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theres more sea then there used to be

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

i have got over the cold but sadly i gave it to Moira who has it know, luckily before she goes to China this weekend.

Sunday was a lovely day so we took the opportunity, as it would probably the last chance this year, to go to the beach and a bit of a stroll along to Llanca for a beer. then back to the beach for the sandwich i had made.

Saturday was as usual market day but also finally we bought a new phone, and spent the whole of Saturday afternoon waiting for someone to ring us, we went for a short walk when we realised it wasnt going to happen. that night we went for a thai and then back to Pepes bar, across the road.

Friday was a night in in front of the tele which was great.


Kevins bridge.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Asturias was where we went last weekend, Cangas de Onis to be exact, to see the new house of Mick and Tracy and also to see the Picos de Europa again after god knows how many years. what a beautiful place,

Cangas de Onis is known for its Roman bridge, but it also has a interesting market on a sunday and plenty of places to eat and drink cider poured in the traditional way, from a height, and plenty of places that organise canoeing trips.

we got there Thursday and quickly met up with Mick and Tracy, we went for a wander round town ate and drunk and generally had a nice time.

Friday we went for another wander but this time on our own, Irtena had come with us but she stayed at the hotel and read her book. then we walked along the river to Mick and Tracys new house, past old villages a salmon ladder and many a sweet chestnut tree. after dinner, which Tracy made we went to the local establishment for more cider and coffee with anis.

Saturday was conoeing day, at one point we had the river to ourselves, what was amazing was that we saw kingfishers. that night we stayed in Cangas

Sunday was market day so we wandered around there then drove to Mick and Tracys so as we could go for a walk up the river near them which is said to be the cleanest river in Spain. we ended up at a little natural laggon which meant we had to go for a swim even though i didnt take any swimmers i dove in and then walked home wet, which is probably why i have a stinking cold now.

we came home Monday but stopped on the way fro patatas bravas in a sea side resort, which smelt like sea side resorts in england, probably because the tide was out.

great place all round a well worth the visit.



its that phone…

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

its dark now and its only 7.30, finished watering the garden in the dark.

Jonathan and Cathy left at some point today, Jonathan arrived Saturday first with his Dad, Clive, who was the perfect guest he came, he took us out for dinner then left. Jonathan then came back with Cathy, we went up to Pepes bar that evening as its open again, then Sunday we went to Castello de Empurius for the route de Arte before going on to Mark and Wendys house warming, a good mix of people and a good mix of languages, French English Spanish and the occasional Catalan.

Friday night we stayed in Friday night as Moira had got back from London and was exhausted, on the way back from the airport, Perpingan, we went to Auchan to buy french cheese and organic fertilizer which you cant get here, and brussel sprouts and following the indian restaurant in Cupar we had brussel sprout curry.

Monday was just one of those days.  realised i had lost my loppers that i have had for over 15 years, and they wernt cheap, and also my watch strap had finally disintegrated not even super glue can save it now.

C B7 C A7 D7 G7

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Moira has gone to London, she hasnt been away for a while, the moment her back was turned i covered the pool, now it really is Autumn.

the weekend started with a massive thunderstorm which i had to drive through to go and get Moira Wendy and Irena from Figueres as they had all gone to Barcelona for the day. when we got back home the rain had slowed of a bit but not the lightning, so we went up to where Mark and Wendy are living at the moment for some take away pizzas and to watch the light show.

Saturday was a mixture of market and do nothing day, although we did meet Mark n Wendy in the bar after X factor.

Sunday, it was windy so we did our windy walk, Roses to Almadrava along the cami de ronda, as it is protected from the wind, then back to Roses for the most expensive patatas bravas i think i have had and definitely not the best. then home after  a bit of a stroll round Roses it self.

and that was it, still trying to read 50 shades, i cant read it for more then 10 minutes at a time.

now its the white blood vessels as well.

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

What a great weekend. we went camping to Palamos, not the most interesting of towns, i think i prefer Roses, but it was a break, Moira got to eat Palamos prawns, we went to a fishing museum, and then just wandered around all of  Saturday

Sunday we were woken up by the sound of the waves, and while it was raining at home, we went for a walk along Wendys favourite beach, then after a spot of breakfast buy the sea we went along to a beach that in 1994 was going to be turned into a huge holiday resort, but the locals said NO, and to this day its unspoilt.

we went then to Begur for a beer and to delay the going home, we went up to the castle on top of the hill of Begur and could see for miles or at least until the black cloud that was over Garriguella.

Monday was  back to work and Moira back to Yoga, its Autumn.