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and im feeling good

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Its windy and it has been it seems for ages, which has nicely dropped the temperature, there are snow on the hills in between us and France, which means it really is cold.

we got our results from the doctor yesterday, nothing wrong except our cholesterol is higher then it should be, not bothered, after looking on the internet to see what foods lower your cholesterol, its generally what we eat anyway, it seems the doctor quite likes to tell people there cholesterol is a bit high, we also probably drunk a bit to much wine the night before the blood test, will no the next time.

Sunday we went for a walk with Mark, Wendy and Irena along the Muga from one small village to another a picnic then back again, it was just the right length of walk for everyone and interesting as none of us had done it before. the shame was all the way along you could see the burnt trees left from the forest fire last summer.

Saturday, after the market Moira set to work cooking curry, as we were having Mark, Wendy Irena and Cerrie around for a curry night with traditional music and everything.

Friday night i took Moira for a pizza after yoga, Mark and Wendy had gone and got a take away and we got pizza envy.


looking good in yellow

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

At last its raining, and with a vengence, so far its been 3 days.

we where supposed to go for a walk on Sunday but didnt due to the rain. we went to the big shopping centre in Jonquera, we have been waiting for a wet Sunday, since it opened the beginning of this year. its alright, full of outlet stores, last years stuff a little cheaper. worth the visit if you need a cheap party frock.

Saturday we went to the market as Moira hadnt been to the market for over a month due to travelling. we bought some beetroot and chocolate powder, among other things for the evening we stayed in and watched X factor

Friday night was different as i had said i would take Moira to the Italian in Empuria Brava when she got back from China, i really fancied risotto and it was delicious, well worth the drive there.

we both went to the doctors today, for a general check up, the village doctor has finally caught up with us, we went last week and saw the nurse when we were supposed to see the doctor, but we didnt know, we had our height and weight taken. and this time was for a blood test, we also went yesterday so the doctor could tell us that we needed a blood test. we have to go again next week for the results, it seems they will call us up once a year for a general check up. all this tooing and throwing, good job Jesus is easy going.

provolone on toast

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Moira is back from china, i didnt write this blog yesterday because, we all went for a curry in the civic centre in Pau, it was all right, we went early because Cerrie wanted to come and she needed to put sunny Joe to bed for 8, but then she couldnt make it. the curry was ok, like Moira says , she now makes curry how we like it and for me its generally better then a restaurant.

Monday night was Yoga night, i had time to do some catalan and water the garden and practice the ukelele, before i met the girls in the bar.

I picked Moia up from the station Sunday, once she had got herself sorted we went for a walk along Santa Margarita sea front, as she had had no exercise at all while in China.

Saturday, i didnt go to the market, me Mark, Wendy, Irena and Cerrie met at the cooperativa to go to Port de la Selva in order to go for a walk along to the light house. when we got back to Port we had a couple in a really nice restaurant/bar that i had never seen before, a place to remember. Mark had booked the windmill for lunch, we went straight there and took our time while Mark took the car back home. as always a really nice meal for very little money, then a quick pit stop in the bar of the cooperativa, then a game of pool and a couple more in Pepes bar then home, Saturday taken care off.

Friday night i met Mark and Wendy and Irena up at Pepes tortoise bar for dinner. its lovely up there.

happy books

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Its Tuesday again, Moira is in China, ahe left Friday morning from Barcelona, and seing as it was all saints day which means a national fiesta, day off from work, i went to Barcelona with her and while she was getting on trains and then planes i was just wandering around with a vague idea of where i wanted to go.

Saturday was market day and then a wander round the shops to buy a pair of trousers for 35 euros, that where 109 euros originaly, they will be good for going on the walks that it seems Moira, Mark, Wendy and Irena are planning on doing this winter. that evening, after spreading the contents of a whole compost bin on what we like to call our lawn, i went to the cinema to see Thor, not6 bad not brilliant but entertaining, meet Mark and Wendy in the tortoise bar afterwards for a quick drink.

Sunday the weather wasnt to brilliant so decided to attempt to cycle to Llanca, but forgot how steep it is at Vilaminiscle and also that i havent seriously ridden a bike for years so i gave up and went to Rabos instead along the path that we have been trying to find for years, i have finally found it.

Monday back to work, No Jesus as he is in Jordan on a short break holiday.

i have also been to see Cassi the carpenter, hes given us a quote for a new front door, its what we had expected so when he gets the time he will go ahead, the time could be in Febuary though, cant rush a craftsmen.