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how do you solve a problem like Maria?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

a bit of a week end including Monday night as it was the party to celebrate St Joan, as usual there is a bonfire and kids throwing fire works around. a meal in the square behind the church and everything else is finished a disco which this time went on until 5 in the morning, i know because i was there, 2 days later and my legs are still feeling it.

Luckily, Tuesday was a bank holiday eventually we got up strolled up to Pepes bar for a late breakfast and a chat with Cerrie and then a wander round the vines, not much more as i took Moira to Girona airport this morning at 4.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday very similar to other weekends, Friday night we went up to Pepes tortoise bar, Jesus and Merce were up there with Alfred, after Alfred left they came over and sat with us for a while

Saturday we went to Roses municipal market as they have peanut butter there, a bit of a wander then home as i had a couple of hours work in the afternoon.

Sunday, Moiea wanted to go to the beach but it was overcast, hot, but overcast, we went to LLanca anyway but walked along the coast instead of crashing out on the sand.

i have done my second intercambio and so far its still going well.

bicarbonate of soda

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Mum and Dad have gone home, they had a good time, we finally got them on the boat to Cadaques.

we ate out a couple of nights, the Placa once as we thought they had a menu but that had finished last week as this week starts summer it seems, we went to the Cafe Colon as well which wasnt that bad, and that was it we had breakfast at the tortoise bar for Cerries birthday and tapas for lunch in Roses while waiting for the boat.  Moira took them to the cooperativa, and Sunday night we did a barbque.

Dad was great, i got him working for me, helping me empty an clean a swimming pool.

they took the fast train back to Barcelona, tonight chick pea curry, which seems to have taken the place of baked beans on toast.

chocolate cake frenzy

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

It was Mark and Tracys 5oth birthday party this weekend, Saturday night, what fun was had, i danced like a loon and managed to stand on a few children by mistake that for some reason where sititng on the dance floor. but apart from that mishap. The party was at the tortouise bar and it was packed, Mark and Tracy had booked a band, a band i am not usually that keen on but that night it seemed i was, maybe it was the setting? but they also advertised it and so did Pepe, added to the fact it was a glorious hot night, loads of people turned up.

Sunday due to Saturday night we did very little except go for a walk in the vines and then a couple of beers again up at the tortoise bar. then home.

And then last night was Marks actual birthday day. we met in the bar as usual as it was yoga then had some thing to eat then as we were about to leave Mick and Tracy turned up, so we stayed for some more, didnt feel to good this morning…


beer traps

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Irene and Violet have gone home, the week passed quite quickly for me certainly but then i was working most of it.

We took them to Las Palmeras on Friday night, they had been there before, but no matter as every body liked what they got to eat.

Saturday we went to Roses so Violet could shop, in fact so all of us could shop as i bought a hat and Irene bought a hand bag while Violet bought a new coat. then me and Irene sat and watched the world go by as Moira and Violet carried on shopping.  then we came home for something to eat and because i was meeting up with Irena to take someone up to see Mick and Tracies land. then we met up with Mark and Wendy and there mums etc up at Pepes bar for the evening.

Sunday after taking Irene to see a doctor due to her Mossy bights we went for a drink in the fancy new shop in Peralada, then home before setting of for Roses to get the tourist train. i had a great time as di Violet, it was maybe a bit windy, both meanings of the word, Irene wasnt to keen, but it will make a good story for later.

this evening we have been running around catching up, paying Jordi the vet, getting Mark and Wendys present and popping in to Carrefour.