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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

it was Moiras birthday weekend, and Natalies but she wasnt here. Thursday was Moiras birthday, we had Irena, Mark and Wendy and Lydia over for haggis, Lydia had never had hagis before, and she liked it, at one point Spanish, Catalan and English was being spoken around the table all at the same time. the first party. then Saturday was the saint day for carpenters, Moiras spanish teachers husband is a carpenter and every year he has a bit of a party in his workshop, me Moira Mark and Wendy went along, more Spanish being spoken, second party. Sunday was Moiras and Pepes do up at his tortoise bar, calcots for starters then more food then more food followed by coffees and a digestive, more spanish spoken, by then we where pretty much done, so on the way home we popped in to the bar to really make sure we were done, then finally home, third party and probably one party to far. but all said and done i had a lovely time.

the new toaster

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

its still cold,ihavent seen the sun for 3 days, which is unheard of here. the fire is still going on, last year i stopped putting the fire on at the end of Feb.

Moira has been away in London, i dropped her of at the station Saturday after we had done some shoping and had a pizza for lunch. when she had left i went for a bit of a walk round Figueres until the shops opened again, then got her birthday present in the shop that always has something to buy, the shop lady lives in Garriguella, i stupidly mentioned it was a present in catalan, she said “oh you speak catalan” and that was it5 the rest of the conversation was in catalan, i was exhausted by the time i left the shop.

Friday night the night before Moira left for London, we decided to go for a meal in the hotel round the corner as we hadnt been there fro ages. they have now decided they only do set menus and they are not cheap so we said our good byes and left before they got a chance to open the wine. we went for something to eat in Pepes instead. cheaper and friendlier.

Saturday night, Mark and Wendy had gone in to Empuria Brava to celebrate Paddys day, so after i had eaten i joined them, i was the designated driver. but it didnt matter as it was more fun watching Mark and Wendy get completely hammered and start singing Danny boy.

Sunday i took Irene for a walk to Almadrava from Roses, only a couple of hours, then back to Pepes for a couple while her pain killers kicked in. Sunday night i stayed in front of the fir and watched Harry Potter on spanish t.v.

last night was Yoga night, so i met Mark and Wendy in the bar as its traditional to do that after Yoga.

As its coming up to Easter Jesus is getting me working a few more hours which is handy.

The Pajero

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Moira is home, shes been home since last Monday and its still raining. its crazy weather for this time of year. Great for the lawn though.

last night was yoga night and Sunday night was sit in and watch tele night. we didnt stay in all day, Moira wanted some stones to put round the mulberry so we went for a walk at Llanca so Moira could a shopping bag full of flat pebbles. Sunday until 3ish was lovely then it bucketed it down, we got home just in time to bring the washing in.

Saturday we went to Roses market instead of Figueres, mainly so we could walk along a beach and buy peanut butter, we had lunch/breakfast in a bar on the beach near the port then came home to take it easy as it was chiringito night in the sindicat. chiringito is the name for a mobile beach bar that usually play lots of reggae, so that was what the music was like, but, which is great for the sindicat, long may it stay open, there was loads of people.

Friday night we went to Can Batlle for our dinner we where the only ones in there at 9 but thankfully a few more couples turned up later on.

farting rabbits

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

as with every year, it seems, the winter waits just till you have nearly run out of fire wood and then, it gives us cold, luckily i had a few pallets saved to break up and burn.

its been raining since friday, except for a reprieve over the weekend when it was glorious. Friday evening i went to see Cerrie as a week earlier i had fallen of a ladder and it was still hurting, so, seeing as i always nag Moira to go and see Cerrie when she has a bad back , i thought it was only fair that i did the same, and she popped a few ribs back into place and like every one my pelvis was out which apparently it is fine now. got home washed a pain killer down with some beer and felt great.

Moira was still in China, so i went shopping on  my own with the idea of getting back for 1 so i could chat with her on Skype, managed that but then what do you do? it was a lovely day, the first for ages, and i hadnt been for a walk for a long time so i set of to find Rabos by the back roads, we had tried once before but not succeeded,  i didnt succeed this time either but having looked at google earth i now know i was very close. wanted to go to the cinema but there was nothing i fancied seeing, so stayed in and watched a film on the tele.

Sunday was the calcot fair in Vilasacra. i went with Irena, Ian and some friends of his, needles to say i dont remember there names. again it was a lovely day, and as usual we all got messy eating calcots, Pepe entered into the calcot eating competition and came fourth which was pretty good for his first attempt. that evening i made some peanut sauce for the week and got the house ready for Moira coming home.