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happy birthday Dad

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Moira is home, i went to get her from the station and while i was looking for her and parking i hit the kerb and punctured the tyre, which wasnt very clever, luckily ive changed plenty of tyres over the years so it didnt take long to sort. now we are driving along with 3 fancy posh tyres and a small spare that only allows us to go to 50 kms per hour.

the weekend was quite Sunday i dropped Irenas car of at hers as she was to drunk the night before to drive home, then went to buy an axe handle as i had broken the old one then for a walk from Castello de Empurias to Empuria Brava along the Muga, there is a beetle that has been killing palm trees, and it sems there is a plague of them in Empuria brava, it was quite sad really, dead palm trees everywhere, its here as well but i am counting on all the birds nesting in our palm tree to keep them away.

Saturday was market day then i did a couple of hours of work, then came home to speak to Moira then meet Mark, Wendy and Irena at the tortoise bar.

Friday night i stayed in, the internet seems to be a bit better, which hopefully means the tv will be a bit better.

scented pillows

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Moira is in China, its been raining since she went on Sunday morning, i have made chilli jam, and Mark organised a mini pool competition. that was last night in the bar, he came second out of the 8 of us.

Sunday i dropped Moira of at the station came home, had some breakfast then went of to do a garden that i should have done during the week but didnt have time, then a long walk afterwards while the washing machine was working.

Saturday was Easter Saturday which means the brunyols and ganatxa fair in the village, the weather held out, and after a few bronyuls and buying of tea and Parmesan we sat at the bar watching the world go by, its when the village wakes up after winter.

Friday night me Moira, Mark and Wendy went to Can Batlle for tea and a chat with the people who work there, cant fault the place.

blue sky

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

at last a descent Indian restaurant has made its way to Figueres, the actual restaurant isnt much more then a bar but they do indian food and its pretty authentic, that was our treat on Friday night then we met Mark and Wendy at the tortoise bar.

Saturday wasnt market day because i was working in the morning, and then Mark and Wendy had a bit of a party for Ians Birthday, which took up the rest of the day. nice to eat outside again.

Sunday was another glorious day instead of doing very much we went to the municipal market at Roses which is open as there is a clothes market every Sunday up the road. then we went for a stroll along Roses seafront the summer looks like it has arrived.

swing chairs?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

the weather has finally got better, i have a new phone that works, and i am as busy as i used to back in London. mainly because its Easter next week and because Jesus has left everything to the last minute.

Sunday was lovely. our wedding anniversary, we went to Tossa del mar, we hadnt been there since we were looking for a house to buy, and we were only there about an hour on our way to somewhere else, so it was almost a new place to see, and yes, its a very pretty town, and not over touristy seeing as its only up the road from lloret.

Saturday, market day and buying phone day and buying boots day (Moira). back home via the super market, then a bit of log chopping and gardening until it was time to meet Mark and Wendy up at Pepes tortoise bar. Irena and her sister and her sisters new man came along later for a drink.

Friday night Mark drove us to the italian in Empuria Brava for another exceptional meal.


Gunter has returned

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

phone has finally died, thats the problem with touch screen phones when the touch screen stops working, you cant do a thing about it. luckily i have been pretty well for work the last couple weeks so i can get myself a new one this weekend.until then the old phone that i have had since 2005 has got dusted down. if it wasnt for skype and voxer i probably wouldnt bother getting another touch screen phone. anyway

Sunday Moira worked while Wendy Mark Irena and I went for a walk at Escala and then for a pizza.

Saturday we stayed in as Moira was working and i had worked as well and we were both shattered.

Friday night we went to the bar across the road for a couple, bumped into Mark and Wendy, so instead of eating in the village bar which was the idea, we went up to the tortoise bar with them for something to eat.