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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

it was Burns night at some point over the weekend so we had everyone over for haggis as Moira went to London last week and was able to bring some back as well as neeps or orange turnips as Mark and Wendy call them, it was great fun and like Moira says a really easy dinner to do for people, and having loads of people in the house really warms the place up. that was Saturday night Moira got home Thursday night, Friday night we went out for a pizza with Mark and Wendy in Figueres which was nice, the pizza was ok but not the best, good chilli oil though, came back via the bar.

Saturday morning was as usual market day, had to go to buy more chocolate and Moira needed potatoes to mash.

Sunday was a bit overcast so instead of sitting around at home doing nothing, we went of to L’Escala for a stroll along the prom from St. Marti to the statue of the little Prince which as luck would have ti was by a sunday market, to be remembered, we got ourselves a little roasting dish as the one we have is a bugger to clean. Moira made curry that evening.

potatoes behind the fridge

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Moira is in Paris, in the snow doing a job of work. She went yesterday on the fast train to Barcelona then via a airline called Vueling to Paris. while this was going on i was making a whole nut chocolate bar out of a ordenery chocolate bar. Before she left we went to Espolla as it was the olive oil fair, as usual the weather was good and as usual everything was the same as usual, we didnt have much time so wizzed around buying some posh olive oil on the way.

Saturday was different, when we eventually got up we went to the market, but we didnt have much time as we were picking up Lydia on the way to the Rectoria, a restaurant thet both me and Lydia wanted to go to and that Moira had been to once before, i loved it, not to much well balanced, didnt come away stuffed but didnt come away hungry, which is how i like it, and no problem with me being a vegie what so ever, will definatly go there again.

After we had got home, and pottered around the house a while, we went to Ppepes aminly because i had left my wolly hat in tyhe Sindicat the night before, and we fancied a couple before popping into the Sindicat to collect it, but  Pete and Linda arrived, which meant having a few more then a couple, but we remembered my hat and left beforew it got messy.

Friday night the Sindicat had a band playing that us and Mark and Wendy fancied seeing, and we are all glad we did, and cant believe how lucky we are that there is a music venue in our little village.

Mick and Tracys strimmer finaly broke down during the week, it was seriously due for a bit of a service and i broke the cable that connects the spark plug to the motor while i was trying to find out what was wrong with it, its fixed now, and wasnt that expensive either. but it seems to be a year of repairs as i have, with the aid of the traumontana, snapped the bottom hinge of the back van door. it shuts alright at the moment so maybe i will leave it as while till i really need to get it fixed.

new dawn

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

a quite weekend, as the weather wasnt all that good. Friday night we went to the bar after i had picked Moira up from Figueres after she had taken her Mum to Barcelona airport. Saturday was as usual market day and then to the garden centre to buy a white rose that i wanted to grow up the olive tree that night we went to Mark and Wendys for pizza then again to the bar. Sunday was a dreary day we kind of attempted to go for a walk but didnt get very far, came home put the fire on and made almond butter while Moira made curry.

it snowed on Tuesday for a second or two.


Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Back home again, with Irene who came back with us, and then the next day mum and dad got here as they usually come over for the kings. they arrived Friday so we stayed in Friday night in front of the fire. whereas

Saturday we went to Empuria Brava market after me Moira and Dad had picked up the 5 seater hire car and dropped the fiat of at the garage to sort out a few bumps. we went mainly to take everyone on the boats that go round the canals at Empuria Brava but as its January they wernt running. so we had lunch in Santa Margarita then came home. Saturday night was the kings celebration, we all went to the bar to watch the precession then to the church to hear the butifara song then back to the bar for some tea.

Sunday we went to L’estertit as no one had been there before, except us off course, and to catch a boat to take us round the Illes de Miles but being January the boats wernt running. so we had a beer then came home for something to eat, i started to prune the bourganvillia while every one else sat in the sun, its been seasonally¬† hot these last couple of days.

Monday i worked then me and Dad took the hire car back to Figueres. We first dropped the van at Vilajuiga then drove to figueres, left the hire car there then got the train back to Vilajuiga, and got back in the van, then off to Roses as it was decided at some point while i was working that every one wanted pizza so me and Dad had to drive to Roses to get some take away pizzas, and then we could go home.

Tuesday i worked then met the whole crew in the Moli for lunch.

play the game

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Happy new year.

it was spent in Scotland, to get christmas, new year, and seeing Irenes new house, all in one go. Irenes new house is great because its in the town we was able to get a take away curry for the first time. and if it wasnt for the fact that Malcom drove us to town we could have easily walked.

we went in to town for new year first a couple of drinks in Wats with Kirsty, Willy, Fiona and Malcom, which was really nice, loosening us a bit to get ready for going to the Cross which is traditionally where evryone from Cupar brings in the new year, what we didnt realise was that the council had recently banned drinking on the street. when we got there, there was us and a small group of teenagers, we wasnt even sure when it was actually new year as there wasnt even any bells playing., we wished each other new year and a few of the teenagers, some of Fionas students, then went back to the pub. all in all though we had a great time.

the rest of the time was taken up with walking a bit and a bit of DIY and a bit of shopping