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going home

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

the weekend seems like ages ago. i got payed today ad as Jesus is feeling loads better he wants to chat and chatting usually involves what ever there is to drink at the time, today it was Ratafia, made in the village, a liquorice tasting sherry, which i quite like due to liking liquorice.

I know Sunday we went for a walk to Rabos and back which took up most of the day, one of the first Sunny Sundays of the year.

Saturday we did a bit of cold calling on Moiras Jewellerys behalf. we went all the way to some shops in Begur then back via a shop in L’Escala where we bought some brussel sprouts in the market next to the shop, then went down on the beach for some minestrone soup made by Moira, which we had brought along in a flask, it wasnt cold just very windy, while we were eating our soup there was a couple sunbathing beside us sheltering from the wind. on the way home we stopped in St Pere de Pescadors for some beer and Bravas.

that night we went to Mark and Wendys for home made pizza, always really nice but i am always really hungry the next morning.

Friday night we went up to Pepes after dinner, feeling the pinch, and on the way back home bumped in to Mark and Wendy whom had had a surreal evening in the Cafe Colon as the only customers.


happy birthday Nat. XxX

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

its still raining, Moira is listening to radio 2 which is playing L.A Women by the doors, whats the world coming to? what happened to ‘Sing something Simple’.

It was Moiras Birthday Saturday, i collected her from the train station Friday evening then we went to the bar for the pool competition, i got knocked out in the first round due to not playing very well, i might have to start taking it a bit more seriously as every one else have been practicing madly. even though i was knocked out we still stayed to the end and had a good night out all in all.

Saturday i went shoping while Moira made lemon tart for the evening. then we all went Mark, Wendy and us, went to Max’s party in his carpentry workshop as it had just been the day of the carpenter, he has a party every year. i managed to find myself chatting to 2 vegetarian gardeners, whats the chances of that happening.

that evening, after a short siesta we all met up in Pepes bar, as it was Pepes birthday as well. Moira got a wine spar thingy as a present from every one.

Sunday we wnt to Port dela Selva for the asparagus fair which was cancelled due to the weather, so we went for a walk round the town then came home just in time for the sun to come out for a couple of hours, giving me time to tidy up the euonymus hedge.

the van is no longer mine, its gone, that will be 600 euros saved this year.

Julia R.I.P.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

this afternoon i signed a contract to say that as soon as i get the paper work to say the van has nothing to do with me i can hand it over to the guy who wants to take it of my hands, probably tomorrow, if all goes well. i ow have get it started.

Moira has gone to London again.

Sunday was another wet Sunday, we seem to have lots this year, so as usual we went to Jonquera shopping centre.

Saturday the weather wasnt much better, good enough for me to do Jon and Yasminas hedge while Moira was preparing the haggis for the evening. we had Mark and Wendy over with Paul and Fiona, a couple from Llanca we have got to know recently. Just the right amount of people. Moira has got the making of veggie haggis sorted.

Friday night we went up to Pepes for egg and chips while it rained outside.

Thursday night was intercambio night. this time we all met up, Moira, Lydia and Joanna in the same bar, it went well.

asparagus hunting season

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

thats it… getting rid of the van. i have cleaned it out and tomorrow after work i am going to take it round to the local garage who knows a man that can take it away for me and do all the paper work as well. saving me the price of the MOT and the cost of the paper work which Mark told me would be around about 150 euros.

It was quite a sunny weekend, for the first time for ages. Friday night we went to Empuria brava with Mark and Wendy, Mark was driving, they fancied going to an old haunt. it wasnt as buzzing as they hoped it would be, and the food wasnt that brilliant, mine was ok but Moiras fish was pretty bad. glad we went though, nice to get out of the village.

Saturday, after the market, i finally got round to spraying the palm tree with the chilli and garlic tea i had made to try and deter the red palm beetle. did a bit more gardening while i was at it. that night we went to Mark and Wendys for Marks home made pizza, it was a spontaneous suggestion. it caught me off guard making me forget to brig the tomato plants in, didnt matter though as it wast that cold Saturday night.

Sunday we eventually went for a walk passing by Pepes bar to give im the 10 euros we owed him and to tell him i was getting rid of the van, to see if he had any suggestions. we stayed in and watched tele that night.

Victor the gecko R.I.P

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Jesus operation was successful and it looks like it might have been a good idea to finally take out the spleen.

I went to the dentist on Thursday, the last time i went to the dentist i was 24, a while ago. the dentist is a lovely lady, cant believe it took me so long to get my act together and go and se her. no fillings needed just a serious clean up, she told me to bring someone that needs fillings so as she could make some money.  i have been put on a course of mouth wash and fancy toothpaste to sort my gums out, and i have to go back in 6 months as there is something funny going on with the bone round one of the bottom molars, and she wants to make sure its not getting worse.

The weekend was carnival in the village, Moira wasnt well and neither was Mark so we didnt bother dressing up ,even though we had bought stuff to wear while we was in Barcelona that day. we where there so Moira could check out a market down in the port and to wander round Gracia to check out a few shops, i went to buy a book and try and sort out my itunes card, got the book but couldnt sort out the card as the Apple store it seems is separate to Itunes. bought myself the ‘wizard of oz’, which i have never read before. its a bit like an American drug free ‘Alice in Wonderland’. we watched the parade then had a few more drinks in the bar.

Sunday was the Rancho, i made myself a fancy omelet, as i didnt fancy eating the meaty stew they serve up, infact neither did Moira so she had some omelet as well, a lovely Sunday afternoon amongst friends and a hell of a lot of other people from in and around the village.

Van is due for its MOT but i cant bring myself to get round to it, probably sort it out next week.