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not heard anything from Mandy

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

just writing the blog while Moira tidies up and has a quick look at her face book page.

still working to much this looking after peoples gardens while the houses a rented out for summer isnt as easy as i thought it would be, im on call all the time to go and change a broken parasol or make sure the swimming pool is working.

Last night was Irenas birthday party. only Irena would want a to have a fondue night in July but we all turned up and had a great time.

Sunday was our holiday we went to the beach the one near El Bulli

Saturday i worked in the morning then in the afternoon we went shopping and then did nothing. a part from go up to the tortoise bar for something to eat in the evening then back to the town bar to meet up with Mark, Wendy, Tina and John.

Thursday evening while Moira chatted to Lidia, i finally got a chance to see what was going in the sales, got a nice short sleeved shirt. birthday  present from Mum and Dad. t5hen we went for an Indian on the square buy the old train station in Figueres good authentic food in what felt very much like India, we ate outside.

Vans fixed, 500 euros later, but still havent had time to take it for its MOT yet.



freezing tomatoes

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

its been 2 weeks, Fiona was here last week, but the reason i didnt write the blog last week was because someone stole the telephone wire from here to Vilajuiga and we didnt have internet for nearly 4 days.

Apart from that Fiona had  nice time.

This weekend Sunday we went to the beach until it rained, luckily Moira always has a umbrella in her hand bag so we didnt have to rush away like every one else.

Saturday i was working and Moira helped me which was handy because the work needed to be done before 1 and we left at 12.30. the rest of the day we spent by the pool then met Mark and Wendy at Can Batlle in the evening.

Friday night was a trip to the bar as we hadnt been there for ages, got to keep in with our local landlord.

Still havent got the van to its MOT as the day it was supposed to go someone conveniently broke the drivers side head light and the mechanic is still waiting for a replacement.

ukelele envy

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Quick blog as we are due to be at Isabell and Stewarts for a polite dinner at 8

the weekend went really well ,natalia and Andy got back Friday, and we went up to the tortoise bar that night then Saturday they and Moira went of to Cala Gogo while i worked then met up with them later. for a bit of a holiday camping near Playa de Aro, Playa de Aro wasnt all that special but the campsite was good and the beaches around us were lovely, we did a bit more of the Cami de Ronda. eat loads of Patatas bravas, probably drunk to much then came home via La Fosca and Castell on Sunday.

Natalie and Andy left on Monday after spending most of the day in Decathlon.

foraging basket

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Natalie and Andy were here last weekend, they went off to Andorra, Monday morning via Ripoll.

They arrived Friday night Saturday morning, 2 0’clock Saturday morning. we had had a pizza in Roses to get us out the house and Moira had just got back from London and was exhausted, and didnt want to do much else. then we stayed up first by watching big brother, when Moira fell asleep then a 1 0’clock dip in the pool.

Saturday we all did very little, i had some work in the afternoon, then after that we did very little again until it was time to go to eat at Can Batlle, where Moira was asked various times if she wanted a puppy that the waitress had found abandoned, apart from that we had a great time, finalt tried the goats cheese salad after all these years thinking it had bacon in it, i hadnt missed much not a patch on their artichoke salad.

Sunday was an overcast day, so we went shopping which is what you do on a crap Sunday in this house. Natalie and Andy bought there supplies for the trip to Andorra and then we went for a walk along the front at Roses  up until the lighthouse. it was Barbque night that night, the usual fare.

i got home Monday lunch time and they had gone.