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call me old fashioned

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Kirsty and Willy left after hardly leaving the village at all, but i think they had a good time, the weather was generally good for them.

Nat and Andy arrived Thursday, we did a barbeque that night, Friday night we went to Pepes tortoise bar to meet Mick and Tracy, Saturday i wasnt working but we had to take Willy and Kirsty to the airport, so Nat and Andy and I went for a walk in the morning. that evening we stayed in for something to eat.

Sunday morning we went to LLanca as there was a medievel fair on there then for a walk along the sea front a bit them home to relax and do another barbeque, then relax some more as it was San Joan and the night of San Joan there are always fire works and then a disco which doesnt start until at least midnight so we had to pace ourselves, there was a lot less people this year as it was windy and a bit chilly for this time of year.

Monday i had a day off but didnt do much, we went for a walk along the front a santa Margarita and then i took Nat and Andy to the airport., came back a different route but it took too long so i wont be going that way again.

tonight its back to the airport to pick up Irene and Violet.




Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Kirrty and Willy are here finally, they had a bit of bother with the french air traffic control strike and being in newcastle. but they are here now, and the balcony has been named the balcony of doom.

we all went to the beacch Sunday as it was there first day and i am working all week so they wont be able to go again, then we went up the tourtoise bar for cake as it was Cerries birthday on friday and wendy hadnt had time to make the cake for then.

last night we went to the cafe colon my salad was very nice not sure it was worth 11 euros but very nice. Moiras fish was a bit over cooked.

Kirsty and Willy have been lazing by the pool or wandering around the village or going to see the tourtoises. Natalie and Andy arrive tomorrow and Nat can drive our car so they might be able to go somewhere.


blocked ears

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

the van passed its MOT, luckily the man doing the checks was more interested in waning to speak english then look at the hinge thats broken.

Friday night we got an indian takeaway at ours with Mark and Wendy and Marks brother. then to the bar to wash it down, we took some curry so the barmaids could try.

Saturday we went to the market, it seems like months since we have been. then back home to wash the car as it was covered in bird poo. we stayed in that night.

Sunday before we went to Mark and Wendys as it was Marks birthday, we went to the Llers cherry fair, Llers is much bigger then we thought. having bought a huge tray of cherries we went to Mark and Wendys party. we managed to eat outside before it started to rain. didnt get home too late.



the milkybar kid

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

it was mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary this weekend, which meant catching the last flight out of Barcelona on Friday and then flying back Sunday from Southend,

it was worth it though, the weather didnt play up, met some interesting people, and chated to others that i have known for years, did a lot of talking about where we had moved to but again that was fine as i am quite happy to do that.

Came back to good weather here, maybe this time summer is starting. took the van to get the fog light changed over and fix the hinge, they sorted the light out easy but the hinge is a problem as i will have to wait at least a month before it arrives, so i am going to take the van for its mot anyway and hope they dont notice.