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Jesus does curry

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Its Tuesday and winter has finaly arrived in our part of the world, the bed room radiators have a thermostat and it was 15 degrees up there when i got home, and probably still is 15 degrees, the heating doesnt go on upstairs until later on.

Moira is in China, where i believe its cold as well, and the van has finaly been and passed its MOT by the skin of its teeth i have to say, i had to shoot of and buy some stuff to clean something in the engine and then go back, so that was ok but they have decided after 5 years of MOTs that my fog light is on the wrong side for driving on the right, i know they are right and luckily i had passed loads of MOTs before hand, so they couldnt really fail on it having passed me so many times and not said anything so i have until Mayish to sort it, if it can be sorted. atleast i dont have to hide the van in the garden anymore, and i can stop using Moiras car to go to work for Jon.

which i am still doing. We did the olives last week, Moira helped one evening and Sunday i went along to help finish off, with Jon and Yasmins and their kids and Lisa (yoga teacher) and her family, it was a nice day, shame Moira was in China she would have loved it.

Saturday having dropped Moira at the train station and had finaly excepted that i might have a cold i took a beer and went back to bed, got up again finally at about 11ish, and shot of to the municipal market in Roses, for a change, its alright, its not the same as Figueres but i did find a shop tyhat sold big tubs of peanut butter for 2 euros, its not the best peanut butter in the world but if i grind up some peanuts and mix it in it should do the trick, it worked with the almond butter i made in the afternoon

Friday night i drove Me Moira Wendy and Mark to the Italian in Empuria Brava, i drove as it was kind of my turn and i had to drive Moira to the station early the next morning, it was alright it was a different chef to normal, still we got a free bottle of Rose for some reason.


to bite a mosquito

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Moira is was home for the weekend, and Mark and Wendy rang to se if we wanted to go for fish n chips in the cafe colon, of course we said yes, as always the chips were really good and got some tartar sauce to put on my salad. we ended up in the bar but didnt stay that long, and got home at a respectable time.

Saturday was market day we got home just before it started raining, and managed to go to the garden centre in the afternoon in between showers., we stayed in in front of the fire. after i planted cyclemen in Moira pots out side her office.

Sunday we were all supposede to go for a walk but Wendy wasnt feeling well at in was raining to much so we went for a trip in Irenas new car and a beer in Espolla, after Irena dropped us of again it had kind of stopped raining, so Moira and i decided to go for a quick walk on our own along the prom at Santa Margerita.

Jesus went to the doctor on Friday to be told the medication they put him on hasnt worked, they are now trying something else.


scrumping pomegranites

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Moiras back, she got back Monday midday, but still managed to go to yoga.

Sunday as Moiras wasnt here, i went for a walk to Peralada, mainly to make sure i new the way, ive found a new way to get there that doesnt involve pushing through a load of undergrowth and crossing a vine yard. and also there was a pan con tomate fair. when i finally got home i got the miny barby going and cooked an aubergine on it while making peanut sauce in the kitchen, ive found some cheap peanut butter that isnt too offensive.

Saturday, went shopping but got back in time to ring Moira in China, then after a bit of a snooze i went to see James Bond ‘Skyfall’ with Irena, she went because she wanted to see Danial Craig with his top off. good film, liked it. when we got back to village Irena treated me to a beer in Pepes then she went home, i didnt, i went on to the Sindicat, there was only a Dj  but that was fine, chatted to a few people had a beer then came home.

Friday night, i went round Mark and Wendys as she was doing a bit of a dinner to say good bye and good luck to Cerrie who is now in England to have the baby, it was nice to see Ian and Diane again as i havent seen Diane since before the summer due to many reasons.

Been working for Jon and Yasmina again strimming some of their land, which nicely fills the afternoons i am not working for Jesus, who i thought was getting better but having helped put a cover on a swimming pool in Vilaminiscle i am not to sure as he got tired really quickly.

red pepper hummus

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

its a wee bit cold. November doesnt seem that good a month weather wise. but not to worry the Van has had its service and it didnt cost me the arm and a leg i thought it would, and the council have got round to fixing the small leak in the street just before the pipe enters our house. all i need to do is take the van for its MOT, which is already a month over due, but then apparently that is nothing here.

Moira is in South Korea today and will be in China tomorrow, she left first thing Sunday morning which meant we cut short the party in the village for halloween, i dont think we missed much though, Moira dressed up as a witch and i turned myself into a vampire, amazing what you can do with some white face paint and stage blood. that was Saturday night

during the day we i went to the market while Moira went to be massaged with a pestle wrapped in herbs ( a birthday present from Jesus and Merce, which she has finaly had time to take advantage of)

Friday night we went to the Cafe Colon for fish and chips, and we wernt the only customers in the restaurant which was good for the Cafe Colon and for us as it added a bit more to the ambiance of the place.

Thursday was a day of, the day of the dead, when every one goes to lay flowers on a loved ones grave. Moiras was working so i took the opportunity to do some well needed gardening in our garden.