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A little guard duck

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

back from London, we got back Sunday night to be greeted by the traumontana giving it all its got, the temperature Friday morning was 14 degrees this morning it was 1 degree all due to the north wind.

London, wet and cold and full of people, i had forgotten how full of people it is.

we got there wednesday and took a stroll down portebella road with Dan as we were stayig at Dan and Paolos. that evening we went for a curry.

thursday while Moira was doing the shops i went to the shard then back via grahams jewellery shop in the Oxo tower and the Tate modern, back over waterloo bridge up to selfridges to meet Moira but first a quick visit to the national to use the loo, and the ICA for nostalgia. that night Paolo was out so Dan cooked then we went down the pub.

Friday was when Moira had her meeting but not untill the afternoon, so we walked in to town looked around a bit had a beer and pretty much filled the morning. Moira went off, i went to the bank to sort a few things then up to Camden through Regents park and along the canal, Camden hasnt changed, except for ther is a lot more places one can eat either a pizza a chinese, a curry , mexican, turkish, what ever takes your fancy. then back down the road to Euston and the british library in order to meet Farah at Euston station for a couple, great to see her, but had to rush as then i was Meeting Sarah for some wine and a catch up, via Jimmys for a large whiskey as he lives next door to Sarah and used to maintain the van.”learning to dance in the rain.” finaly after a an interesting time with Sarah i went on to Thuy and Grahams whom had had a dinner party and made me curry, but it was 12.30 at that point so i drank wine instead. great to see them as well.

Saturday morning, had the left over curry that graham had packed for me, for breakfast then we set of for Wickford to see Mum and Dad. got to see to olympic park through a wet train window. after arriving at Mum and Dads we all went to leigh on see for someting to do, and some drinks in the pub. then back to get ready for more curry in the restaurant around the corner.

Sunday was coming home day.

Coming out

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Well that was Rome, still a great city hasnt changed in the last 15 years which was when we went before. the whole family went for Dads birthday which was in April but October was the first point in the year when we all could get time off. we had a great time, stayed in a B’n’B outside the city wall which meant we needed to get a tram in to the centre, but when it was working it was no bother,broke up the day a bit, the restaurants where we stayed are really good and not tourist prices, we saw a few old buildings, went on the tourist bus, went in a museum, but most importantly i think Dad had a good time.

Back now, we got back very late Saturday night, giving us Sunday to tidy up a bit reorganise a bit and go for a bit of a walk.

i was working today and will be working tomorrow then its off to London for the second part of my holiday.

looking for the mayor

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Moira is back and im on holiday.

She arrived yesterday midday, Figueres station, i went for a wander round a part of Figueres i hadnt wandered around while i was waiting, i love just wandering with no clear idea of where im going.

Saturday was market day but i didnt go as i was cleaning the house in the morning, i did go to the supermarket for cheese and beer and i found a yoghurt pot that will make great little pots for growing seeds. as i was leaving carrefour i remembered there was an art walk in Castello de empurious, the arts not brilliant but you get to nose in buildings that are normally shut. that night i went to the cinema, because now i can, and then to the pepes bar for patatas bravas as i couldnt be bothered to cook, there was no one in there so i eat up and drunk up then came home.

Friday was bank holiday so i took the opportunity to go to Olot, there is quite a lot in Olot to see, its the Figuers of that region but unlike Figueres it has 3 extinct volcanoes, and a botanical gardens, i went and stood in a crater of one of the volcanoes then wandered around a bit ending up at the botanical gardens, its much wetter and cooler up in Olot, so the range of plants a re a bit different. i came back via Sant Joan de la font as there is an interesting walk that takes you by some volcanic rock formations. then home. that night i met Mark, Wendy and Cerrie at the donkey club for a couple, we didnt fancy going on to the music so i came home.

Thursday night Pepes bar is cosed in the winter so i didnt go out.

apple butter

Monday, October 8th, 2012

it was back to normal last week but its not this one as Moira is in China, she went Friday morning, i wasnt working thursday afternoon so we went for a walk along the sea front.

Friday night i went to the music as there was a band from London playing, very good, bless them they thought they where going to be playing in Girona, nobody told them that Girona is also the name of the county in which we live. Saturday was market day, i bought some garlic bulbs to plant, seeing as we get through quite a lot of garlic. when Moira got back from Scotland she couldnt believe how much i stunk of garlic, but i had only eaten something she had made and eaten as well and then had put the last of it in the freezer. Later on Jonathan arrived and we went to the pizza restaurant again after a short walk again along the sea front but in the other direction. i went to the music again, catalan rumba and then the band that Pepe often has in his bar, but it was getting late Mark and Wendy and Jonathan had gone home, id had enough basically.

Sunday morning Jonathan went home, i got up made him a coffee then went back to bed, when i got up, it was time to cover the swimming pool as it was freezing and there was no point keeping it open if we where going to Rome next week and this week Moira is away, i didnt go out Sunday night.


43 meters squared

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Moira got back late Thirsday night and Jonathan and Cathy arrived Saturday, just for Saturday and Sunday but a shame for them as Saturday pissed down all day in the way that it does here, being so heavy that you cant really do anything that involves being outside. we went to the shopping centre in Girona to buy home wear in the morning before they got to us, and had a beer in the truckers bar in Medinya on the way home. that night we went to the italian in Empuiria brava but it was full so instead we went for a pizza in Roses, which as always was just right.

Sunday the weather was much better, we went to Escalla as it looked sunnier down there, and it was if not a bit windy, but it always seems to be windy in Escalla, last time Moira and i where there we found a nice little local bar in the back streets, we found it and had a few tapas, will got there again definitely. we went for a bit of a stroll then came home for a siesta. that night Mark and Wendy had organised a get together in the donkey club as their mums had gone home. i messed up and ordered russian salad which has tuna in it, i new russian salad had tune in it but didnt know russian salad was called ensaladilla as well as russian salad, never mind i did order potatas bravas so i didnt go hungry, and Jonathan and Cathy payed for us which was an unexpected nice touch., they went this morning.

things are bit back to normal again, as the weather has picked up, im doing my blog and getting the dinner ready while Moira is a Yoga.