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Slippers for sale

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

bit of a quite weekend. Sunday was a lovely day, so we drove up to Banyoles,

a. to go to the chistmas fair they had there in the placa mayor

b. to walk round the lake next to Banyoles, the lake we were walking round when we decided, yes we would like to live here andyes we wouldnt leave it 2 years but go for it straight away.

half way round the lake, we stopped for a picnic on a little jetty in the sun and feed the fish even thought there wasnt any pepper flavoured crisps.

Saturday, we didnt go to the market in Figueres because we had to take the christmas cards to the post office, it seems the post office in figueres deemed the cards to small to bothere sendind so our poor post man had to bring them back to us, it was him who suggested going to Roses and buying the stamps ourselves first then sending the cards that way, cross your fingers, they may never arrive. after the post office we bought some veg in the municipal market then went for a stroll along the sea front, and by chance bumped into Sonya and the gremlins doing a bit of shopping as well, one of those things i, dont see Sonya ever, just hear about her, but Friday she had organised a dinner with Moira, Mark and Wendy and her partner and me if i could get there in a Restaurant in Figueres, i got there but only for the afters of which i had 2 as Moira didnt want hers and neither did Sonya.

Saturday afternoon we went and bought the last christmas tree in the garden centre, then after wards we went up to the tortoise bar for something to eat, and back via Mark and Wendys for a quick drink.

pan ou chocolat

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

what a weekend, 4 days, well 3 and a half as i took the opportunity to do some of my gardens that have nothing to do with Jesus.

Friday afternoon we went for a walk along Roses sea front as it was blowing a traumontana and Roses is always more sheltered then anywhere else, we stayed in the evening, mainly because we had been out all last weekend

Saturday was market day, i went alone as Moira was awaiting a call, and in the afternoon it was Sonny Joes first birthday party, it was up at the tortoise bar, Pepe did calcots while Sunny Joe slept. that evening we stayed in as well.

Sunday, we went to Peralada as there was a christmas fair there, it was tiny so we took a wander round the village and came across a brand new shop selling twinky stuff, on talking to the owner we discovered he was a retired director general of marks n sparks and new of the company Moira used to work for, but more then that he is from Sevenkings, what a small world, we get the impression he has bought the place for his Valencian boyfriend, it also has a nice bar upstairs which will be lovely when the nights get warmer. we rthen went for a walk from Castello de Empurios to Empuria Brava along the side of the river. that night we stayed in as well.

Monday was the village bank holiday but it semed it was only me, the bank the council and the post office that had the day off. we went to Perpingnon with Irena to do a bit of christmas shopping, it was nice, something we wouldnt normally do. that night we stayed in after buying Irena a drink for driving us.



Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

We are back from London, i forgot how grey it is.

Had a nice time, i got to meet up with Sarah, we first went to hear some carols and do a bit of wine tasting in the garden centre where she now works part time, then we went for a pizza, our once a year chat.

the next day we meet Farah and Jon in a veggie restaurant in Primrose hill, which has been there for ages but i had never heard of it, that was fun, the food was good and so was the company, Farah has got chickens.

That night it was Thuys surprise party, and she really had no idea it was going to happen. i got to meet up with a load of people that i havent seen for ages, and had to apologise a few times for sounding like the Spanish tourist board, a bit of a dance a more guiness then i have had for a good while.

Sunday we went over to Mum and Dads, to see them and the new dog Tinker, in time for Sunday lunch and a quick go on dads banjo ukelele. Natalie arrived later on to see us and because it was on her way to the next show.

Monday, we got back to Dan and Paolos after a walk down Kensington high street. it was just like old times, i got the ukelele book for dummies and some fruit tree grease and Moira got loads of haggis, so we were both happy. that night we went for a curry with Dan, Paolo Thuy, Tia and Graham, which was perfect as with all the excitement of the party we hardly got a chance to talk and catch up.

and now we are home and it was a lovely sunny day today although frosty in the morning.