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too cold for fish

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Moira is in London.

we had Graham and Jaye for the weekend, well in fact from Thursday till Sunday, and it was Thursday when the weather changed from glorious sunshine to rain and cold. they left us on Sunday but left spain today just in time for the sun to come out for the first time since Wednesday.

didnt matter for us though, they went to Cadacues while we worked then we went to Pepes mountain bar for dinner as it was Grahams Birthday, then Saturday we all went to France, which was nice, like Fiona said at least when the weather is bad you get to see stuff, or words to that effect, it was handy them having a car for their sakes.

Saturday night we went to Can Batlle then back to Pepes to meet Mark and Wendy for a couple of drinks, and then Sunday mid day the boys went off to Sitges.

Sunday afternoon Moira and i went for a walk around Aquabrava to look at birds and Deers, a chance to chat to each other. As Monday morning she left for London.

finished the note book

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Moira is home from China, its sunny for the moment Jesus has been in Hospital and let out and tomorrow he goes back to see if there is something else they can do. my potatoes are nearly tall enough to earth up, and i have bought Moira 2 greek basil plants for Sant Jordi, Saint George, and she has bought me a book, its kinda what you do here.

Moira got home Sunday afternoon, by then i had cleaned the house and been shopping and then done the Santa Margarita prom.

Saturday night Mark and Wendy invited me and Irena over for tea, they had wanted to go to the Cafe Colon but after what Jazz had done to Sebastian, his chef from last year i was loath to go so they invited us to theirs instead for a Jamie Oliver Chilli which was really nice. that day me and Irena had done a bit of a cliff walk down from L’Escala, a walk she had wanted to do for ages and it was well worth it, the views are stunning if not a bit scary as yoj are really on the cliffs edge, Nat and Andy would love it. as i went at Irenas speed i saw a lot more then i probably would have if i had set off at my own speed, we then had a picnic on the beach then home for a siesta.

Friday night i went to the bar, at first there was no one to speak too but i eventually got a chat with the husband of one of the barmaids, the usual, how long have been a vegetarian and such like. but it passed the time before i came home to make my tea.

Thursday night i went to bed with a stinking cold and Tuesday evening i went to see a couple that come out here now and then, whom want me to mow there lawn while they are away, no big deal as i did this afternoon and it took 15 minutes but every little helps.


passport photo

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Moira is in China, Fiona and Malcom have gone home, i have eaten more pizza then i have for ages, the sala sindicat is closed probably never to be seen in this village again, but the weather has finally changed for the better, its gone from winter to summer without passing go.

Friday night Moira was still here but Malcom and Fiona had gone home it was the last night at the Sala Sindicat so we obviously went along, it wasnt the best musician we have seen there but he did do a great rendition of Blondies Heart of glass, so that was ok.

Saturday night i was on my own and there was a back to back of bond movies on the spanish movie channel so that was me for the evening.

Sunday was Ians birthday celebration in the Moli. and the Mark and Wendy and i went on to Pepes for a beer afterwards. a nice day was had by all, and the food is always good.

macaroni cheese

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Fiona and Malcom are here, they had one day of lovely weather then 3 days of the coldest days ever seen in Gariguella, we went for a curry Saturday night as it was our wedding anniversary and we all ate our curry while wearing our coats. we had gone for a nice walk during the day and managed to find a sheltered spot for a picnic. Friday night was in by the fire, i cant believe we are still lighting the fire, as Thursday night we had gone to Figueres and had a pizza after Moira had been with Lydia.

After the curry Saturday we ca,me back to the village for the last night at the Sala Sindicat as it was closing due to complaints by neighbors. Sunday, finally we had sun, we took Fiona and Malcom to the Dali house then Cap de Creus where we had a picnic again. Sunday night was in watching the tele in front of the fire.

No.1 the plant pot

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Easter weekend.

Thursday night was spent mainly at home, we popped in to the bar for a couple but there was almost no one there so we came home.

Friday was a fiesta like in the U.K. as the weather had picked up a bit we took a walk along the prom at Santa Margarita, with the intention of looking for the new Indian restaurant that we had heard of, we found it but, it didnt matter really if we hadnt as Mark had  booked a table for the evening. there waqs quite a lot of us,which was good for the restaurant as apart from one couple we where the only ones there. the food isnt bad,we will definatly eat there again, people complained about the poppadoms but mine where fine, after the curry most of us came back to the bar for a night cap and a game of pool.

Saturday was the village brunyols and garnatxa fair. so we spent all day either walking up and down or sitting in the bar going to see the Sardanas then a band in the sindicat then up to Pepes tortoise bar for something to eat. Jonathan, tim and 2 of the boys had come over from France for the afternoon, Timand the boys were staying on the campsite and Jonathan was staying at ours. i bought some chocolate and mint tea, which isnt as bad as it sounds.

Sunday after Tim and the boys had a bit of a easter egg hunt in the garden then left to go back to France taking Jonathan with them.  we went of to Empuria Brava to do a bit of shopping and then a walk along the sea front them home to plant the potatoes for this year.

Monday was a horrible day, it rained all day, when we eventually got up we went in to Figueres via Castello where we wanted to get some soap but the shop was shut, we had gone to Figueres to see if any museums where open, the art gallery was, so we wandered round there for a while, its quite a nice little museum, then to the cider bar for some cider and potatas bravas before coming home to put the heating on as the temperature had plumited again