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old mans baffies

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Its windy, but not traumontana, as i learnt today, the traumontana is the direct North wind, you know its the traumontana because is blows in gusts whereas the Gregal which is the North west wind. the gregal just keeps on blowing without stopping, no gusts, just wind and more wind and more wind. the mistral is the same, the north east wind,but we dont tend to get that here.

Sundat was so windy, we went for a walk along almadrava beach as normally its protected from the wind there, Moira got out the car said No way and got straight back in it again, so we went to Roses for a beer and some Bravas and then home.

Friday night it wasnt so windy and the night sky was so clear you coulde see the buckle of Orions belt. we went up to Pepes as Cerries mum and dad where leaving the next day, salad and chips.

Saturday on the other hand was quite a nice day, we went to Figueres in the morning, i bought the rest of the suit that i was buying for the weddings i am going to this year. the market, then the supermarket, then home to prune the mulberry tree. that evening we went to Paul and Fionas for a curry that he made in their flat in Llanca. they have put in double glazing so you cant here the wind at all. the curry was good and the banter as well to the point that we forgot to order a taxi until it was to late, so we slept at theirs, what a view they have, its incredible.

the palm tree looks like its regrowing, cross fingers.

Alioli on toast

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

this weekend we had Jonathan here, he got her Saturday after we had got home from shopping,.

Friday night before Jonathan arrived, we went up to Pepes to meet up with Mark n Wendy as well as Cerrie who ad just got back from England with her mum and dad, they where there as well.

Saturday afternoon with Jonathan we went to Cap de Craus, Jonathans favorite place for something to eat. then come back home so we can go to the Cafe Colon for something to eat but with Mark and Wendy. they had got the go ahead to start building the house so it was a bit of a celebration, we went to the bar for cava.

Sunday was the olive oil fair in Epolla, Jonathan loved it as there was loads to eat. i bought a female kiwi plant, i need a mail as well to get fruit, but i thought i would see if the female survived the traumontana first before i got another. we came back via France the long way round, stopping in Port Bou for something to eat. we stayed in at night and watched Benidorm.

Jonathan left Monday morning.

red velvet

Monday, January 12th, 2015

New year went well. we went for Raclete at Tina and Johns they came down from Geneva for a couple of days. new years day we recovered by going for a walk along the prom at Santa Margarida, lovely sunny day and lots of people doing the same thing.

At some point in between Mum and Dad arriving the dishwasher was fixed, its still sticking out a bit without its wooden door, but at least it works.

Mum and Dad arrived to perfect weather, Saturday awe went to Palafrugell then Tamariu for lunch then instead of going to the Italian we went for a pizza as the Italian was shut for holidays.

Sunday we went to Roses market eventually then for a drink on the sea front before home for barbque and presents.

Monday i worked and Mum didnt eat Mussels. but we did get to see the kings pass through the village, Dad and i went to get some hot chocolate but it wasnt ready before we had to leave.

Tuesday was fiesta so we all went up to Cuillure in France then back buy the shopping centre at Jonquera.

Wednesday i worked, and afterwards we finally got to go to the Italian, Mark and Wendy came with us, and good food was eaten all round.

Thursday i worked as well, Mum and Dad went for lunch at the windmill, and in the evening we went for egg and chips in the bar, i had pan con tomate with manchego as i didnt fancy chips.

Friday morning Mum and Dad went home, that evening we met Mark and Wendy up at Pepes whom had arrived back from England without Cerrie as she had flue. looks like they will finally be building the house. Saturday was market day then home to do nothing in front of the tele.

Sunday we went for a walk to an abandoned village, interesting but not as spooky as we had hoped. mainly abandoned due to the great frost of 1956. minus 10 degrees killing all the olive trees the villages main source of income.