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a ‘curryin’

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Robbie and his girlfriend Emma are here. they arrived Saturday night, perfect, as they arrived late which meant we didnt drink to much before the village fiesta started and also they missed the torrential rain on Friday, as did Jonathan who had come over for a flying visit between us and his Brother in Narbonne.

Sunday, we all went to Diane and Ians for a barbque, thinking we would be there for a couple of hours, not so as Irene was on brilliant form as was a friend of Ians and the banter between the 2 kept us all laughing for hours, Robbie said it was funnier then some of the stuff that he had payed for on the fringe.

i worked Monday and the rest sun bathed then across to the bar for an few evening drinks. and last night Moira made curry.


the french pub singer

Monday, August 18th, 2014

it started by us going to the coop for wine, Guillem del temps stopped us and said the last owner of our house is in the loo, it wasnt the man but his divorced wife, we had an idea something was going on when we bought the house, she was really sweet as well as being a little freaked out, we dont know how it happened but she then appeared at our door so we showed her and her friend around, or Moira did while i chatted to Guillem del Temps. i both remember her swaying to us “enjoy our house”.

Friday was fiesta but the weather was rubbish, and i had to do a garden in the afternoon so we did very little, except flights to places we need to go to. that night we went to Roses for a pizza but it was fiesta in Roses so it was packed. we eventually got a pizza to take away and ate it on the beach.

Saturday we worked a bit then went shopping. we came home for a bit of a rest as we where going to Roses again but this time with Mark and Wendy to eat and then do a bit of a bar crawl then get a taxi home. great night out.

Sunday, when we eventually got up, was a day for the beach and as it ia August the beach was packed, and because of the strange weather we are having at the moment, the sea was cold as is our swimming pool, well colder then it is normally. on the way home ,some poor kid came down the hill to fast and crashed into 4 cars. he was white as a ghost when we eventually managed to drive pass the scene.



sea water

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

not much to report. Friday night Moira helped me with a garden, then we came home ate something, then met Mark and Wendy for a drink up at the tortugas bar.

Saturday i worked while Moira did our garden then we went shopping after i had got home and had a shower. rest of the afternoon was spent in the our garden until it we took Mark and Wendy for the birthday treat at the Vista bella, while they were there Moira and I went to Pau to have something to eat with Diane and Ian, just before i got my icecream i got the call to go and collect Mark and Wendy, when we got back the band had started up, so we stayed another couple of hours then home.

Sunday we went to Castello for a wander a bit of a shop and a tortilla sandwich. then back home to the pool and to sow some broccoli seeds and read.

crispy onions

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Its Tuesday, nearly forgot

the weekend was a funny one at times, Friday night we went over the road for egg n chips just Moira and I. nice quite evening down the pub. We worked Saturday morning, then once we had filled the car with camping stuff we went of to Pals and the “White summer market”

Luckily we where going and not coming back, as the traffic was terrible going north , but due to the traffic we missed the turn off and had no intention of joining the queue to go back. what with an old road map and moiras print off from Google earth we sorted ourselves out and found the White summer market coming from the other side, but the turn off we missed also was going to take us to a campsite, we set of in search of the other that Moira had found on the web, got lost a few times, found a short cut and then a campsite, a campsite stuck in the 1970s. once the tent was set up we went of in search of the beach on foot the lady in the reception told us the directions in English when she would have been better to do it Spanish, we couldnt find the beach so we went back for the car, found the beach in the car but we had to pay for parking. the machine only accepted 50 cents or 2 euros, we had 1 euro. by now Moira we were starving and losing control a bit, until Moira remembered the ash tray in the car held some change, of which there was 2 euros, so we parked found a beach bar ,ate, then went back to the tent to go to the market with Moiras jewellery.

the stand the jewellery was going on was amazing and the whole site was pretty spectacular, but as people started to turn up, it started to rain, stop then rain, then stop, then rain again. Moira did sell one piece of jewellery though.

we went back to the campsite about 11ish and went to the 1970s campsite bar for a drink while sitting on a 1950s style sofa. luckily we had bought some wine with us.

Sunday was better it was sunny, we went to the beach, went for a walk got lost went back to the beach had something to eat, and making the waiter laugh by speaking catalan, then home to the rain.

its been a really weird July and August so far as far as the weather is concerned.

Also on Saturday i rang to book my van in for its MOT, the nearest place that does MOTs near here, infact the only place this side of Girona, isnt open in the afternoons in August and doesnt open on Saturdays, so thats something i have to do the day of the village fiesta, the 22nd.