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white agapanthus

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

its too hot to water the garden yet, 20 to 7, i will do it after i have done this and learned a bit of catalan.

Nothing much happened this weekend, although last night was Irenas birthday. we all met at Pepes bar for something to eat then the band came on, a throw back from a cheap spanish holiday resort in the 70s, and played what was supposed to be passar doble, so Irena could learn how to do it, eventually someone showed us,and to be honest, its 2 steps, obvious when you speak spanish and think a little, so the basic step didnt take long to pick up and we even did a few fancy steps as well.

Sunday we went to the beach, Moira had made Gazpacho the evening before, so what better place to eat cold soup but on a hot beach. the sea was colder this week compared to last week, but thats good as there has been a lot of jelly fish this year, but i didnt see any at this beach.

Saturday night was beer and Frankfurter night in the bit behind the church, it was nice to see every one out, plenty of people turned up but the music started to late, 11.30, and by then we were a bit bored and ready to go and drink wine so we came home

Friday night we just went up to Pepes and sat at the bar and chatted, nice.

Moira has started her new part time job so she is going to be busier this year, which is great for her as she loves her job.

stick on swans

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

thats it, no more guests until Dan and Paulo arrive mid August. by last wednesday i was shattered, luckily i only had to work 5 hours so for the afternoon Fiona and Pat took me to Cadaques, do something different, get away from the house, i had a snooze in the car on the way back, and felt great after that. Fiona and Pat went Saturday, they were not a bother at all thankfully, they bothered the sun beds more then us.  Moira got back from London Thursday night so we got some take away pizzas and Fiona knocked up a salad. Friday night we went to the windmill with Mark and Wendy as Fiona hadnt seen them the whole time she was here, as always the food was great and at a crazy low price for what you get. As they were flying later on in the day Saturday we went early to Girona so show Pat around a bit the old part of the city.

Saturday night, we went up to Pepes bar and sat at the bar had a few bears and chatted to each other.

Sunday after we had got the house back to how we like it, we went to the beach.


Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Fiona and Pat are here. i worked the morning today then we went to poet llegat and cadaques. last night we went up to the music a different band which made it more interesting and it was full of locals which made it really6 nice for Pat as she got to see what the locals get up to.

Tuesday morning Moira went to London for work

Monday night i cooked pasta

Sunday we all did very little except go for a short walk and then have a barbeque

Saturday Fiona and Pat arrived late, we had been up to Pepes and met Yasmina and Jon,which was lucky as it made it easy to pace ourselves while chatting as the girls where arriving late.


so what does she do?

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Not much to report.

Irene  Violet left, then 2 days later Moira went to Paris, so i was alone Friday night,i stayed in and did nothing, Saturday, did a bit of work for Jon, then went to the market in Roses, decided i dont like the peanuts from the lady in Roses as they taste to coriandery, went to the garden center in the afternoon then after marinading some mushrooms i strolled up to Pepes bar and found myself chatting to Cerries mum and Aunt all night.

Sunday morning i pottered around the house then went to Ingars in Figueres, a friend of Diane and Ians, we have met before a plesent afternoon eating on her balcony and completely missing the tennis.

Monday, Alfred has turned up so after the obligatory wine i just had time to feed myself and tidy for Moira arriving Tuesday with Dan and Ruby who has come here from HongKong for a couple of days.

face like a slapped arse

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Violet and Irene have gone home.

its been a non stop eating out marathon.

last night we went to the first night of music at Pepes bar sadly it had rained which meant very few people turned up, it was fun, the same stuff as last year, we ate up there. Monday night we went to Santa Margarita so i could leave my phone to get fixed and change my mobile contract and so we could eat out in Las Palmeras. Sunday night was barbeque but that was because we ate out at lunch time at the apple farm, Saturday night we went up to Pepes bar to eat out as Tina and her friends were here, i think Mark and Wendy organised it but not sure, every body was up there, we even got a visit from Cerrie.

Saturday was a lovely day, we went to a shop we had never been too then to Montserat to chat to the mayors ex wife then to Roses so Violet could do the shops and i could find out what i needed to do about my mobile phone, then home. Moira and i went for a bit of a walk as well.

Friday night we went to Can Batlle to eat out, they are really nice in there, it should be a good year for the vines this year as we have had so much wind.

it was nice to see Irene and Violet, Nat and Andy and Kirsty and Willy but its also nice to have our house back again.