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Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

its Tuesday and Moira is still in China, the kittens have got used to me and the fact that Moira isnt here, as long as they have food.

last night was Yoga night but the bar is now closed on Mondays and Moira isnt here so i didnt meet up with any one.

Sunday was a funny one, i locked myself out, no keys nothing, luckily i was suitably dressed, had to kick the garage door in and then the door at the top of the cellar stairs, then repair both locks. i went for a walk after that up to the top of the hills behind us then back via Pepes bar and home in time to speak to Moira on Skype.

Saturday night i went to the cinema with Irena, we went to Roses as i wanted to get some peanut butter. i liked the film ‘Interstellar’, Irena thought it was rubbish, she had a point, once you stopped and thought a bit about what had gone on. special effects were good.

Friday night i met Mark and Wendy up at Pepes for a boozy night, then home to fall asleep in front of the tele till 2 in the morning. woke up with both cats on my lap.

laser spot light

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

this week has flown by, well the evenings have, Monday night was Yoga but as the bar was closed Moira came straight home, tuesday night was pool night and Lydia for Moira, then last night Moira had a jewellery selling party held in Diane and Ians house, she did quit well.

the weekend went quite quick as well, Friday night we went up to Pepes to show support

Saturday we went to Empuria brava instead of Figueres to buy olives and so that Moira could have an eggs benedict in a bar in the front, we got there at 12.30 and the breakfast menu finished at 12.00.  we stayed in that night.

Sunday we went christmas shopping in Besalu.

Moira went to China this morning the poor kittens are completely confused.


Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

just took the car for its second service, and when i got back Eli and her daughter Marta were arriving at the gate to see the kittens in their new home.

they have arrived, they are hilarious especially when they are playing together. Skye and Sparrow.

the weekend involved playing with the kittens, Friday night we went to the Cafe Colon to eat and listen to some music but the restaurant was too busy for Jazz and his guitarist to get a chance to play. regardless we had a good time, although i was starving the next day.

Saturday, we went shopping and met up with Cerrie for an impromptu lunch in Figueres as she takes Sonny Joe for singing lessons in Figueres Saturday mornings. we stayed in that evening.

Sunday after we had voted, we walked to Peralada to see how Moiras jewellery was doing, we met up with Graham and Jane, Graham did a bit of  electric work on the house in the early days, he lives near Darnius right in the middle of where there was the forest fire 2 years ago, so as a result he has loads of fire wood, we bought a load, which got delivered today, should keep us going all winter.

Monday night Moira came home after Yoga as the bar has started to close on a Monday evening and last night while Moira was off talking to Lydia i was playing in the pool competition in the bar.


5 years

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The pool is closed finally, i had had enough, tried to fix the leak without plumbers tape but it didnt work, know what to do next time, there is no hurry i have until May next year,


the dish washer showed signs of working again, we started to fill it and then it stopped showing signs of working again, never get an intergrated dishwasher they are a nightmare to replace.

the weekend started great once the problem of the tax office was sorted, Friday night we took Moiras Jewellery to a shop in Perallada and they might want to buy some, she has a meeting with them tomorrow. it was Halloween, so when we got home we rummaged around in the fancy dress suitcase for something to wear. when that was sorted we met Mark and Wendy in the bar, wendy was a witch and Mark was Ray Readon, after the bar we went up to Pepes for something to eat then back to The Cafe Colon for drinks and to listen to Jazz play the drums accompanied by a floppy haired guitarist. the music got better the more wine we drunk.

Saturday was a bank holiday in Spain so no Dishwasher shopping, we went to Roses instead as the municipal market is even open on bank holidays and so is the Carefour. that evening was staying and getting over the night before kind of night.

Sunday Me, Mark, Wendy, Moira and Irena went for a wlk along L’escala sea front, then we met up with Diane and Ian for a Pizza in St Mati. lovely day, lovely weather.

last night after Yoga Elli showed us 2 kittens that needed a good home, we are collecting them Thursday, Moira has gone to buy litter trays and stuff like that on her way to see Lydia.