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18 boleros mas chulos

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

this could be my first full week of work since November due to holidays and fiestas.

this weekend was a bit different. i worked for a few hours Saturday morning so we didnt go to the market in the morning, but in the afternoon seeing as the weather wasnt to good we went to Empuria Brava to check out the  new Aldi which wasnt that impressive, so we went to another supermarket then down to the sea front for a drink then a stroll round a few more shops, buying nothing, then a furniture shop in search for a new kitchen bin, which we eventually found in the hardware shop across the road from the furniture shop. We stayed in that night and had spicy breakfast, a recipe taken from the cook book i got for Christmas.

Sunday, the weather was a little bit better, good enough to go for a walk in the Aiguamols to do a bit of wildlife viewing, we didnt see much just storks.

Friday night we went up to Pepes tortoise bar with Mark and Wendy, Pepe had picked some really early wild asparagus, so i had an asparagus omelette,  the first of the year.

playing the ukelele in Carrefours carpark.

Friday, January 24th, 2014

right thats it christmas is finally over. we where in Scotland last weekend, as Moira had a school reunion to go to, and because we normally go to scotland this time of year at some point.

we got there Thursday night and had a curry at Irenes

Friday after doing stuff like going to the garden centre and Tescos then a bit of a walk with Fiona, Irene had organiseed that a few people would come over for chilli, i made the veggie one, it was great to see Jennys new man and chat to Kirsty about where she is going with her career/ life.

Saturday, by now i had no clue what day it was, we went to Edinborough with some of Moiras old school mates, they went of for a meal, and i went of to do a curry and a pub crawl with Robbie, after many pints, a jagga shot and a bottle of Crabbies Robbie dropped me of at the hotel and within 5 minutes Moira and the rest of the girls that were staying in the hotel turned up. i think we all went to bed about 3.

Sunday was a bit of struggle, we had to get out of the hotel early, get back up to Cupar, then get ready to go over to Fionas as she was cooking us a meal. including apple crumble. they had been out the night before which meant that there was always at least one person snoozing at any point during the evening.

Monday i woke up feeling a bit more human, Irene had arranged to take us to see some old friends of hers and Moiras, really interesting couple, and the scenery, looking over the look was breath taking. we stayed in that night as we where due in Edinborough airport at 7.15 am which we dutifully did with only abit of traffic over the bridge. we got to the BA lounge, as Moiras has a silver card for the time being, when she got a text message, the flight from Heathrow yto Barcelona was cancelled due to fog, the nice lady in the lounge redirected us to Gatwick and then Barcelona, that went well, although we did have a hell of a long wait in the lounge, but at least it was the lounge, free stuff. we eventually got to Barcelona, but had missed our train which we had pre booked and paid for, and the next train wasnt in 20 minutes time like we had thought but more like an hour. we eventually got home at 11 pm.


Confucius says….

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Moira is in London, i will be meeting her in Heathrow on the way up to Scotland this weekend.

its rained finally, it hasnt really rained properly, it made a bit of an effort at getting us wet and then stopped, it had aother go today but only a few drops, which gave me time to finally get round to pruning the bourganvillia.

Last night was yoga night, and as is the custom nowadays i went to the bar at 8 to meet the yoga girls for a drink, and Irena with her new boyfriend, a couple of beers then home for the last of Saturday nights curry.

We didnt eat  the last of the curry Sunday night because Mum and Dad bought me ‘the incredible spice men cook book’ and there is a haloumi recipe in it that we wanted to try. this was after we had walked to Peralada and back for a beer and patatas bravas.

Saturday night was a night in, in front of the fire. off course we had gone to the market during the day but only to look for and buy new glasses for Moira.

Friday night we went to the Italian in Empuria Brava, Mark isnt drinking at the moment so he drove, as usual the food was really good. after the meal we went for a drink in  bar round the corner from the restaurant, the bar that Mark and Wendy used to go to all the time when they lived in Empuria Brava.

we also managed to throw a bit of money at the mortgage, which cheared us up no end.


the beetroot chart.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

ive got my chair back, the christmas tree, which was in the corner where i normaly sit, has been taken down and put in the garden, ready to be made in to fire wood for next year.

we have had Mum and ad this weekend and Natalie got here on Monday, they all went this morning, but we managed to squeeze lots in while they where here. what with lunch in the windmill yesterday, after taking Dad for a bit of a walk, Calcots on Monday when Natalie arrived. Sunday night we went to Roses to see the Kings arrive and then go for pizza with Cerri and Pepe, the pizza was good but the kings didnt have the same atmosphere as in the village.

Sunday day we went up to Campadon in the mountains as Mum and Dad had never been there before, it was well worth the drive, even when Moira sent us up the mountain road instead of the main road by mistake. i also got a chance to practice catalan as the people in Campadon dont know i speak castillano.

Saturday was market day, like me Mum likes a market, which is probably where i got it from, we spent the rest of the day at home untill the evening, when we went up to the tortoise bar with Mark and Wendy for something to eat.

Friday night was when Mum and Dad arrived.

in the wars

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Its been a while, mainly because of all the fiestas, i dont think i have worked a full week since November.

Christmas was fun, we went for a walk along the prom a Roses then had the Christmas dinner at Mark and Wendys with Irena and Diane and Ian. different from last year as Diane and Ian where in England for Christmas. Boxing day Jonathan and Cathy turned up to take us out to eat and stay the night,that was during the week. At the weekend we did very little, with a trip to Lidle to buy new years eve party packs. almost all the restaurants are closed at the moment in the village so we stayed in.

Monday and Tuesday back to work then it was new years eve. we had a Haggis night then we all went to the church square at midnight to bring in the new year, then back home again to drink a bit more while we waited for new year to happen in the UK. new years day we went for a walk up by the dam at Darnias, there was virtually no one there, shame because it was a beautiful day.

back to work today.