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o come o come emanuel

Monday, December 24th, 2012

its christmas eve or noche buena in Spanish, feels a bit weird, feels like it should be a Friday, but its only a Monday. a day of work, got my christmas hamper from Jesus, which seems to theĀ  custom here, the boss buys his workers something for christmas and its usually a hamper, this one is from the co-op and Moira knows how much it cost because her and the rest of the yoga girls bought the teacher the same hamper.

Sunday was a glorious day sunny and warm, while the sun was up. we went of to find Rabos by the path through the vineyards an hour and a half later we still hadnt found it,due to missing a turn off, so we found a nice spot and had the beer ai had carried with me in the middle of no where, a ‘the silence is deafening’ moment. we stayed in that evening infront of the fire, which was fine by me as while walking i had lost my hat and went to look for it while Moira carried on home, she found the hat so i turned back and thought i would jog to catch her up but after about 15 minutes the legs decided it wasnt a good idea.

Saturday was market day, had to go to the market to wish the nuts lady a merry christmas and drop off Ians card. the afternoon was spent tidying up, cooking a bit and then going to the church for a carol singing session, i cant remember the last time i went somewhere to sing carols if ever, the anglican church of catalunya had got hold of our church for the occasion, the organist was the highlight and then the mince pies and mulled wine afterwards. then to the bar. while Mark rushed to Roses to buy pizzas which we ate at home then went back to the bar.

Thursday night we had every one here to eat mince pies that Moira had brought back from Luton airport, as she had just got back from a quick trip to London. we had invited Brian and Irene, because we had had mince pies with them last year and as Jesus said it was the courteous thing to do.














slow down Irena

Monday, December 17th, 2012

it was a lovely day yesterday, so we decided to go for a walk along from Llanca to Port de la Selva, we have taken to Speaking Spanish a bit while on these walks to help Moira and also to keep me going as i dont speak to Jesus as much as i used to. that evening, we stayed in to watch the dancing finals, with the fire going.

Saturday as usual was market day but also we did a tour of the lidels of the area, so i could get peanut butter and Moira could get prawn rings, the prawn rings where in the first lidel but not the peanut butter and the little feta and spinach parcels that we had taken a liking to, or any mince pies, so thats why we went on to the next lidel, they didnt have mince pies either, nobody has mince pies this year, so when i got home i made my own mincemeat.

we met Mark and Wendy down the bar later after we had eaten.

Friday was a bit of a recovery day as Thursday evening was our expats christmas dinner, in the Rancho, which we hardly go to, mainly because its a soanish angus steakhouse kind of place, but i have to say i had a really nice salad for starters. expats , meaning me, Moira, Mark, Wendy, Diane, Ian and Irena. it was a fun night, especially as we hadnt seen Diane and Ian or Irena for ages.

learning to walk

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

as it was the Xfactor final this weekend, we hardly went anywhere,

Sunday was one of those perfect winter days that sometimes we get here, sunny with out the cold wind, so we went for a walk by the sea.

Saturday was market day, bought some raw cashews as i wanted to try out a recipe for butternut and cashew nut roast. in the afternoon while Mira wrote christmas cards, i cut up fire wood, and tried to do something in the garden but it was far to windy, tied up the grape vine as it was sheltered from the wind.

Friday Moira went for lunch with Mark, Wendy, Max and Sonia. it was Sonias birthday, Sonia is Moiras spanish teacher. that night we stayed in but some how managed to miss Pepe ringing us to tell us that Cerrfie had had a baby boy.

Thursday was Spanish constitution day, a day off so we went to France as it wasnt a holiday there and bought stuff that we didnt really need in the hyper market Auchan. Came back via Ceret for a beer.

just when you are finished

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Its windy again, which means its going to get colder, but then also sunny which is good but cold and sunny. after Moira has seen Lydia tonight we are going to the bar as Pepe has caught a hare which he has cooked, i will be having chips and salad.

Sunday we went to Besalu as the was a Ratafia fair there Ratafia is a local booze that tastes quite like liquorice, personaly i like it, we bought some for Ian as a christmas present, walked around a bit then came home. so Moira could make a curry.

Saturday after the market and then collecting Moira from the station, we came home without her luggage as British airways had lost her bag. After Moira had got her self sorted we went of to do the tour de Garriguella, so she could get some fresh air in her lungs, that night we went to the bar as Mark and Wendy said they would be there.

Friday night i went to the bar because it was Irenas last night before she went Holland. after a couple she went home as she had to get up at 3, and Mark and Wendy went home to watch Freddy Flintof box, so i went home as well and watched a video we have had for ages, mainly to see if my Spanish had got better.