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Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

what a week. Natalie and Andy have been here they arrived the just before Sant Joan, the fiesta, the fiesta that can go on till sunset, we only made it till 4 in the morning, dancing.

it has been sooooo hot it was 25 degrees this morning at 5 when i took Nat and Andy to airport.

almost to hot to go camping but we persevered, we went to St feliu de Gruixo. a bit further south from here a break for me and Moira and also a chance to try out the via ferata that they have there. the Via ferata was brilliant, loved it what a lovely day, then to top it all the food in the campsite was really good, and off course we had taken wine with us.

Sunday we went to the local Sunday market then Moira and i went to the beach while Nat and Andy did the via ferata again but with a load of other people so it took them a lot longer as they had to wait around a lot, there was hardly any one on it when i did it.

then home for a barbque, the only downer to the weekend was that the pool was a bit green.

Monday Natalie and I went to the swimming pool shop to buy loads of Chlorine to chuck at the pool, its very nearly clear now, very nearly just one more night should do it.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

didnt write the blog last week because, we where goin out for a meal on Thursday evening with Cerries mum and Dad, so i had to change my intercambio with Joanna for Tuesday night which is the night i usually get round to writing, it is Monday today but that is because my sister and her partner are arriving tomorrow afternoon so i definitely wouldnt have time to write anything tomorrow. Also to be really honest i completely forgot.

the weekend i missed i vaguely remember working most of Saturday, buying some plants with the money i got from Irene for my birthday eating in Pepes and on Sunday going round to Cerries as it was her birthday on Sunday for a snacky lunch and for me, to listen to old death men talking about music in the sixties, i went and found a cookbook to look at.

Last weekend, we didnt go out Friday night and on Saturday morning i worked a bit, so we went to the supermarket in the afternoon then home to do nothing until it was time to go to Oliviers to try the pizzas that he has just started to do, and they are good, less reason to leave the village. which we did on Sunday because Moira was going to be meeting with a friend, she hadnt seen for at least 30 years, in Barcelona. in the morning i went up to the botanical gardens and left them to get to know each other again, then we all met up and went for a really nice meal in a restaurant that we would never have gone in to as it doesnt serve beer, but as the friend doesnt drink, we tried it. then more walking to the palacio de musica which we had never been to and Gracia which we have been to but its interesting and away from the tourists. we left her at the Diaganal and made our way home, we really do live in a village in the middle of no where.

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Monday, June 8th, 2015

Irene and Violet are here, im just writing this while they are having their tea.

Sunday as we have guests was a barbque, but before that we went to the bar/shop in Perelada that are selling Moiras jewellery as they had a live Jazz band playing. then after a polite, just to show our face, beer we went to the beach for a picnic. it was baking hot you couldnt walk on the sand it was so hot, and its only June, i was in the sea im never in the sea this early in the year.

Saturday i worked in the afternoon, but in the morning we had time to go to Roses. Irene and i went round a small market and an exhibition of different roses of the area, Irene loved it we then went for a drink to watch the world go by while we watied for Moira and Violet to finish going round the shops. We ate in that evening then Moira and I went to the bar to semi watch the football and chat to Mark and Wendy whom just happened to be there as well.

Friday night we all went to Pepes, Wendys mum was still here and Fiona had come back from Derby, so her and Paul came over to have something to eat with us. there was a funny moment when it came to paying the bill but apart from that it was a pleasant evening.

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

swimming pool filter is fixed, new filter, new sand and new valve. the pump is now far quieter and the water is perfect, for the time being. that was last wednesday, that night the wind stopped after 12 days.

Friday night we went up to Pepes as Mark and Wendys mums and aunt are here, also it was a mini wendys birthday party.

Saturday i worked in the morning then Moira helped me in another garden in the afternoon, we managed to get a bit of shopping in afterwards. we were going to stay in but instead we went for a couple to the bar. Barca was playing in the finals of the kings cup, anything to do with Barca always brings the village to life.

Sunday was a lovely day, no village fair on any where near us so we went for a walk along the beach near Empuria brava, the beach you can take dogs to, with loads of dogs taking advantage of the opportunity to sun bathe. we had a beer at a Xiringita, a moment of feeling like we are on holiday. then home to put compost on the now collapsed potato plants.