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the polly tomatoes get planted

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Its raining, after a week or so of glorious weather we have had to put the fire on again.

Sunday was windy, we went to Peralada to see a couple who have opened a twinky shop there, to see if they would be interested in Moiras jewellery, positive response, but they are not yet sure who there customers are as they have only just opened. afterwards we went to Roses for a walk and patatas bravas.

Saturday was the day of the carpenter, every year the husband of Sonia, Moiras spanish teacher , has a party in his work shop which is just by the petrol station, we walked there through the vines had a pleasent afternoon, met the people who sold us our coffee machine, which means we might get a discount next time we buy something in there. Moira spoke loads of spanish. then we walked home.

Friday was Moiras birthday, she had only got back from London late Thursday night. so she didnt want to do anything special. we went up to Pepes bar as its Pepes birthday as well and had a i really nice evening ending up at Mark and Wendys, dancing in their living room.

the elf and cleopatra

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Moira is in London, she went this morning and is there till Thursday .

it was carnival weekend in Garriguella, we started off by going up to Pepes tortoise bar Friday night, which is beoming a bit of a habit.

Saturday, as usual was market day and a quick visist to the supermarket to change our phone contract, then Empuria brava for he market there, to buy olives and have a omelet sandwich and so Moira could some cottage cheese in Lidel. we got home in time to prepare something to eat and then get ready to meet Mark and Wendy in the bar to wait for the floats to go by. then we all followed the floats to the school hall for the party.

Sunday was the Ranxo, where every one in the village eats a rice dish in the school hall, the place is always full of people, i made veggie paella for me as the rice dish is always ladden with meat, but there is salad and wine and fruit and brunyols and garnaxa as well. buy the end all we could do was go home and have a siesta.

lemon grass oil

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

i had to water the lawn today its been that dry here.

Sunday was a lovely day, we went for a walk around Colera and its beaches to a nice little beach where we ate our lunch on a jetty then walked back pass Colera to follow the cami de ronda until we got to a bit closed of by a rich land owner, completely illegal as the cami de ronda belongs to the state, but i did mention he was a rich land owner. regardless the walk was interesting and a new walk that we hadn’t done before.

Saturday was market day and bird seed day. when we got home i did a bit of gardening, then we went for a walk round the back of the village, that night we stayed in to fall asleep on the sofa.

Friday night we went up to Pepes tortoise bar with Mark and Wendy and Cerrie.

the roots have arrived

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

it was carnival weekend this weekend, and as usual it was the coldest night of the year, we went for a thia first with Mark and Wendy then wobbled back to the car passing the floats on the way, one of them being the Garriguella float, the guy on the float recognised us and passed out beers for the four of us,  which was cool. we came back to Garriguella and to Pepes bar for a night cap.

that was Friday night, Saturday we didnt go to the market, because Irena and I were taken a couple up to Mick and Tracies land to see if they would like to buy it, i had to speak catalan the whole time, which threw my mind a bit but i managed throwing in spanish words when i got lost.

that night we went up to the tortoise bar as Cerries mum and dad are where there.

Sunday we walked to Pau as it was Paus ranxo, the tables were set up in the church square with a chick pea stew bread and wine going for free, i had made some humus for me and Diane and she made a salad. after some wine we walked back to Garriguella. for cheese on toast in front of the fire.