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negative vibes

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Moira has had the cold, i have got the cold Jesus is in Cairo. and the palm tree has got red palm beetle and thanks to the traumontana which blew the growing tip/crown over i have discovered it, probably to late, which is a shame is i was going to treat it this winter having ignored the problem all year mainly because it wasnt possible to treat the palm because i had left more leaves then most and couldnt get to the growing point all summer. if it survives it survives, great, but then i will have to keep treating it for as long as there is the beetle in Spain which could be a long time. que sera sera. the shame is, if it has to come down the swimming pool will be on view to the neighbours top floor window.

the pool will be closed this weekend, its finally got to cold, the reason we have the cold is probably because Moira got in it last week.

the weekend was spent doing a bit of work, Moiras cold, Figueres market and then the search for a new dishwasher, havent got one yet, and also getting Moira prepared for the tax search Tomorrow in Girona, Jesus has kindly given me the morning off to go with her.

Also Sunday Mark and Wendy had us all over for dinner, sunday roast in 30 degrees heat, the temperature has since dropped to Autumn weather.

Yesterday was the  start of the winter pool competition, i showed my face played a game then came home as i was bit to blocked up to be leaning over a pool table.

mint tea

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

its been a while again, its that the week after Granada we had Jonathan and Cathy and her new man visit us one night, they stayed in Figueres. but we all met up at the Cafe Colon.

the weekend Fiona and Malcom arrived, we went to get them from the airport late Saturday night, Sunday we took them for a walk round the lake at Banyoles, with Cerrie and Sonny Joe. a beautiful day the first of many, Fiona and Malcom always seem to have good weather, the week was a bit hectic what with catching up on the work that hadnt been done for Jesus while i was in Granada and doing my own clients. Tuesday night we went for a pizza at Santa Margarita. and Thursday morning i took Moira to the airport to go to England, came home worked 5 hours then Fiona took me to the train station to go to England via Barcelona. we where going to England for Mell and Frames wedding which was Friday, and try and have a bit of a holiday if we could.

we get to see a lot of people having a holiday and it seems to me a holiday involves doing very little at your own pace, and not rushing around like an idiot trying to please everybody.  i got up when i wanted to, had a nice stroll and beer with Mum and Dad before the wedding, then we had a nice day strolling with Dan and Paolo and a pub lunch, and then a curry with Thuy and Graham whom i hadnt seen since last year and Cat and Paul whom i hadnt seen for it seems ages. then the next day, off to see Mum and Dad and Natalie, more curry and more strolling. then home the next morning. Fiona and Malcom picked us up from the station and as soon as we got home and i had done a bit of gardening i dragged Malcom out for a stroll round the vines, mainly because i hadnt had  a chance to chat to him, and to walk London out of my system. Back to work today feeling bit rested.



the coffee maker.

Thursday, October 9th, 2014


what a wonderful place, could go on for hours, we went to see Maisie as she is studying down there, and Jenny was going to be there and by sheer chance Lorna and Graham where near Malaga so we got to see them as well.

Alhambra was all i had hoped it would be and more

the train hotel was fun on the way down due to the wine we took with us but not so comfortable on the way back as the wine bought in Granada wasnt to good.

and while that was going on we sorted out Moiras Eori number and Maisies mobile contract.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Irene has gone home, we took her to Beziers Sunday morning then went for a stroll around the city for a look, interesting place, one of the oldest cities in France,then burnt down during the crusades in the name of god.

didnt take to long to wander around and see what we felt we needed to see especially as everything is closed on Sunday in France even Auchan.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched strickly as we had to get up early to drive to Beziers and i was working most of the day.

Friday night we went to Pepes  and met Cerrie and Mark and Wendy, came home in time to watch Strickly.

Wednesday was Irenes birthday, a load of us went to the Italian in Empuria brava for good reasonably priced food.

while all this was going on Moira was trying to fight her way through the Spanish customs red tape to get her jewellery in the country, the lock on the gate stopped working, the swimming pool pump started to leak and then the train we are supposed to get to go to Barcelona tomorrow has been cancelled all week due to flooding.