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Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Its Irenes birthday, which is why we went to Scotland for the weekend, then brought Irene back here. the weekend went well Saturday we went to the borders, i had been before but couldnt remember much about it, this time we went to Kelso and ate in a garden centre cafe which was really nice as after we got to wander round the garden centre itself. Sunday Fiona had a bit of a party, i ended up being the wine waiter which suits me as i get to talk to every one with out getting stuck with anyone.

the weekend before was an interesting one, i couldnt write about it last week as the blog site wasnt working which is a shame as i wont remember everything we did, Saturday we went to Barcelona to meet up with Lynne and Clark, old friends of Moiras from Cupar, we had a great time dragging them round indian shops looking for Lime pickle, we also got let in to the cat garden which is a first. Sunday i dont think we did very much but maybe go for a walk then stop off in Pepes for a beer or two, not sure. i know we went to the supermarket at some point.

the thursday before last weekend was a bank holiday, taking full advantage of it, Me Moira Mark and Wendy went up past Besalu to tortella  and the pont de lleinca and another smaller place with a river where we was able to swim but i cant remember its name, will go back there though as it was quite beautiful.

work still is keeping me busy, much more then last year, which is good as it will pay for Granada, when we go

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

its wednesday, a bit of a weird couple of  days, Moira went to Paris then London Monday which meant we had to get up at 4 in the morning so Sunday night we went to bed at about 9 after Moira had sold some of her Jewellery to John and his mates, presents for there wives as an apology for coming here to play golf.

last night my intercambio started again Arthur had a lovely time in India.

Saturday night we went to Pepes but after dinner as Friday night we had gone up to Pepes to eat. Mark and Wendy where there Saturday night

Saturday day was gardening in the morning while Moira did a bit of work for herself, then  we went to Toerella de montgri, mainly because its a village we have driven through loads but never stopped, this time we did, and what a nice place, found the shop Moira was looking for which was shut as it was lunch time by the time we found it.

Sunday we went for a walk via Pepes

Summer is over in this part of Spain just in time for the sun to come out again.

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Monday, September 1st, 2014

Robbie and Emma have gone they went Saturday afternoon, i think they had a good time, they didnt really move from the side of the pool, fine by us, but at times it feels like we are on holiday as well but in our own house, which is a bit weird.

We ate at home most nights except wednesday night as it was music at pepes and Friday when we went to Can Batlle, eating at home wasnt a problem as they quite happily ate what we wanted to eat, and when we wanted to eat.

after dropping them off at the airport Moira and i did the gardens that i do on Saturday then went home to rest a bit then get ready to go out with Mark and Wendy to go to the Italian in Empuria brava, as always great food, although i did stink of garlic the next day.

Sunday we went to the beach. then met Cerrie at Pepes to do the ice bucket challenge.