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you cant take a photo of that

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

writing this while i am roasting peppers on the little table barbque

quiet weekend we went to the beach on Sunday after a bit of a walk, it was a bit ewindy so we walked back to the car and had some patata bravas at the beach bar before coming home.

Saturday was market day but this time Empuria brava, just for a bit of a change and because Moira wanted to go to Montserat supermarket. we came home and took irt easy, as Mark and Wendy were taking us out for a meal as a thank you for directing the estate agent that sold their house to them, it was nice but like Mark said, it was a German restaurant, we have got so used to Catalan food which is simple but fresh based on the flavours of the meat and veg, German food that covers everything in butter and cream and salt was maybe a bit rich, as before it wouldnt have been.

Friday i went along to do a garden for a English couple we know whom normaly get there sun in law to do it, but he was in France, they payed me what they would have payred him, which was more then i would have asked for, then i went of to see another garden for another English couple that were going away for 3 months and needed someone to look after there garden for them. no problem i can do that, but it meant they had to tell the other gardener not to bother any more, who happened to be the sun in law of the other couple that was in France. he charges to much.

Looking for a gate

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Wasn’t working  all day today. So after a bit of messing around in our garden, I made some pesto, slowly but surely I am making enough to freeze for the winter.

Sunday the weather wasnt to great, but good enough to go to the Vilabertran fair, normally we go to Lado for the cheese fair but last unearned we decided that we had been to often and it wasn’t special anymore so that is why we went to Vilabertran, which to be honest, it is a bit more interesting, and it’s closer, and I can buy crown imperials and lemon grass, instead of not buying cheese. the afternoon we took a stroll round Peralada then home to do planting while Moira made fish pie.

Saturday was market day,  and then the beach, because we could. That night we went to see Mark and Wendy’s new home.

Friday night we went to the bar for egg and chips with Mark and Wendy.

Natalie puts peas in it as well

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

hotel Moira and Adam has closed for the summer.

Mum and Dad left this morning after a fun weekend, the weather stayed good for most of the time and didnt sto us doing anything we was going to do. they arrived last Thursday, as the grape picking 2 weeks started, and that night we went for a pizza in Roses as it was easy and we all like the food there, it was still warm enough to sit outside.

Friday i worked in the morning then in the afternoon i took mum n dad to do some shopping and then buy me a ukelele which we got in a shop in Figueres, that by sheer luck the neighbour of Jesus, so he kindly gave us a 15% discount which meant i could buy a better uke. that night we stayed in, Moira cooked while i took the first steps to learn how to play a tiny instrument.

Saturday we went to Castello de empurius as it was the medieval weekend then to Roses for lunch, then Petite Canyelis beach , as there was an English couple getting married on the beach and Pepe was providing the chairs thanks to Marks intervention. we helped take them away just as it started to rain. the rain stopped eventually, which was handy as we had booked a table up at Pepes out door bar, it was a english lady, that we vagualy know, 50th birthday party.

Sunday it was sunny again, we hired a slow speed boat to poddle around the canals at Empuria brava for a couple of ours, the lunch then home, for more Ukelele practice while everyone else sun bathed. that night was barbque night.

Last night as it was mum and dads last night and nobody could be bothered to cook we went across the road to the bar for egg and chips, the best.

dios mio

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

we watched a great program last night, it was like the hairy bikers but 2 indian chefs from Scotland spicing up traditional fare, brilliant.

Sunday was a day of rest, we went for a stroll round LLanca to get ideas for the new proposed front door, then home to read Moiras 50 shades in Spanish, the problem is i dont fancy Christian Grey. that evening was a fiesta for the first day of the grape picking and its 50 years since the co-op opened its doors, tradional music and a free glass of wine.

Saturday we went shopping in the morning then not very much as it was Pepes last night of music up at the tortoise bar, summer is nearly over. plenty of people turned up which was good.

Friday afternoon i wasnt working so we took the opportunity to do the supermarket run and a walk along the front at Empuria brava. then home for tea and feet up in front of the tele