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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

we had a lovely cristmas. after doing all the stuff we needed to do at home, we went for a walk with Mark, Wendy and Irena around Llanca, then a quick drink in the only bar open. i didnt drink as it was me driving and also the police men that i had shown round Stewart and Isabel’s house after it had been broken into were there having dinner. we all ate at Mark and Wendys, i had veggie haggis made by Moira which was delicious.

Boxing day was a different story. the new dish washer had arrived, so boxing day was, take out the old one, reasonable easy, plumb in the new one, thats when it all started be difficult, water wasnt going into the dishwasher, the pipe worked on another tap the old pipe worked but didnt fit to the new dishwasher, eventually discovered it was the filter on the new pipe was stopping the water flow because it was up against the filter on the stopcock put in by the original plumbers. dish washer was working, i then had to squeeze it in to its alloted space, which meant sanding a bit here and there and lots of lifting and pushing, finally got it in, but the door wouldnt open as it was catching on the piece of decorative wood above it, eventually i got it to open smoothly, then came hanging the wooden door cover so it looks the same as the rest of the kitchen, that was no problem, hung it, the dishwasher wouldnt open again, but tis time i couldnt see why as i had fitted the door, in frustration i pulled a bit to hard and broke the button the starts it up, so now the dishwasher is very nearly in its alloted space with the door ready to go back on and the button is waiting for the mechanic to get back to me to see if he can fix it. we went to the bar after all that to take my mind of what had happend.

Saturday Moira woke up with a really sore back so Cerrie came round to fix it while i rang the shop where we bought the dishwasher to ask for the service number, Moiras back was sorted we went to the supermarket. then straight home as i had to do a bit of work, the van wouldnt start.

that night we had people round for haggis which was really nice but everyone appeared a bit jaded by all the festivities.

Sunday, while charging the van battery, we went up to the Mare de dios del mont which is a churh, hotel on top of the world, well it seemed that way, due to the road Moira will not be going back, but is well worth the visit at least once. on the way back we got a message from Wendy saying the new couple from Llanca were in Garriguella, we all met up at Mark and Wendys as Pepe had closed so he could drive to England for the new year.



almond butter

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Winter, in the mornings and at night, during the day its lovely and sunny.

the new dish washer arrived today, they left it in the garage, thats me sorted for something to do on boxing day. lets hope it fits, if its a millimeter over 81cms we are stuffed.

Friday night was the christmas meal in the italian for the usual crowd because Diane and Ian will be in England and Cerrie and Pepe off somewhere cold for christmas day. irena drove as she is on a diet.

Saturday we went to Figueres then i had to work a bit in the afternoon, Moira gave me a hand. came home and made hummus. action packed day.

Sunday wasnt much better, we went to Empuria brava for Montserat shopping and a stroll along the sea front. came home and Moira made curry.

Marta and Eli came round while Moira was in Figueres with Lidia, to give Sparrow and Skye a christmas card and us some wine.

We have started to let the cats out, covering the space bellow the gate so they cant get on to the road and keeping an eye on them, they are fine, they love it, they have both already climbed the mulberry tree, it tires them out nicely as well.

court jester

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

was a bit of an ordinary weekend except that, Friday night before i collected Moira from the train station in Figueres i got her christmas present. we went to the bar for egg and chips because we fancied it and there was not much to eat in the house.

Saturday was market day as well as popping in on a client to see what they need me to do while they are away, nothing much, got a couple of bottles of wine of them though. that night we meet up with Mark, Wendy and the new couple from Llanca, Fiona and Paul at Pepes bar for somethng to eat and drink. they are really nice.

Sunday, after buying the last christmas tree available in the garden centre, we went for a walk coming home via Pepes for a beer. Moira made Curry that evening.

star fishing

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Its windy, its been windy for it seems ages, thats how the traumontana works, and now because its windy its cold.

.0/’-l.,.;’+’ sparrow has just sat on the key board.

Friday night we met a couple in llanca whom we had met 2 years ago but then lost touch, we met them for a pizza, a pretty good pizza as well.

Saturday we didnt go to the market as it was fiesta in Spain, but not in France, so after we had done the supermarkets here we went on to Auchan in Perpignan. we stayed in that evening to recover from what we had spent in various supermarkets.

Sunday was Sonny Joes birthday in the afternoon at Pepes and after we had got up, did a bit of pottering round the house, we only had time for a quick stroll round the village before we had to be there. it was fun, got to chat to a couple whom i have always said hello to but not much then that. got home in time to watch xfactor.

Monday was another holiday in Spain, this time we went for a walk with Wendy along from Roses to Almadrava for a beer and bravas then back. Mark was in Barcelona with Cerries dad looking at cars.

Tuesday has been yet another day off, this time the village fiesta. we spent the morning buying a dishwasher from a lady that helpedĀ  us a lot but wouldnt stop talking. then in the afternoon i did one of my gardens.

its the pool competition final tonight.

break in then mow the lawn

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Moira is back from China, i picked her up Saturday lunch time after i had done the shopping. it was jst her i picked up her luggage was still in the air somewhere. Luggage arrived in Barcelona later and then brought us in Garriguella that evening. we stayed in as Moira was understandably tired and also we where doing a Christmas fair on Sunday in Pau from 10 till 5.00 Moira sold a few pieces, more then enough to make getting up early worth while. on the way home we popped in to Pepes for a few beers.

Last night was more of the pool competition i am still winning, its getting to be a bad habit.

its finally got cold and the heating in the kitchen has gone on.