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wild flowers

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

we had a really nice time with Sarah here, we took her to see st pere de rhodes and port de la selva, Moira took her to Roses, we went to Figueres while Moira was doing her intercambio, we went to the italian and can Batlle to eat as well as having a barbeque and Moira making a curry, i took her to airport Saturday morning,

While she was here Fife took a turn for the worst and stopped eating Jordi came round to give her some antibiotics as she had started to get a swelling under the wound where he operated on her, life carried on normally but we were having to feed her, Monday morning she vomited blood. Jordi came round first thing on his way to work, he explained that if she is throwing up blood it means her stomach has been damaged in some way, which could only mean the tumor that he couldnt remove had got into her stomach, which is why she hadnt been eating, he put her to sleep in my arms. we buried her under the hedge where she liked to sit.  like i said to Jesus after her operation ‘every day that she is alive now is a gift’ we got 11 days, and 16 years of memories.


garlic pickle

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

the birthday weekend, Friday afternoon we caught the train to Barcelona, and then a slow stroll to the hotel via a few indian shops, to discover we were upgraded to a suite, which meant we where not in the hotel but in a building near by, it was like having our own flat for the night. after another stroll we met up with an old friend of Moiras who had worked at Fast forward, she is spanish and lives near our flat. after a few beers and then a few more we strolled of to find some food which we eventually did, a bottle of wine, then a glass of wine in a ar near the flat and then cava on the bed watching spanish tele.

Saturday was my day, so we went and had breakfast in the big market on the Ramblas  then we strolled up to the botanical garden via more indian shops, then back to the centre for a curry.

while Moira went to Habitat i went to the airport to collect Sarah who was coming out for a week, we all got the train home and cracked open a bottle of cava to celebrate.

Sunday we took Sarah for a sight seeing tour via St Pere de Rhodes the Port de La Selva and LLanca. then home to put the barbque on.

mark gets on a plane

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Fife isnt well, she hasnt been well for a while, but its not like the last couple of years the vet has found a lump near her kidneys, with any luck its coming out tomorrow.

a part from the cat being well, the weekend went great. Sunday was the temps de flors in Girona, an excuse to go to Girona, to look at flowers and to eat curry, perfect day.

Saturday we went to the market, then i did a couple of hours work in the afternoon then after eating at home we went up to Pepes bar for a drink with Mark, Wendy and Cerries mum and dad.

Friday night, we went to Can Batlle with Mark and Wendy and ate outside, my first gazpaxo of the year.

once round the lighthouse

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

two new tyres. then a day off on Thursday, i worked for someone for a couple of hours in the afternoon but in the morning we sorted out our garden and went to the garden centre to buy the geraniums for the summer. i have got rid of the hibiscus in the pot on the balcony because they did pretty much nothing last year, planted some more chillis and petunias for outside Moiras office, its going to look good this year.

Friday was a work day again and we stayed in that night as Moira was still feeling a bit jetlagged

Saturday market day, but it wasnt  Figueres because when we got there we discovered it was a fiesta in Figueres and the market wasnt on, so after a wander round we went to Empuria Brava market instead and got some olives. in the afternoon Mark and Wendy had organised a Sunny Joe and Cerrie friendly walk along the front at Roses, Cerrie and Sonny Joe didnt turn up, but that didnt matter, then after a good 2 hour walk we went all went to Pepes bar for something to eat.

Sunday we went to Figueres again for something to do and we knew something would be happening as it was still a fiesta there. by sheer luck we saw the traditional Catalan castles, a tower of people on top of each others shoulder usually 7 high and a little girl on the top, it was the first time we had seen them and it was pretty impressive. that night we stayed in in front of the tele.