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cool iron

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

What a great weekend. it was Jennys birthday celebration in Menorca, with me, Moira, Lorna, Graham and Jenny herself. in a couple of tiny cheap apartments in the cala Galdana, a resort built for tourists but not over built, as within 5 minutes you could be of in a woody gorge and not know a resort existed round the corner or on a secluded bay with a chiringito to keep you in beer. No i have to say it was lovely.

it was a bit cold when we arrived, this spring has been awful, its raining again here, and cold, the swiming pool still only running 6 hours a night when by now it should be at least 8. but Saturday the sun came out, we went for a stroll to the beach whne every one was ready, a bit of a sun bathe and something to eat then a stroll to  another little bay for some more sun then back to the apartment for coctails on the roof terrace and then something to eat in the apartment then down to the local hotel for some tourist entertainment. Sunday pretty much passed the same way but we went to Cuitadella first before going to the beach, Cuitadella is well worth the visit as is the quarry by cuitadella, where we went the Monday as the sky was overcast and i was heading back home in the afternoon and the rest were of to a different place to stay for the rest of the week. but yeh, i had a great time, came back relaxed, even though it was only a weekend. i would go to Menorca again if i had too.



Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Cathy and Margot have been here for the weekend and my birthday, but they were here because it was the only weekend that we all could do rather then they came for my birthday, still it was really nice to have them here, especially as i havent seen Margot for ages.

Friday night (my birthday) we went up to Pepes mountain bar, and he made something special for the 2 veggies, which  was nice, and Wendy made a cake, which was nice as well, i need to thank here for that…

Saturday was pretty good weather so we went to L’Escala to walk along the prom and have some tapas in a litle bar away from the front that we quite like, the Mum wasnt there so the food wasnt like last time but, but what  the hell, the ambiance was as nice.

that evening we went to Can Batlle, as usual the food was good, and Moira got to have Paella with Cathy. we came home via the bar to watch a bit of  Eurovision with Mark and Wendy.

Sunday buy the time the girls had got up the weather had gone a bit overcast, but we went to a El Buli and Can Roca exhibition and the a bread Fair in Castello, by then the weather was really not looking good by the time we got back to the car everyone was soaked through.

it picked up a bit later and stopped raining which was handy as Cathy had bought steak to be barbqued.

Margot went home Monday and Moira went to London for work, Cathy went home today and after this i am going down to the garage to empty and hang out the sheets that are in the washing machine. better get used to it…

it means smoke

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

It was el temps de flors in Girona this weekend, perfect day, flowers, walking around the old part of  Girona, friends and a curry. that evening we went up to Pepes mountain bar for a couple to finish the day of nicely.

we didnt go out Friday night as we had been in the bar Thursday night.

Sunday was take the cover of the pool day, it wasnt that dirty luckily and due to all the rain we have had there was plenty of water to use to wash all the crap away, we left the dust to settle and went shopping. when we got back the pool cleaner went in and now the pool is looking great but still far to cold to get in.

operation bikini

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

at last its properly warm.

we had a nice quite weekend, no one here, Moira got back from London Wednesday and as it was the first of May which is a fiesta i could go and collect her from Perpignan in the afternoon, we came back via a little french village on the way to have a french beer before entering Spain again. Friday night Moira took me for a curry in Santa Margarita, there was no one in the bar when we got back to village so we had wine at home instead.

Saturday was Market day, i hadnt been to the market for ages and had completely run out of nuts, we bought a few things then came home, in the afternoon we walked to the garden centre to get plants to replace the 4 that are simply outside Moiras office, this year its osteospurnums. and for the evening we went to Pepes outside bar to meet the friend of Wendy and Mark. On the way home not via the bar as it was closed but via a small photo gallery at the end our street, it must have been a private view, it was a very surreal moment.

Sunday we went for a walk along the prom at santa Margarita after buying fish for Moiras fish pie she wanted to make then home to have a snooze on the sun bed then plant the oseospurnums and a rasberry that i bought finally, ive been wanting one for ages but they never had them in the garden centre until now. then the night in with Moiras fish pie.