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hotter then a peppered sprout

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

we have got internet again, what a weekend Thursday night we discovered that we didnt have a land line so during Friday i managed to sort something out over the phone with the promise of a new router and by Saturday we had a phone line again, great, but then Monday Moira rang me to say we didnt have internet, i rang movistar again and just like the phone somewhere along the line the internet had been unsubscribed, which meant i had to reset up a contract with movistar to get the internet back, it was all very complicated as our phone line wasnt recognised as a movistar number. eventually it was all sorted, well atleast now we have a phone line and internet which seems to be much better then before but then the old router was the router we got when we moved here.

apart from sorting out movistar Sunday, Moira, Mark, Wendy, Cerrie and Sonnie Joe went for a walk around some volcanoes near Olot, beautiful day weather wise and a really interesting walk.

Saturday was market day and then a trip to the garden centre to get a umbrella plant to cover up the fuse box in the hall way. we stayed in and had sag aloo and a poached egg, Indian egg and chips.

Friday night we went up to Pepes bar as i didnt fancy driving all the way to Roses to eat thia food in an empty restaurant.

Moira has painted the new door and it looks great.

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Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

we’ve got a new front door, its not painted yet, lets in a lot more light, the problem is it also lets people from the street see in when the bourganvilia has been prunned, still it looks great and a lot sturdier.

as far as the weekend went, we went out to eat twice with Mark and Wendy, the Friday night was Valentines night but we all fancied going to the Italian in Empuria Brava, so we did, it was the first time ever in that restaurant that no one turned up to sell us a rose.

Saturday night we went up to Pepes tortoise bar. after a morning going to see Yasmina and Jons new house, and pick up the strimmer, then a visit to the agrden centre for soil and a pittosporum tenufolium and a nother little cactus to go in the cactus garden. for the afternoon we went shopping for a light bulb for the garden fridge, which we didnt find and new garden lights which we did find then a stroll along the sea front at Roses for a bit of fresh air.

Sunday Moira wanted to go to Cadaques, so we did, strolling round Cadaques in the rain that evening we sat down to watch tele using the internet box, and for some reason there wasnt anough internet for it to work, luckily there was enough for Moiras computor and her VPN to work so we could still watch something. the internet box worked last night.


Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Thats it, no UK tv, the BBC have moved the satellite, which means our dish isnt big enough to get BBC, this happened last Thursday and today the rest of the UK channels followed suit. Luckily for the time being we can watch it on Moiras computor as she has got a VPN, everyone is coming round on Thursday night to watch Benidorm.

apart from losing the BBC, Sunday we went for a walk along Roses sea front for some air after we had done a bit of tidy in the house, put the washing and that.

Saturday night we had a few people over for Haggis, Mark, Wendy, Diane, Irena and Cerrie with Sonny joe. as Usual the Haggis went down very well, even the veggie one which wasnt Mcsweens this time but Halls, it was nice, more spicey then Mcsweens.

that morning we went to Ceret in France mainly to go to a friend and her partners private view, but also as Ceret has a good Saturday market and then we could then go on to Auchan, which we did, after having a spot of lunch in Ceret with Cerrie, who had come with us. then after auchan Leroy mervin, a hard ware store, to buy spray paint for the old white kitchen bin that instead of throwing away i am going to spray blue and use it as a pot for the garden.

Friday night Moira drove me to Roses for a pizza.

Thursday was Mums birthday. thanks to face book i remembered to ring her.


Jack Jones

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Ive got 2 books on the go at the moment, Love in the time of Cholera, which Natalie got me, and also Monsinguer Xiote, which Inga lent me, as i had mentioned last time we met her that i loved the book, the thing is she collects first editions and this is a first edition, so i am reading it very carefully and as quickly as possible so i can hand it back to her,  she said its probably worth more then her car.

Sunday was a nice day, me Moira, Wendy, Mark ,Irena and Cerrie with Sonny Joe, walked round the lake at Banyoles, but in the opposite direction to how we did it last, then had a picnic. it was windy down here in Garriguella but not up in Banyoles, admittedly it was a bit colder even without the wind, but then it is much closer to the mountains.

Saturday was market day, as we hadnt been for ages, and the idea was go for a walk in the afternoon, but it started raining so we went to the shopping centre in Jonquera instead as Moira wanted to get some t-shirts. that evening i tried to make a pizza from a recipe in the old vegetarian cook book that i got the nut roast recipe from, you cook the pizza in a frying pan, i liked it but Moira wasnt to keen, it wasnt really what we know as a pizza.

Friday night me, Moira and Mark and Wendy went to Can Batlle to eat, as usual the food was really good, chatted to the waitress about Lupos, as she has it as well , not like Jesus, but similar. then a drink in the bar on the way home.