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how sweet it is to recline

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Dan and Paula arrived back from Barcelona last wednesday, since then we have eaten in Can Batlle, up at Pepes bar, to see the band, last night in a restaurant in Roses that we wanted to try, we have been to L’Escala to see the ruins and a walk around the town itself on the first of three cloudy days, shopping in Figueres on Saturday at the market and then a visist to all our favourite shops, we have been to the bar across the road quite a few times, and plenty of walks round the village on the hunt for ideas for a new front door, and the supermarket at least 3 times.

They left this morning leaving us with loads of beer, eggs and potatoes. it was great to seem them, we probably wont go and eat again in the restaurant in Roses, and now we wont need to go and see the ruins again for a good while, and we wont need to buy beer for a couple of weeks.

no more then 6 people

Monday, August 19th, 2013

its been a while, mainly because the weekend before had a nother trip to Roses in it and then Dan and Paulo arrived Monday evening and then Jonathan arrived Tuesday afternoon, Jonathan only stayed one night, but then i had forgotten about blogs and all stuff like that, to be honest it ia also due to a good book and Candy Crush, i have finished the book and i have deleted Candy Crush from the ipad.

this weekend pretty much started Thursday as Thursday was a fiesta in Spain, we all went to Tossa to have lunch in a villa of a French friend of  ours that used to work with Moira and Dan, she was there with her mum and some more of the family, i had a go at speaking french, didnt work. Friday also was a fiesta but this time just of the village, we did nothing really mainly because the disco Friday night started at midnight. Saturday we also did very little, we did take a wobble round Llanca, and then it was to Roses again with Mark and Wendy, at wasnt a late one as we were all exhausted.

Sunday again we did very little as i was taking Dan and Paulo to the train station in the afternoon as they have gone to Barcelona, they return Wednesday, how ever easy they are to have here, its nice to have a litle break. time to write the blog for example.

eating pineapple

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

it was just us last weekend and it was a long one, as Friday night we went to Roses with Mak and Wendy for a Thai then a pub crawl along the front then back to Mark and Wendys whom are staying in Santa Margarita while they rent their house out for the summer, Roses isnt as old fashioned as we thought.

Saturday, wehn we eventually got up we popped to the supermarket then home to do things like tidy up the garden and my wood pile, that night there was a  street party in the village, we went along Moira got to meet Alfreds new lady friend and then we sat and chatted to Mary and the with of Sebastion the chef i worked with last year in the Cafe Colon.

Sunday was beach day, we went to Sant Mati/ Escalar, for a change of scene, took a while to find a parking space, but the change was refreshing. that night Moira made curry.

its still really hot, to the point that Fife isnt wanting to eat, we are keeping an eye on her and filling her up with water.