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they have locked the gate

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

What an interesting weekend. it was the local elections on Sunday, complicated for many reasons. i was able to vote, but being a small village you vote for who you believe is best for the village and not for the party that you always vote for. following that logic, you then realise you cant vote for the person you like the best as they may not be best for the village either. then how do you know the candidate that is the opposition¬† will be best for the village. i had an opinion of the current mayor, ok, a hard worker it seems but his way of working involves a bit of corruption, his brother for example always gets the carpentry jobs. then all these small villages run like that which is why new political parties like ‘Podemos’ dont want anything to do with them. In the end i narrowed it down to either Lassez fair or change. then voted according to what i personally wanted for the village that i live in. After all that we went for a walk to Peralada to buy Cerrie and Wendys present.

Saturday i worked in the morning so we went shopping in the afternoon. the night was given over to the eurovision song contest, i managed to sleep through most of it.

Friday night we went up to Pepes

Pool is still not fixed but we have asked for someone to come round and fix it so its just a matter of time, luckily the traumontana is keeping the water moving for us, and because it has been blowing for over a week there is no rubbish left to blow into the pool to make it dirty.

fresh artichokes

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Mum and Dad have been here whic is my excuse for not doing the blog last week, which is a shame as it was the Temps de Flors in Girona. we go every year and every year we see something different, this year wasnt the best of years. i came away with some ideas but just like all the other years they will stay ideas. we had a curry while in Girona, a great idea normally, this time it was so hot, the weather, that slogging around the hills of Girona with a Jalfrezi swishing around in my stomach became a bit of a chore.

Mum and Dad arrived Wednesday, we ate in that night, then pizza the next night in Roses. Friday night was egg and chips night at home then Saturday after going to the market and then playing around with the pool filter. i went to b ed with a fully functional pool filter Thursday night and woke up to a pool filter with holes in.

Saturday night we went to Chez louissette for my birthday. my birthday was Sunday but sunday is barbque day when Mum and Dad are here and i also had to get them to Girona airport very early in the morning, so eating out Sunday night wouldnt have been a good idea, also chez louissette is shut Sunday night. the food and the company were great, but as usual woke up starving having only had chops and salad to eat, nice chips and salad, but chips and salad.

Sunday, i opened presents then when we had all eaten breakfast we went to Cistella for a bread fair with very little bread available then home via  a xirringito on Santa Margarita beach, to feel like we where on holiday for a brief moment.

the glue i had used to fix the pool filter had dryed. i put the pump on for 4 hours, for 3 hours 56 minutes. the glue held. we went to the swimming pool shop on Monday afternoon and have ordered a new one.

lemon grass and mint

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

long weekend. it was a fiesta Friday, and a it was a reasonably good day. After going to the garden centre to buy compost and petunias, we decided to go for a walk around Palau as we hadnt done anything like that since we were looking to buy a house there, it was also a chance to have a nose at other peoples houses, we returned back to the car via a random market stall and bought some broad beans. we stayed in that night and had goats cheese salad.

Saturday, when possible is market day, i had to work in the afternoon so we managed to get all we needed, quite quickly. while i worked Moira whitened her teeth, and did her nails, as we where going to Mas Lazuli, a posh Hotel/restaurant on the Roses road for Mark and Wendys wedding anniversary. Sonia and Max came along as well which was nice, the food was too salty for them, to be honest i was happy to not be getting salad and chips to notice. There was a vegetarian option, highly unusual for round these parts. all in all its a nice place to eat for a special occasion, even though it was a bit expensive and the service was really slow. after the meal we rushed back to Chez Luissette, Garriguella for wine that is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Sunday was weird as parts of Saturday had felt like Sunday, also we had gone for the usual Sunday walk on Friday. instead of doing nothing, we went to Agullana, another place we had looked at when looking at houses to buy, it was bigger and nicer then i remembered. we came home via the lake at Darnius and a wee walk along to the dam, the water was as high as we had ever seen it. wont be a draught this summer.