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Happy Birthday Dad

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Moira has gone of to see Lidia, i have put the diner on ready for when she gets back at 9. which gives me time to write this, do a bit of Catalan homework then play the uke for a while.

the weekend went well Sunday, we went to see some horses in Castello de empurius, then buy in one of my favourite shops, some beetroot plants to go in the garden . then we walked to Empuria Brava beach so Moira could get some english mustard in Montserat the supermarket.

Saturday morning i worked, then we went to try out a different supermarket in Roses which we hadnt tried before, alright, good to know it wasnt any were near as busy as Carrefour normally is and may be a little bit cheaper.

that evening we went to the Italian with Mark and Wendy as we had eaten a lot in the village recently. always good food. then back via the new bar in town. where we got chatting to Sergie and Montse, our new neighbours, some one had got in to there garden, not someone from the village as they would have known that Sergie owns a big scarey dog called Franco. they where there to see if they could break into the warehouse 2 doors down which we later found out, was full of drugs, they got sight of Franco and left pretty quick.

Friday night we went up to Pepes to see Paul and Fiona, Fiona was on her way back to England, and he was staying till January, she doesnt like it here he loves it….

news paper plant pots

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

i was working late yesterday, i have time to write tonight before we go out. the boys are going to Pepes to watch football and me and the girls are going to the bar instead.

although it rained on Sunday morning, we managed to get a bit of a walk in along the coast at Roses and then beer and Bravas in a new bar/restaurant which has had great reviews from every one thats eaten there. the Bravas are good it feels a bit like you are in Mc Donalds though.

Saturday was market morning, while checking out the Mercadona (supermarket) in Figueres as they do a red pepper humus which is a favourite in this house for the moment.  then home to do nothing a part from a bit of gardening then to the new restaurant in the village for something to eat. with out planning it we happen to meet up with Mark and Wendy whom had had the same idea. the foods good, small portions, which will please  some people, the Callos arent very good though, i have been told, not my problem.

Friday night after having a, eat the left overs in the fridge, meal we went up to Pepes to meet up with Cerries mum and dad among others.

lemon pickle

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

The weekend wasnt as eventful as Easter weekend but at least we finally got to go to the market in Figueres again, then back via Mercadona, as its cheaper then Carrefour and they have backing powder for more then half the price of the swimming pool shop, it raises the alkalinity of the pool water, which i occasionally need to do. then home via the garden centre to buy a present for Ian and get some compost for us and as it was available a Sedum spectablis that i felt the garden needed. we stayed in that night to watch Britains got talent. also we had been out Friday, we went to Pepes.

Sunday was Ians surprise party at the civic centre in Pau, it was warm enough to eat outside, and they do a pretty good veggie burger. after a pleasent meal we came home via Irenas for some wine in her vineyard, then home for wine with Mark and Wendy. around about that time we lost Sparrow he finally came home Monday morning as if nothing had happened. we are having some good weather at the moment at last.

green cheese

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

its sunny, we had a lovely weekend, no rain and only a little bit of wind which was handy as Friday i was pruning olive trees all day which isnt fun when its windy.

Friday night, we first went to the shop/bar in Peralada, they have Moiras Jewellery to sale, so we kind of have to go. afterwards we popped in on the new bar in the village, they do Humus as well as my favourite Spanish beer. we stayed to long to go up to Pepes to eat so we came home for something instead.

Saturday was the village fair, Moira had to work, which meant i had to go and buy the Parmesan and try the brunyols and garnatxa, while waiting for Wendy and Mark to arrive. they arrived with Irena, Diane and Ian. they wanted to go and see Mark and Wendys building site which meant coming back via the new bar ‘Chez Louissett’ for a drink. then back to the fair. where we meet up with Tina and John and Friends of Mark and Wendy so we stopped in bar Espera for more drinks. it was finally time for me to go home and see what Moira was up to while the rest went of to eat in Chez Louissett, the new bar. When Moira had finished working and we had eaten something we went along to join them for a couple, and then for a stroll round the fair just me and Moira.

that night we all met up in Can Batlle to eat.

Sunday, Moira and I went to Aguamolls for a walk and then picnic on the beach hidden from the wind behind a sand dune. on the walk we saw loads of deer and flamingos as well. that night we stayed in.

Monday was our wedding anniversary, 19 years. so we went to Estatit, for something to do, and to have patatas bravas. then home for curry and cava.

Tuesday was back to work