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on growing a beard

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

i won again, last nights pool competition, it was a knockout, i got lucky with who i had to play, and then they all seemed to pot the black in the wrong pocket.

Moira has been London and St Albans, selling jewellery, shes back tonight

the weekend went well, when it wasnt windy. Friday night we went up to Pepes with Mark and Wendy.

Saturday, as usual market day. then home for a light snack as we were going for an early pizza and then to see fifty shades of grey. as usual Irene made the perfect comment. the film was Ok, not brilliant, she stole the film from him.

Sunday we went to Almadrava walking from Roses, where we go when its that windy. then back to Roses for a beer, just as Mark and Wendy passed by in their car, they stopped for a drink as well in the sun hidden from the traumontana, looking out over the bay of Roses, perfect.

Jesus had his operation, it went well, we know have to see how it affects his Lupos.



Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Its Tuesday Jesus has gone to have his spleen out and we have just had the ex mayors wife round to sort out her dead aunts pension, the said Aunt worked in England for long enough to receive a small state pension. just an ordinary Tuesday afternoon.

Sunday was fun, it was the Rancho in Pau where Diane and Ian live, free food and drink, brilliant if you eat meat and are not the nominated driver, i was the nominated driver and provided my own food, Diane is veggie as well though and she bought salads for us all. had a great as there was a great atmosphere as pretty much the whole village was there.

Saturday we went to Empuria Brava market instead of Figueres and Mercadona instead of Carrefour for a change of scenery. then in the afternoon, as it was Carnival weekend in Roses we went to see the childrens carnival, with the idea of possibly meeting up with Cerrie or Sonia. we didnt meet up with either but got to see the wole carnival procession which we have never managed to do before. Moira made curry that evening.

Friday  night we went up to Pepes just because we could.


happy birthday Mum

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Moira is in London, and i had my intercambio last night which is why i didnt write the blog then. its getting there, the speaking Catalan, saying that i tried to speak to an old lady who was asking me about a motorbike left in the street, after about 5 minutes of me speaking catalan to her she asked me if i spoke spanish instead.

The weekend shot by, Friday night we went with Irena to meet Diane and Ian and Ingar , a friend of Dianes in the curry restaurant in Figueres, that went well, good food.

Saturday was market day, then we strolled up to Pepes for late breakfast stroke lunch and by coincidence so did Mark and Wendy who were escaping from there guests for the afternoon.

Sunday we went to St Feliux de Grixuix (its spelt something like that) for a wander round, we tried to find one of the houses we looked at when we were thinking of buying here but we couldnt find it, then after a beer and some very sweet satsumas we did a bit more of the Cami de Ronda passing by a Via Pereda on our way to a village where once stayed Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardener. then home via a different road.

Oh and today i had a chat with Jesus over a bottle of wine about wages i am now going to be getting much more payed directly into my bank account which means if something happens or i had to be unemployed i would get a lot more money then i would have got before, it means i dont get anyway near as much cash as before and im getting payed for 12 months of the year not 14 like before. All in all i have come away with a little bit less a month, but a lot more money goes in to the bank to cover the mortgage and bills, taking the strain of Moira a bit, and a lot more for when i retire or am unemployed, its not as complicated as it sounds, honest.


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Its cold, colder then it has been for a long time, colder then it normally gets here, might even snow tomorrow, even the cats are feelingt it and sitting by the fire, mind you they have just had their bits removed so that might be a good reason for them not feeling at there best.

whats more its still Windy, we braved the wind Friday night and went to Can Batlle with Mark and Wendy.

Saturday was market day and for a while it wasnt to windy, it made up for it in the afternoon, so we stayed in the house, which is something we never do.

By Sunday i had had enough of the wind, so we went to a village sweetcorn flour fair near Olot, the usual stuff, a lot colder then it is here but most important, not windy. we then went to Olot itself so Moira can look for a few shops and also walk up to the top of the town volcano, and stood in the crater for a while, which felt a bit weird.

It was still windy when we got home.

It dropped a little bit today which gave me time to prune the olive tree before we took the cats to the vet.