.

When we got back we popped into the bar for one with Mick and Tracy, but then Irena turned up so one became 3 then Mark and Wendy arrived so 3 became 5 we eventually got home.

baby plum tomatoes

Monday, September 10th, 2012

what a lovely weekend.

Yesterday we went to the beach until it misted over then when we got home i made some more pesto and then some gado gado peanut sauce. then nothing else but read if not the news papers the book that Lydia gave me to read its in catalan so its not easy but its a nice book which compensates for the language difficulties.

Saturday was market day then to Castello de empurius, as it was thereĀ  medieval weekend, we wandered around, bought some soap, then back home until it was time to go to Pepes donkey bar as it was the last night of live music up there, met some new people as well.

Friday night was Can Batlle with every one, every one including Mark and Wendy , Cerrie, Irena, Mick and Tracy, whom arrived on wednesday, and tina john whom we met a couple of months ago as they have bought a flat near us in the village and come down from Switzerland where they live, when they can. then it was on to the sindicat as it was a night with DJ Mark Maclane, mark had blagged an hour being a dj but as there was hardly any one in the place apart from us he ended up pretty much doing it all night.

Wednesday night we went to Pepes donkey bar as , as i have said Mick and Tracy had arrived. Irena had organised a bit of a bash for them and ordered far to much food, i doggy baged asome for my lunch the next day.


farrimond friction hitch

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Monday with traumontana. its been traumontana since Thursday night after a day of rain. the first night is always the worst as its impossible to sleep the wind is so aggressive. Friday night was fun it was Moiras first dinner party were she could only speak spanish Lydia her friend that helps Moira learn Spanish while she learns english, invited us over for dinner, Moira did really well. Saturday was windy but hot so we went to almadrava beach walking from Roses and back then bought some Sushi which we had tried last week at Sonyas party , and Moira loves sushi but we never knew if there was anything i could eat so i have never tried it before, its alright i like it, not for every day though. that night we met Mark and Wendy in the bar in order to go on to the music which had started up again but it was really heavy heavy metal so we came home and had some polite wine.

Sunday we decided to go to the beach, a beach hidden from the wind, as we hadnt been for a while as guests tend to stay by the pool. it was lovely when we got there, and for a while when i was drying off from the swim it was hot, but then a cloud covered up the sun and wasnt going anywhere so we stayed a bit longer then went to Roses for a beer instead.