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no bother

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

whenever Moira goes away the temperature plummets, it6s as cold as ive ever known it here, excluding the time when it snowed, as that was a freak of nature. she left Saturday morning for China, which is great for her work but a shame asit was carnival and el rancho in the village over the weekend.

after dropping Moira off at Figueres station, i went shopping in the market and then to Roses as Figueres doesnt open until 10 and it was half 9, meaning i would get to Roses when every thing had got round to opening up and i could also buy some peanut butter, also wanted to try an aftershave i had my eye on, and there is quite a few perfumery shops in Roses. got what i wanted then came home to rest and prepare myself for the carnival in the evening. i meet Mark and Wendy in the bar they were dresses as a nun and a monk, i had stuck on an old Afro wig that we have,some stick on side burns, stick on mustache and a pair of funky sunglasses. nobody recognised me until i smiled. it was traumomntana so hardly any one turned up for the procession, hardly any one, was me Mark Wendy and Antoinelle who was out for an excuse for a fag. it all ended up in the school hall, where there was a lot more people, and dancing was to be had, i remember coming home and having the mistake glass of wine at home.

Sunday was el Rancho, its the same every year pretty much the whole village met up in the school hall and eat meaty rice, i made my own version, and drink and generally have a nice time amongst friends. after all that excitement Sunday evening was spent in front of the fire watching tele



Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

a great weekend., it didnt start to exciting, just a couple of beers in the bar before dinner on Friday, but we where staying in because Saturday morning we were meeting Mark and Wendy at 10 30 to go down to Lloret del mar to se the beach cats of Fenals, the beach just bellow Lloret, it was a lovely sunny day here it was raining down there to the point where we decided it wasnt worth going into the Sant Clotilde gardens as it was be miserable for every one, except me off course, any excuse to walk around a new garden what ever the weather. the cats were fun to see there are loads, dont sunbathe new the wall of the beach as that is the litter tray. and LLoret isnt that bad in winter, we have yet to see it in summer.

that night the sindicat had a bit of a do on, a group of dancers and a swing band came to Garriguella, while the band played they danced but how you should dance to that kind of music, then half way through the set they stopped to teach every one else a few steps so we could have a go in the second half. needles to say by then the wine had been flowing, not so much for Moira as she had taken me for a pizza before hand, but i had had wine at the pizza restaurant, because Moira always complains that i dont drink enough when she drives, and i might as well drive and she can drink.

anyway we all got up to dance after we where shown what to do, and had a hilarious time, i loved it as l also really like that kind of music but even Mark and Wendy thought it was brilliant. we all staggered home at 4 in the morning.

Sunday when we finally got up, Moira and i had soup for breakfast then went for a walk in the hills behind the village then back to watch Come dine with me on a loop.

my first time in Spain

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Moira is with Lydia, the cat is on my lap and its windy again.

While Moira is away i have had time to catch up with what i had planned to do on Sunday after we had got back from Pau, but we bumped in to Diane and Ian while there we had heard there was a miny fiesta there with free food and wine so we had gone along to look knowing that there would be nothing i could eat, but so had Diane and Ian, we stopped for a chat then a beer and then some of the free wine soaked up with the free bread. which meant i didnt have time to make peanut butter using the best cheapest peanut butter i have found then roasting my own peanuts and then chopping them up a bit then mixing them with the cheap stuff. also wanted to make a bit of a granola with some oats i had bought weeks ago to have for breakfast.

Saturday we didnt go to Figueres, we went to Roses instead as i knew there was cheap peanut butter to be bought and also for a change of market scenery. we had lunch by the sea as well which is all ways a bonus. that night we had a few drinks in the bar with Mark and Wendy after Dinner.

Friday night was carnival in Roses and as usual it was freezing, but we took the opportunity to go for a thia first. we hung around and watched a few floats pass by, but it was to windy and not that many people there to make a wind break so we came back for a few drinks with Pepe in the bar.

Cerrie and Sonny Joe arrived from England.



Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

a windy weekend so we ran of to Barcelona as the wind is never as bad in Barcelona as it is here, by the new fast train, we where in Barcelona within 50 minutes, normally its over 2 hours. we spent a pleasant day buying stuff that we cant get here, like black mustard seeds. the only problem with the fast train is it stops outside the centre of Barcelona, it took us half n hour to get to Vincon.

Sunday was as windy, we hadnt been to the supermarket to get beer so that was pretty much what we did. then when we got back Moira scrubbed the kitchen floor while i made spicy nut butter and then a fruit and nut chocolate bar.

Friday night as we where going to Barcelona we didnt do much just went to the bar fr a couple before dinner.

I got a wage rise, its the obligatory wge rise that all workers get all over Spain if they get taxed on what they earn, normally Jesus pays gives me the wage rise in my taxable pay but lowers the black money so in effect i come home with the same money but the tax man thinks i am earning more, but this time Jesus didnt lower the black money.